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The task of the dash cam is to record the unlawful actions of someone, to obtain proof of innocence in case of an accident and to prevent car theft. Only a quality gadget can cope with this. What good is a video if it does not show the license plate of the offender, and sometimes even the model and colour can not be distinguished? And even though The Criteria for Selecting Best Dash Cam in 2020 may vary among drivers, most prefer:

  • High-resolution video;
  • Large sensor size;
  • Optimal shooting duration;
  • Fast processor and bitrate (transmitted bit/sec information);
  • Good horizontal viewing angle (at least 100 degrees);
  • A long cord that is sufficient for normal connection;
  • As easy installation as possible (so you can quickly remove the recorder, leaving the car unattended).

Please note that Full HD shooting quality is not always the best quality in real life. Often dash cam shoot at low resolution and then stretch the picture to Full HD. So it's better to read the reviews on real quality than to enjoy the Full HD captioning.
Among the additional functions, attention is drawn to the presence of GPS navigator, dash camera swivel mechanism, display. The rating includes both Budget Dash Cam from proven vendors, and hybrids with Wi-Fi, 3G, anti-radar and other benefits. All products have received at least 97% positive feedback from buyers with AliExpress and are characterized by an optimal price/quality ratio.

Best Dash Cam with Display on AliExpress

In the dispute for compactness Dash Cam with Display lose to the analogues without monitors. But they also have advantages. If you use the function of photography, then it is also better to take the model with the screen. The display also allows you to control whether the recording is in progress. After all, no one is insured from accidental disconnection of the device or from glitches in the program. Last but not least, you can adjust the direction of the camera. On the screen, you can see exactly what your Dash Cam is recording.



The Budget Dash Cam on AliExpress with rearview camera is one of the best in functionality. The customer feedback on the AliExpress is also convincing. The device operates in the cyclic recording mode, there is G-SENSOR, which allows you to save video during an accident. The second camera is remote, installed in the cabin or outside the car.It is not supplied in the basic configuration, you will have to pay extra. With it, the device works correctly as a rearview parking camera. And the main thing is the quality of the picture. Oddly enough, it's acceptable with this inexpensive dash cam.

FullHD 1080 video recording requested. Dash Cam does not reach this parameter. But the display is really big and bright, as described in the description. The viewing angle is sufficient in most cases. The settings menu is simple and clear. The maximum memory card capacity is 32 GB. There is a built-in battery. In general – not a bad Dash Cam for this money.

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Most popular ultra-budget Dash Cam on AliExpress. A simple and compact Dash Cam with nothing extra. A camera, small 2.4-inch display and push-button operation are all you need to record a direct view from the driver's seat. For token money, you get a camera that can record in Full HD at 30 frames per second, with a 140 degree viewing angle. There are image stabilizer and night vision mode.

Customers In reviews write that the quality of the video is quite acceptable for this price, although the numbers of cars on the video is difficult to disassemble. Buyers like a secure mount. There is a motion sensor, for its correct operation, you need to use a good flash drive at least 10 class.

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High-quality assembly and detailed video recording. The remote rear camera, 170/120 degree view angle, large display – for this Dash Cam receives positive feedback from buyers on AliExpress. The assembly is one of the best. The specification on the seller's page fully corresponds to the real characteristics. You can order a Dash Cam immediately with a Toshiba memory card.

The device can operate as a dual-channel Dash Cam and as a rearview camera when a rear gear is engaged. Both the rear and front camera have a really wide viewing angle. The recording quality is very good, the picture turns out to be detailed. Even at night, car license plate numbers are easily visible. The display is large, contrasting. The Dash Cam itself can be rotated by 360 degrees. This purchase fully justifies its value.


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Simple mass model of the Dash cam with a large 4-inch display and 2 cameras (for shooting inside the cabin, with the function of “picture-in-picture”). You can optionally choose a gadget with an optional third rear view camera and a parking monitor module. Such a recording will come in handy:
accidents on the road;
theft in a car;
the need for evidence in court or the police.
With the help of a special two-lens camera, you can record not only on the road but also inside the cabin. Thus, travelling with the whole family can be made even more exciting, because every moment of your trip will be recorded on video. The G-sensor allows you to react to a blow or any damage to your car, even if it is in a parking lot. This Dash cam can be purchased in 3 versions with or without memory cards of 8, 16, 32 gigabytes. That turns the purchase into a handy designer with dozens of options and prices.

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The Most Functional Dash Cam from Xiaomi. This model is the most advanced in the range of Xiaomi Dash Cam. It is equipped with a 2-inch screen, 5 megapixel Sony IMX335 sensor, a bright lens (f/1.8), the best microphone and a 2-core processor HiSilicon Hi3556. But the design decision not to bother much, it was watched by Korean flagship Thinkware F800. Here the same bevelled trapeze of the body and a protruding around the lens. But that's just appearance.

The 70mai Cam Pro supports encoding technology that can improve video compression efficiency. The Dash Cam gives you a good quality picture, and it “sees” even more than we can see with our own eyes. The angle of view is 140 degrees. The screen is not a touchscreen, navigation buttons are on the bottom panel. There is a voice control function, automatic fixation when motion is detected, there is a G-sensor. But there's no built-in GPS module. However, it can be purchased on AliExpress separately, as well as the GPS+GPRS module.

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Smart Dash Cam with a wide viewing angle on Aliexpress. Many people associate the gadget with Xiaomi brand, which really sponsored the first models of Dash Cam of this firm. They even came out under the Xiaomi Yi brand. But when things went up at YI Technology, they gave up on behalf of the former investor. So you won't see the “MI” badge on this AliExpress gadget. It has something better – a bright 2.7-inch LCD display, a bright wide-angle lens (165-degree angle of view), night vision function and Advanced Driver Assistance System (ADAS).

The Dash Cam is able to analyze the situation on the road and warn of dangers when the distance between vehicles is reduced to a critical one, or when there are deviations from the lane. It records video at a resolution of 1080p, 60 fps and has an emergency recording function. Feedback on it is more than positive. On the video footage, you can easily distinguish the license plate numbers of cars.

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Best Dash Cam Without Display on Aliexpress

An important advantage of models without a display is their compact size – they can be installed discreetly. Price! A good display in the Dash Cam costs money. Does it make sense to overpay? If the car has a suitable smartphone, tablet or laptop with a monitor, then – no. You can watch the footage on these devices. And they set up the Dash Cam with them, too.

One of the arguments in defence of the screens is the possibility of visual correction of the camera direction. But Modern Dash Cam have a viewing angle of more than 120 degrees, so they capture everything you need and without fine-tuning. So it's a question of personal preferences to buy a model with or without a display.


Best Dash Cam for night recording on Aliexpress. This Dash Cam has very good specs. For image quality is responsible for a modern processor from Novatek and Sony IMX323 sensor. Full complete set – even a 12V indicator and a plastic receiver are present. You need to manage and configure the device via Wi-Fi application FinalCam or Lercenker. You'll need a Class 10 SD card. You can order it together with the Dash Cam. The gadget is attached to the glass on two-sided tape.

The feature of this model is a very high-quality night shooting. For better results, it is equipped with a bright optics with a good viewing angle. The creators competently approached the ergonomics of the device. If you install a recorder behind the interior mirror, it will not close the view at all. The overall impression of the product is positive – it looks stylish, presentable, works without failures. There are many positive reviews on AliExpress.

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Stylish compact Dash Cam with supercapacitor on Aliexpress. The company known in the world market represents the miniature Dash Cam with stylish design and the best technical characteristics which only expensive models can boast. Sensor Sony IMX323, chipset Novatek 96655, viewing angle of 160 degrees, bright lens F1,8. Bonus – support for memory cards up to 128 GB and Wi-Fi module. Dash Cam has another feature – a supercapacitor instead of a battery.

It is one of the best in video quality. License plates of oncoming cars are readable at a distance of about 10 meters at high speed. At night, the picture is also quite good. Setting up and management is done through an application that can be easily downloaded. Very high-quality product, which is praised by customers on AliExpress.

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Dash Cam with a better price/quality ratio. Even the sceptics will not be able to get past this Dash Cam from Xiaomi, released under the MIJIA sub-brand. The Dash Cam features compact size, humane price and an impressive array of features. It's controlled through an app on your smartphone. Over a year with more sales, the product has received thousands of positive reviews on AliExpress. The device is equipped with a swivel bracket to adjust the tilt of the camera, backlighting the power button.

But the best thing the Dash Cam has is a high-quality lens that captures video with an angle of 130 degrees, as well as a sensor that allows you to receive video in 1080p. There is even voice support, as inexpensive Dash Cam. The gadget is small, easy to hide behind a mirror. It is fixed to the glass with the help of a platform. But you can't shoot it with one hand movement. That's the only downside to this Dash Cam.

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Best Rear View Mirror Dash Cam on AliExpress

Mirrors with built-in Dash Cam do not draw attention, do not cover the view and look good. There are mirrors only with Dash cam, as can be found on AliExpress and models “3 in 1” – Dash cam, Anti radar and Navigator. They are usually attached to the standard mirror by clips. The control interface is on the side or bottom of the mirror. Acceptable price of such Dash cam makes them more and more popular.


Jansite Rearview mirror Dash cam

Dash cam Jansite records video in Full HD, has the widest viewing angle, ten-inch touch screen (which is combined with the mirror), shock sensor, night vision, connects the rear camera and supports memory cards.
  • 1080P video recording
  • Viewing angle 170 degrees
  • Frame rate 30 FPS
  • 10 ″ touch screen with mirror
  • Lens of 6 lenses with image stabilization
  • Loop video recording
  • G-sensor
  • Large aperture night vision
  • The ability to connect a rear camera (purchased separately, I recommend!), Which removes blind spots and works as a parking sensor
  • Parking mode automatically registers everything that happens to the car
  • Support TF memory cards up to 128GB (not lower than Class 10)


The smartest Dash cam mirror on Android with 4G module. ANSTAR's innovative development is impressive. It's a multifunctional gadget in the form of a mirror on Android. The display here is 10 inches, it takes up almost the entire area of the mirror. The front camera Full-HD (1920×1080) is adjustable in axes, the rear camera gives a mediocre image, but it significantly facilitates parking. Recording is carried out simultaneously with two cameras. There is an FM transmitter, which means that you can set up the stereo, and the music from the mirror will go to the speakers in the car. Of course, there is Wi-Fi, GPS, Bluetooth.

The device can be used as a navigator, dash cam, phone, and if you download the application from Google Play, it will turn into an anti-radar. This is not just a 3-in-1 device, but a whole computer. If you want, you can watch a movie or hang out in social networks. It has a shock sensor and a trendy feature – ADAS system, which makes driving safe. Although it is a novelty, but the network already has a lot of positive feedback about the model. The only drawback is not the most loyal price tag.

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E-ACE  A08

Best price for a Rear View Mirror Dash Cam. Relatively simple Dash Cam (without GPS and additional smart features), which does a good job on the main task – to record the situation on video. Recording quality – 1080p, 30 FPS, with a viewing angle of 170 degrees. The display is on the right side of the mirror and has a diagonal of 4.3 inches. It is controlled by a set of buttons under the mirror. The device supports a second camera (included in the set if desired by the buyer). The additional camera is waterproof and can be installed from the outside.

The chipset allows recording from two cameras to separate files simultaneously. All necessary mounts are present in the set. The cords in the set are long enough.Seller with Aliexpress sends with the registrar 2-gigabyte flash drive. In reviews write that the recording quality is not ideal, there is interpolation, to Full HD does not reach. Otherwise, there are no claims.

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70mai Rearview Dash Cam


Dash cam 70mai has a wide screen of 9 inches, front and rear cameras, wide viewing angles on two cameras, g-sensor, night vision, supports memory cards and controlled from a mobile application.

  • Screen diagonal 9.35 ″
  • Front camera and rear camera
  • 1080P + 1080P video quality
  • Viewing angles 130 and 120 degrees
  • Frame rate 30 FPS
  • Dust / Waterproof IP67 Rear View Camera
  • Controlling the DVR from a Smartphone
  • G-sensor
  • Night vision sensor SONY IMX307
  • IOS and Android support
  • Watching video from your smartphone in real time
  • Loop video recording
  • Support for microSD memory cards up to 64GB
  • Working temperatures -10 / + 60 degrees

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The Best 3-in-1 Multifunction Dash Cam on Aliexpress

Hybrid 3-in-1 gadgets are at their peak in popularity. It is convenient if the device works as a dash cam, rear view camera and antiradar, or more precisely – radar detector (there is a difference between them). Anti-Radar interferes with devices that read the speed of the vehicle. For example, in Russia, the use of such equipment is prohibited.

Radar detectors are permitted equipment. It is often called antiradar. The device directs speed control devices, i.e. informs the driver when approaching the radar. Please note that in some European countries even radar detectors are prohibited.

In double-chamber models, the main camera is mounted on the windshield and captures everything that happens in front of the car. The second camera can be remote (installed separately from the recorder) and built-in. The remote camera is more often installed on the rear windscreen. The built-in camera is rotated so as to record what is happening in the cabin or in the right place.



Dash Cam with radar detector and GPS base. If you're looking for the best Dash Cam with a wide dynamic range, motion detection sensors, cyclic recording, GPS tracker and antiradar, it's in front of you. This 3-in-1 device will make your stay on the road safer. It has a sensitive noise-canceling microphone, time and date display and an anti-radar. On native firmware, it does not work perfectly, but if you replace it, the device shows itself better. Feedback confirms that on the third party firmware the gadget becomes even “smarter”, but many do without reflashing.

The size of the device is small, the view does not cover it. The quality of shooting is great – you can even see the numbers of cars on the opposite lane, and it is in poor light. The angle of view of the camera is wide. Settings are simple and clear. It is better to take a memory card of 32 GB, because video files are quite heavy.

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The advantage of this 3-in-1 combo-device is that it has a rear view camera. They use it as a dash cam, radar detector and GPS-informer. Screen takes 2.4 inches. It displays the image from the front camera, and when the rear gear is turned on, the rear camera. Recording can be done from 2 cameras simultaneously. Shoots video device with a resolution of 1920×1080, 30 frames / sec. Capture wide, 170 degree viewing angle. In the reviews write that this figure is a little overstated. Installed g-sensor, provides cyclic recording. The picture is obtained with good detail.

The device looks solid, the assembly is of high quality. As radar detector works perfectly – catches all the cameras, but sometimes there are false alarms. The equipment is complete. Seller with AliExpress sends everything you need to install the device in the car interior.


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The Marubox “3 in 1” combo device can be used as an anti-radar, dash cam and GPS receiver. Recording is in Full HD format on a memory stick of at least class 10. The angle of view is 170 degrees. There is a voice notification. Mounting is convenient, rotatable. There is a motion detector, shock sensor, file protection from overwriting.

The device works normally. Fixed radars and mobile cameras see well. The device catches satellites fast. GPS module allows you to record the movement of the car with coordinates georeferenced to different maps, and this can sometimes be very useful. As for the video quality, it is average. You can see the license plate numbers of oncoming cars in the video, but not very well. The recorded sound is loud enough. The AliExpress model has been on the market for years.


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Best dual dash cam model for Uber/Lyft taxi drivers in 2020. The PRO version dash cam of the Vantrue N2 Dual Lens is popular in international taxi services. Like its predecessor, this model has two simultaneously working cameras – front and back, which shoots the car interior. In the mode of simultaneous shooting each camera captures video in 1920×1080, 30 fps, with a viewing angle of 170 degrees. In a mode of single shooting – 2560X1440, 60 fps. The rear camera is adjustable vertically and horizontally.

At night, the enhanced night vision function is activated. You can shoot in total darkness in the cabin. The technical side is responsible for the processor Novatek NT96660, camera sensor – OV4589 (front), and Sony IMX 323 in the back camera. Recorded video opens with any video player. According to the instructions dash cam supports memory cards up to 64 GB, in practice works with 128 GB cards. Shooting quality is the best, only expensive top models have such stunning detail.

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A regular Dash cam or mirror – Which is the best dash camera to buy?

E-ACE A08 Style Mirror Dash cam do not obstruct the view and are not as visible from the outside, which reduces the risk of theft. In turn, dash cam in the usual format is more versatile: they can be moved to any other car, while the mirror does not always fit between the sun visors. You just need to decide what's more important to you. Devices with rear view camera support are available in any format.

Does the Dash cam work when the engine is off?

It all depends on both the model of the Dash cam and the vehicle itself. After switching off the ignition in some cars, the power to the cigarette lighter socket is not interrupted, therefore, recording can be done in 24/7 mode. More often the power is turned off, in this case some video recorders are equipped with a battery. In parking mode (“parking monitoring”) the device wakes up when the shock sensor is triggered, records this moment and sleeps again until the next waking up. This function is most successfully implemented in the 70mai Dash Cam Pro, full charge suffices for about 40 activations.

Will an action camera work instead of a Dash cam?

In general, yes, but there are nuances. First, you'll need an action camera with cyclic recording and the ability to shoot while charging (the built-in battery will last for an hour and a half at best). The Auto Dash cam is already bundled with a camera mount, so you'll have to think of your own for the action camera. Cameras sometimes give a better picture, but in the scorching sun they can overheat and turn off. Finally, in an action camera, you have to start and stop recording manually.

Which memory card should I buy in my Dash Cam?

Since videos recorded in the Dash cam will be re-recorded periodically, it is better to immediately spend on a memory card of a well-known brand. It will live longer and exactly match the declared speed class. For all devices from our rating, you can use cards marked Class 10, UHS-I (U1) or V10. There's no need for higher speed cards if you pay for durable models sharpened for continuous video recording. And one more tip: choose a card of maximum supported volume (usually 32/64 GB). This way it won't have to work on wear and tear, and the memory will always hold records for several trips.

Rear view camera – what is it for and how does it work?

This camera is installed at the rear of the car and is automatically activated when reversing to facilitate parking. In addition, parking lines can be displayed and they help you assess the distance to the nearest obstacle. There is another mode of operation where recording is done at the same time as the Dash cam is being shot.

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