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Transmission of electricity through the air becomes a familiar thing, the method is based on the principle of electromagnetic induction. This requires a wireless charging docking station with a connection to a USB port, socket, or regular charging. It is a site with a built-in multi-coil, power converter, and a control electronics kit. The gadget should have a similar coil inside it so that when the wireless charging station and the device are close together, the battery will start to charge.

It is not necessary to buy for your phone, tablet, watch and other devices wireless docking station with the same brand logo. On AliExpress you can find a universal wireless charging for iPhone, Samsung and other gadgets at a nice price. In the rating, you can find the best models for all occasions.

Best Wireless Charging

Wireless Chargers are usually very compact, they are convenient to take with you on vacation or business trip. Such models are suitable for Samsung, iPhone, OnePlus, Xiaomi, and other smartphones, and with their help, you can restore the tablet battery. Not so long ago, information appeared on the Internet that wireless charging leads to premature wear and tear of the iPhone, but this is not quite true. You just need to choose a quality device, which will not heat up during the work. Specialists recommend alternating wired and wireless charging, as well as choosing models with a maximum power of 7.5 W. If you follow these tips, the battery will last as long as possible.


Best MagSafe battery pack 2021: Charge your iPhone

Enterprising Chinese have already organized everything – there are 5,000 and 10,000 mAh batteries to choose from. The description says that it is suitable for all iPhones above 8. But it will be magnetized only on iPhone 12. The main feature is that you can charge any device, even Airpods! The device produces 15 W of power, which is very pleasing.

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MagSafe Charger

Another excellent analogue of the expensive Magsafe for iPhone 12 owners. It delivers 15 watts of power, has a convenient fold-out leg so you can watch YouTube while charging your iPhone. It attaches to the iPhone 12, and can also be used as an excellent wireless pancake for other devices. Buyers give a good rating, noting the quality.

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BASEUS WX3IN1 is suitable for those who are going to simultaneously charge their smartphone, watch, and headphones. The wireless charging dock has three coils for these gadgets. Wireless charging is compatible with iPhones, Samsung, Apple Watch, and XIAOMI. Maximum power is 18 W, the device is connected to the network through a silicone USB cable 1 m long. There is protection against overheating, short-circuiting, over-power or over-voltage. The parameters of each coil are different, so you should not place the watch on the smartphone stand and vice versa. Thanks to the built-in LEDs, you can quickly determine the charging status.

In the reviews write that the quality of manufacturing BASEUS WX3IN1 at height, all parameters correspond to the declared. During operation, the device is not heated, headphones and watches are securely fixed in the niches. The only disadvantage of this model – the simultaneous charging of several gadgets is very slow.

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HOCO wireless charger for 3 devices

The manufacturer HOCO always pleases us with a non-standard approach to the manufacture of accessories. This time we are offered wireless charging for 3 devices: iPhone, Airpods and Apple Watch. The power of each sector of the “pancake” is 10 W, 3 and 2 W, respectively. It is very convenient to leave your gadgets overnight. The reviews praise the quality of the device.

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Ugreen CD134

Ugreen CD134 – the original platform-twin, which can deliver a current of 5 V/2.1 A. The body is made of metal, the edges of the platform is glued anti-slip strip. It is easy to control the charging process thanks to LED indicators: when the charge level reaches 100%, the green light will turn on. A flashing blue light indicates that there are failures in the process. In this case you need to change the position of the gadget on the platform or check the network connection.

Through the adapter, the device supports fast charging. The seller assures you that in 200 minutes the Ugreen CD134 fully charges the battery of your Samsung S7 phone. Judging by customer reviews, it is true, the same results are obtained and the owners of other Qi-compatible devices. The only disadvantages are the glossy surface, which is quickly dirty and scratchy. Users advise to give preference to a model with an artificial leather coating.

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RAXFLY RF78963 is a wireless charging docking station with a turbocharging function. It is made of quality plastic with a pleasant soft-touch coating. The model is aimed at users of smartphones based on the OS Android, but it is also suitable for devices from Apple. The seller indicated in the description of the goods almost all compatible models, but it is better to clarify with him about a specific phone. The output voltage reaches 9 V, the current is 1.8 A, for charging it is enough. In the process, you can rotate the phone vertically and horizontally, and adjust the angle of tilt.

The design of the stand is stable, it has a rubberized base. On AliExpress there are 2 design options, they differ in shape and backlighting. While the device is operating, the indicator lights up blue. As soon as the battery reaches 100%, the green backlight should turn on. Users have the disadvantage that the LEDs are too bright and the power supply is not included.

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Olaf Qi Wireless Charger Pad

Wireless charging from Olaf looks stylish and very elegant. The round docking station has a diameter of 101 mm and is no thicker than 6.6 mm. It is made of aluminum alloy with an embossed finish to prevent the phone from sliding. It comes in four colors: black, white, red, and blue. Charging power is 10W, efficiency is about 73%. You can charge your smartphone directly in the case, but its thickness should not exceed 8 mm.

AliExpress users are delighted with Olaf, this model is regularly called the Best Budget Wireless Charging. It is thin and neat, the quality of manufacturing is high, the packaging is reliable. The device is suitable for fast wireless charging (up to 60 minutes), is compatible with almost all models of Samsung and iPhones. With gadgets from less known manufacturers may have difficulties. The disadvantages include the lack of an adapter in the kit, as well as the fact that the docking station is very warm.

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There are two consortiums developing wireless charging technology: WPC and PMA. The first of them (with the Qi standard) is developing more actively. This technology is supported by almost all manufacturers of phones, starting with Samsung and Sony, ending with little-known Cubot or Homton. Since 2017 to this list was added the company Apple, so now any Qi-certified charger with AliExpress can be used not only for Samsung, but also for new “iPhones”. But to the older versions will have to buy a special case (cover) or a nozzle with the charging module. This is also relevant for some models of HTC, Xiaomi, Lenovo, and Huawei. Before buying, you should carefully study the information about the compatibility of charging with the gadget.


Floveme 67570

The Floveme 67570 is a wireless charging stand with the best angle. The manufacturer positions it as a charger for Samsung, but it is very conventional. Wireless Charging Doc station is compatible with new models of iPhone and most gadgets on the Android OS. The model works in Qi standard, supports fast charging. The battery of the smartphone is fully recovered in 2.5-3.5 hours.

During operation, the wireless charging dock station and the gadget almost does not heat up, so you can use your phone with ease. Thanks to the ergonomic design of the Floveme 67570 is perfect for watching movies or videos, the tilt angle is perfect. It is a pleasure to assemble the device – no gaps and gaps, all details are securely fixed. The reviews write that the product is not inferior to the original wireless charging. Many users believe that this model is the best on AliExpress. The only disadvantage is that it may not be suitable for all phones.

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Best Wireless Car Chargers and Mounts

Wireless Car Chargers are usually connected directly to the cigarette lighter slot. They have special devices that help to keep the gadget on the platform while driving. Such models differ from the classic charging functionality, size, and speed.


Floveme Qi Car Wireless Charger

This strong station will please fans of fast driving. It has a sticky base and magnets at the corners. They hold the phone quite well, but for better reliability, you should use a magnetic sticker. The platform rotates through 360°, it supports fast charging. All around the perimeter are blue LEDs, they light up while the device is working. The list of compatible models can be found in the AliExpress product description, it is very convenient.

It comes with instructions, a cigarette lighter cable, and a magnetic sticker for your smartphone. Nice bonus – the seller puts the goods in gift wrapping, so you can present them to someone close to you. The reviews mention one significant drawback of the Floveme Qi Car Wireless Charger: problems with the fast charging function. The owners of Samsung have faced periodic breaks during work, the process of charging the battery is jerky.

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BASEUS Wireless Car Charger

This device is made of durable plastic, there are no claims to the quality of assembly. All parts are firmly held, with no backlashes, and gaps. The smartphone is fixed with a handy clip and “feet” with a rubberized surface, and on the back of the wireless charging, there is a suction cup for attaching to the panel. Thanks to this gadget will not fall out even at high speed. The maximum power is 10 watts during fast charging.

BASEUS Wireless Car Charger is standard: the set includes a micro USB cable, a cigarette lighter mount, and a branded package. Reviews often mention a wrinkled package, but the device itself does not suffer from this. Among the disadvantages of users note a weak mount. The phone is well held in the vertical position, but horizontally it is better not to put it. Also, a lot depends on the terrain: those who often drive on rough roads should pay attention to other models.

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NILLKIN Car Wireless Charger

Nillkin Car Wireless Charger – compact wireless charger, the main feature of which is a magnetic surface. It is very convenient because it does not need holders, legs and other devices to fix the phone on the panel. It is enough just to bring the device to the docking station, and it will be securely fixed on its surface. It is important not to forget to pre-attach a metal tape to the cover of the smartphone or put a magnetic case.

Even a child can cope with the installation of wireless charging: you need to use a clamp to attach the panel to the grid and connect it through a cable to the cigarette lighter. Thanks to the LED signal, you will be able to see when the battery will fully recover. The efficiency of the device is more than 70%, the maximum working distance is 6mm, the output power is 5V and 1A. The only drawback of the model is that the “iPhone” is charged long enough. With “Samsung” there are no such problems, judging by customer reviews.

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The GOLDFOX A3995 has overheating and overvoltage protection. The assembly quality is excellent here: no feeling of fragility or hollowness, the mount moves very gently. The stand is made of silicone and plastic, it can rotate 360 degrees. At the top, bottom and sides are the sides so that the gadget does not fall out during a quick ride. The power of the device is enough to support the fast charging function.

Buyers of this product get with AliExpress not only a wireless charging dock, but also an adapter for the car cigarette lighter, cable, mount and detailed user manual. The control here is intuitive: there is an LED on the front panel, which signals all the processes taking place. The installation of the platform is not difficult, this is confirmed by the feedback from users.


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CinkeyPro Wireless Car Charger

CinkeyPro company has released a universal wireless charger with connection to the auto cigarette lighter slot. The case is made of high-quality gel material with a ribbed surface to prevent the gadget from sliding. It is soft, perfectly takes the shape of the surface on which it is installed. On the frame there are special notches to place the smartphone in an upright position. This allows the gadget to be used while charging. There is also a ledge, which does not allow the phone not to fly out of the dock.

The maximum distance between the platform and the battery is 4 mm, so that a normal silicone case will not interfere with wireless charging. Another significant advantage of the CinkeyPro model is its stable performance when the smartphone is moved away from the center of the site. Today, it is the best option among wireless charging stations for use in a car.

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Best Desk Lamps With A Wireless Charger

If you make a survey about what things are most often on the bedside table, the leaders would be chargers and lamps. Demand generates supply, which is why different manufacturers began to produce original lamps with wireless charging function. IKEA has succeeded in this direction, but on AliExpress there are also very interesting offers.


NESSING Fast Wireless Charger Table Lamp

Thanks to its original design, NESSING will fit even the smallest room. The lamp is made in the form of an arc, under which there is a stand for wireless charging of “iPhone”, “Samsung” and other smartphones. The body is made of metal and plastic, there are three colors to choose from. There are three levels of brightness adjustment of the lamp. The power of the device reaches 10 W, the efficiency of this charge is excellent – 80%. Gadgets need to be placed at a distance of up to 8 mm from the docking station, so you do not need to remove the case. To connect to the network uses a USB cable, the adapter for the socket is not provided in the kit.

Feedback says that wireless charging quickly charges iPhones of different versions even in the case. An additional advantage of NESSING is that it can be used as a stand. Arc lamp will hold your smartphone while playing games or watching videos. Among the disadvantages of this lamp are only bad packaging.

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ZEROUNO Wireless USB Charger Reading Wall Lamp

ZEROUNO is a weighty multifunctional construction. It is basically a shelf with integrated lighting and a wireless charging dock. The LEDs are placed on the perimeter of the product and inside the lamp. You can choose the model with the lamp on the right or on the left. The shelf reaches 350 mm in length and 140 mm in height, the dimensions of wireless charging – 180*80*9 mm. Rated power of the device is 10 W. The brightness of lighting reaches 130 lumens, temperature – 2700 K.

In reviews on AliExpress note that the lamp is large and heavy, made qualitatively. The light of the lamp is not too bright, but it is enough for evening reading. As for wireless charging, there were no problems with it. “iPhones” and “Samsung” are quickly connected, it takes several hours to restore the battery. The only disadvantage of ZEROUNO is its high price. For such money it is easier to buy a regular charge. But the original light will be the best gift for your wedding or housewarming.

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XIAOMI Yeelight Night Light

Yeelight is a subsidiary of the XIAOMI ecosystem, founded in the USA. The brand specializes in the production of lighting fixtures. One of the most popular products at AliExpress is this miniature lamp with wireless charging. The device is compatible with iPhones starting from version 8 as well as with Samsung (S6, S7, S8, S9, Note5). The lamp is powered by a rechargeable 500 mAh battery. It will work from 11 to 24 hours, depending on the selected brightness and lighting temperature.

Buyers on AliExpress praise Yeelight in reviews. It looks stylish, the workmanship is at its best. The lamp is magnetized, it can be easily removed from the stand and mounted on any iron surface. But not everyone liked the wireless charging. To connect your smartphone, you need to place it exactly in the center of the docking station. One more nuance is that the surface is too smooth, the phones without the case will slide down from it.

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NILLKIN Phantom MC004

Popular and time-tested brand Nillkin has been manufacturing high-end accessories for many years. Its lamp with a wireless charging station is the best decor and pragmatic charging for devices simultaneously. Do not count on it as a light source – it is inconvenient to read with it, because the body is static, you will not be able to change the tilt angle. The MC004 is more like a night light that charges Qi-standard devices through the air.

The smartphone pad is surrounded by a silicone ring so that the charging gadget does not slide. The lamp is connected to the power supply via a micro USB connector. The blue ring backlight signals the beginning of charging, the light is scattered, soft. There is also a USB hole in the case for normal charging. This device from Nillkin is popular and deserves its place in the top models rating on AliExpress. The only downside is that there is a little play in the micro USB connector area.

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BONOLA Wireless Charger Desk Lamp 


BONOLA has created both a convenient and unexpected solution, because wireless charging in a lamp is ingenious! The reviews are extremely positive, the quality deserves respect. Match with the picture – 100%. The lamp itself can be turned as you please. Suitable for any Qi-enabled device. It's nice that the bundle includes USB Type-C. We take?

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