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In a modern home, there are more and more smart devices. And they really make our life easier, both in an apartment and in a private house. We offer you a selection of interesting and really useful technological devices, which can be ordered on Aliexpress.
To equip a smart home, it is not necessary to repair and install a bunch of sensors. We offer to start with devices that can be quickly set up and start using without any additional equipment: smart sockets, lamps and locks.

Smart Home is a set of devices that automate most of the usual daily activities. With their help, you can control home appliances and turn on the light, open doors, cook food, check what foods are in the fridge. Thanks to the system of smart home you will not have to worry about forgotten electrical appliances and access of strangers to the apartment. At the same time, for the use of smart appliances you don't need any serious changes in the construction of the house – it is plugged into the usual sockets or runs on batteries, and is controlled by remote controls, buttons on the case and wireless network.

Robot Vacuum Cleaner Xiaomi Mijia

Today, many housewives breathed a sigh of relief – there is no need to monotonously carry a brush vacuum cleaner on carpets and floors. There appeared robotic vacuum cleaners. The Xiaomi model can not only absorb dust but also wash the floor by simply rubbing the surface. And for safe obstacle avoidance, the vacuum cleaner has a laser navigation system. The robot has algorithms to determine its location.

Robot Vacuum cleaner automatically creates routes for cleaning the room. The owner with the help of Mi Home application sets the prohibited areas and sets the time of the device. One battery charge suffices the device for 110 minutes of work.

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Air Purifier Xiaomi Mi Air Purifier 2S

Increasingly, people begin to think not only about what kind of food they eat, but also about what kind of air they breathe. This has given rise to interest in air purifiers. This product Xiaomi has a triple filter and OLED-display and can serve a room of up to 37 square meters. The advantage of the device is its quiet operation and accurate air pollution detection. The purifier traps the tiniest dust particles.

The display of the device shows the percentage of dust in the air, as well as humidity and temperature. The air purifier can be controlled from your smartphone using the Mi Home application. The program will display real-time information about the air condition in the room, select the further operation mode of the device depending on the area of the room, and set the operating time.

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Xiaomi Aqara Smart Door Lock

This system is a whole complex with code and mechanical lock, fingerprint scanner and RFID sensor for key cards. Despite the complexity of the lock is extremely reliable.

This product can be synchronized with other devices in the smart home. For example, opening the door by a person can start heating the kettle or air conditioner, turning off the security sensors, the operation of the motors of curtains or blinds.

In this case, the lock records the history of all operations performed with it. This allows you to know when and how the door was opened. In case of an attempt to penetrate or incorrectly enter the password more than three times in a row, unsuccessfully read the print, the device will send a notification to the phone. There is no need to be afraid of losing RFID keys – they can be locked and simply deleted from the phone memory.

Through the application Mi Home lock will inform the owner of the need to recharge its battery. This can be done through the popular port microUSB.

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Xiaomi Yeelight LED Ceiling Lamp

The smart ceiling lamp not only becomes the main light source in the room, but also creates the right atmosphere. LEDs of this device are brightly lit even in the area of 25 square meters, but can also imitate the glow of the moon, change the colors of RGB-lighting to bright or calm. The lamp can adjust the temperature of its light in the range from 2,700 to 6,000 Kelvin. And its body is protected so that neither insects nor dust can get inside.

A nice bonus is the ability of the device to interact with other smart gadgets from Xiaomi. This allows you to provide a soft illumination when a person falls asleep, and when the bracelet on your hand reveals a state of sleep, the light will finally go out. At the same time, you can adjust the lamp both through a mobile application and with complete remote control.

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Xiaomi Mijia Cleargrass Air Detector

The small device is equipped with a three-inch touch screen. In addition to information about the air quality in the room, the display also displays the time, weather forecast and UV index.

The analyzer can synchronize with other smart gadgets from Xiaomi, knowing how to control them. This allows for a truly comfortable home environment. The device operates autonomously with the built-in battery and is charged via a modern USB-C port.

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Xiaomi Aqara Smart Window Motor B1 Curtain Controller

Today even curtains can close and open automatically. And help them in this kind of devices. The controller listens to commands from your smartphone or follows a sequence of actions in a common smart home scenario. That's what defines this or that position of the curtains. Their easiest behavior is to close at night and open in the morning.

The program on your smartphone will help you find the best position of the curtains, for example, for day reading. The device is powered by an internal battery, so there is no need for a socket at all. When the battery is low, the controller will give you an audible message and duplicate it with a notification in the application.

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Smart Trash Garbage can Xiaomi Townew T1

Even an ordinary garbage can with the help of modern technologies has become considerably “smart”. The automatic system has learned how to seal garbage bags. Special sensors at a distance of 35 cm detect that garbage is being prepared to go into the bin. When the container is filled, the bag is closed and the lid is raised.

The urn even has several indicators that show the remaining free volume, the battery charge and remind you to throw out the accumulated garbage. At Aliexpress, it will be easy to find dense bags for such a basket that will withstand sharp and heavy objects.

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Smart Home Kit Xiaomi

Making your own home smart isn't really that expensive, as the kit from Xiaomi proves. The basic kit includes the main gateway, window and door opening sensors, motion sensor, wireless switch and smart socket. All this comes with a device for determining humidity and temperature in the room. The main gateway is not just a hub that provides a single network of devices. The device itself can act as a nightlight or doorbell speaker.

The smart socket allows you to monitor the status of connected devices, controlling remotely a variety of modes from anywhere on the Internet. The wireless switch helps to automatically remove power from all electrical appliances. Motion sensors will inform the owner of any attempts to enter the house or intentions of the child to go to a prohibited place. Temperature and humidity sensors are excellent in conjunction with an air conditioner, humidifier and heater. Such a complex helps to provide a truly comfortable environment in the home.

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Heated Cup Xiaomi VH Wireless

A cup with a drink has a feature of quick cooling. To keep it at a constant temperature of 55 degrees will help this smart device, which is also recharged wirelessly. This cup will be very useful before bed or during breakfast, when you want to drink warm coffee, tea or milk. Working together with a smart switch or smart socket will save time. Interestingly, the base itself can not only maintain the temperature of a cup with a drink, but also recharge your smartphone. The standard provides for power transmission up to 10 Watts.

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Xiaomi Door Video Doorbell

The doorbell has long outgrown the shape of just a button. Modern smart device has received an infrared sensor and can record video. This will allow you to find out who was standing at the door for a long time, paying attention to it. A short video will be immediately sent to the owner's smartphone.

This camera even uses face recognition technology, which allows you to work with personal data. For example, a guest can be included in a list of friends or unwanted persons in advance. And a video call can also be linked to a speaker. It will greet the guest with a recorded greeting and give his name if he is present on the “white” list.

The device can also change the timbre of the voice. This allows even children to talk through the speaker with a low voice to a stranger. And to consider in conditions of poor light, who exactly is behind the door, will help infrared sensor.

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Xiaomi Bedside Lamp 2 

This bedside device has touch screen control and is able to provide sleep mode and imitation dawn. Through a mobile application you can adjust the color and temperature of the glow, but you can also do this through the control panel on the lamp body.

It's not even worth mentioning the compatibility of the device with other Xiaomi gadgets, but it can work with Apple devices as well. You can connect via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. In this case, the lamp can be controlled not only from iPhone or iPad, but also from Apple Watch, as well as with the help of voice assistant Siri.

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GSM Konlen KL-SC1-GSMV Outlet

Smart socket knows how to receive commands from the host's smartphone even via GSM networks. Switching on electrical appliances, lighting, opening gates or shutters is possible by an incoming call or via SMS. The device has a built-in temperature sensor, which allows the socket to use certain algorithms to control the climate technology.

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Xiaomi Mijia Honeywell Smoke Detector

Elements of a smart home help keep it safe and prevent an emergency. A smoke sensor will alert you to a sudden change in air composition due to a fire. If the device is tied to the central Xiaomi Gateway, it will be able to send a message directly to the person's mobile application.

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Xiaomi Universal IR Remote Controller

Techniques in the modern home is becoming so much that one cannot do without a universal remote control. The software solution is not always suitable – less and less smartphones are equipped with an IR port. This product Xiaomi knows how to control TV sets, media players, air conditioners, being tied to the phone. The device itself has many IR codes in its base and supports more than 6000 brands of electronics manufacturers.

This remote control will allow you to turn on equipment without Wi-Fi or Bluetooth modules, even when you are outside the house. Help in this branded mobile application Xiaomi.

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Xiaomi Induction Home Water

Even such simple devices have received smart features and proved their usefulness. The nozzle sensor is quickly triggered when a person is located 10 centimeters away. If the body is within the range of the nozzle sensor for more than 20 seconds, the device automatically stops the water supply. The device has an additional side sensor, which scans the area at a distance of 5 centimeters. If you put your hand to this place, the water will turn on for three minutes. And to stop the water supply, just put your hand to this place again.

The purpose of this device is to save water. The nozzle releases a softer jet, saturating it with air bubbles. In this condition, the water cleans your hand and dishes better. The manufacturer claims that the battery will be fully charged for six months of work. Don't be afraid of an accident due to a sudden battery discharge – the water supply will simply shut off.

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Temperature and Humidity Sensor Xiaomi Aquara Zigbee

To analyze the microclimate in the house you need a temperature and humidity sensor, which analyzes all changes in real time. You can follow the collected data in the Mi Home application. In case of deviation from human comfort, the device will immediately send a message to your smartphone.

At first glance, this sensor seems to be of little use, but it perfectly shows itself as an important link in the complex connection with air conditioning, fan, humidifier, dehumidifier and other climatic devices. Together, these devices will ensure maximum comfort at home.

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Xiaomi Aquara Cube Controller

Synchronization of smart devices with the central hub is the first part of smart home systems configuration. Managing multiple and varied sensors and services can be a complex task. But the Aquara Cube controller is trying to solve it. The cube, due to the gyroscope located inside, tracks its movements and runs some or other scenarios. Thus, you can knock on the controller or flip it over, and thus turn on the TV, turn off the lights or control the air conditioning.

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Vibration sensor Xiaomi Aqara

This sensor will be useful near a window, safe or valuable box. The accelerometer is able to detect suspicious surface vibrations and reacts according to the prescribed scenarios: to signal the speaker, lock the door locks or simply send a notification.

False triggers can be avoided by adjusting the vibration sensitivity level.

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Xiaomi Аqara Smart Wireless Switch

Modern devices have a minimum of controls, because they are transferred to the smartphone. This switch has only one button, but it can be tied to different scenarios. The device can control the lighting in the whole room, or in a certain place. Each initiated action has a prescribed duration and number of button presses.

The same gadget can activate household devices or act as a doorbell. It can also become an alarm button for elderly people or children. Pressing the button will immediately send a notification to the smartphone responsible person.

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