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Ring lights on Aliexpress are most often bought by makeup artists, hair salons, bloggers, photographers, tattoo artists, and eyelash extension specialists. With Ring lights, you can make quality photos and videos for iPhone, for Youtube, for TikTok, for Zoom, for Streaming, at any time of day. With a ring lights, makeup will be as accurate as possible, it will look winning in the frame. The lamp will help to present in the best light clothes and other products, so it is often used for photography in online stores. An excellent solution will be Ring Lamp with adjustable temperature and light intensity. For example, a special overlay will make the beam softer or change its color. This is especially important for photographers and makeup artists because for their work the lighting must be as natural as possible.

A large selection of Ring Light on Aliexpress. The price of such devices is usually lower than in other stores, and their functions are almost no different. There are portable and stationary models of different diameters with remote control, color, and temperature adjustment. In the rating got the best ring light from the Chinese trading platform. They managed to win the trust of customers due to the excellent quality of production and work.

BEST RING LIGHTS for YouTube, TikTok, Twitch, OnlyFans and Zoom

When selecting a Best Ring Light on Aliexpress, different factors must be taken into account. The most important of these is the size and design of the device. Makeup artists and eyebrow stylists who often work outdoors should buy a small folding ring light. It should be easy, quick, and convenient to assemble. Some ring devices are sold with an adjustable tripod. There are models that can be mounted directly on the camera lens, and these ring lights are ideal for Youtube and streaming. Selfie lovers will appreciate the Compact Ring Light, with a smartphone mount, while photographers will love the Ring Light with remote control.

The illumination level depends directly on the number of LEDs. In professional devices, there may be 480 LEDs or more, but for home use, a simple ring lamp with a maximum of 200 LEDs is enough. Eyelash extensions and eyebrow correction wizards will find devices with local illumination and low power (about 45 W), but for video shooting (YouTube, TikTok, Streaming) and make-up creation, it is better to choose a more powerful model (96 W). If we talk about the diameter of the ring, everything is individual. Even if the light flux is too strong, you can simply put the lamp a little further away from the face if necessary.


Fosoto RL-12II is a 28 W Riing Light consisting of 240 LEDs. Its brightness reaches 1690 lumens, temperature – from 3200 to 5600 K. The product weighs about 800 grams, its outer diameter is 345 mm. The set includes a carrying bag, a phone mount, and a cable. There is no tripod, so it will have to be ordered separately.

The reviews write that the ring light meets the description with AliExpress. It shines quite strongly, with the handles conveniently adjust the brightness and temperature of the luminous flux. It is Fosoto RL-12II advised to buy makeup artists, cosmetologists, and masters of eyelash extensions. You can work with it even without the main light source. Some customers are complaining about the sticky assembly of the device. After a few months, you may have problems with the swing lock and other parts. Another disadvantage – not fully thought-out fixing.

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In terms of quality, YKMZGO is not too different from other Ring Lights on AliExpress: there are three colors and 10 brightness levels, the temperature range – from 3200 to 5600 K. You can choose a model with a diameter of 16 or 26 cm. Every customer gets a mini tripod, a phone mount, and a Bluetooth remote control as a gift. The tripod deserves special attention. It is lightweight and compact, the legs are bent in different directions. Thanks to this, you can fix the ring lights at any angle.

Buyers love this budget ring light model from YKMZGO. Feedback says it's easy to operate, fast connection to the remote control, and excellent brightness. Makeup artists, bloggers, and photographers will find the device suitable, but lash makers and eyebrows specialists will not have enough light output. And the diameter of the ring seems too small, the 16 mm model is only suitable for home photography.

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The power of the Wennew ring light is 5 W. It has warm and cold light (3200-5600 K) and a special controller with buttons for temperature and brightness adjustment. The seller offers options for any budget: there are lamps for 16 and 25.5 mm (72 and 128 LEDs respectively), sets with a clip for the phone, small or large tripod. It is necessary to consider that the most budget ring light set includes only a ring with a diameter of 16 mm, without a tripod and other additions.

The reviews note the bright light, easy assembly and clear control Wennew. Buyers on AliExpress like the quality of the ring light, but the tripod is unstable, its legs are thin and it is not very convenient to adjust the height. For larger DSLR cameras, it's better to use another tripod. Device connects to the network via USB cable, the set includes an adapter for an American outlet.


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YKMZGO is most often ordered on AliExpress users, from all countries. The diameter of the ring is 26 cm. The brightness is adjustable, you can choose one of the three flow colors (yellow, warm or cold white). Only the lamp or the complete set with several mounts, 1.6 m high tripod and remote control can be ordered.

In reviews write that this model is not inferior in quality to professional equipment, and is much cheaper. It perfectly light, easy to assemble, control understandable even without instruction. Of course, it is unlikely to use YKMZGO in total darkness. Masters of eyebrows and eyelashes may also lack the brightness. But the device is quite suitable for taking pictures in low light. Even in the late evening you can get very decent shots. The disadvantages include only mediocre quality plastic and poor stability of the tripod.


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TL YUGUANG16INCH immediately attracts attention, because not all manufacturers have pink lamps. There are also products with black and white bezels, but they are not so popular among customers. Another feature of this model is that inside the ring there are 600 LEDs, providing a brightness of 4800 lumens. The diameter of the lamp is 41 cm. The color temperature here is standard – from 3200 to 5600 K. The set includes a smartphone mount, a tripod (180 cm), a 3.5 m long cord, a bag, and a remote control with buttons for automatic photography.

The reviews praise the seller's work: he safely packages the goods and agrees to a refund if the lamp came with damage. There are no claims to TL YUGUANG16INCH itself: the assembly quality is at the highest level, the tripod is stable, the light output is quite powerful. The essential disadvantage of this model is the high price. But during the promotional period, you can buy it much cheaper, so it makes sense to wait for the discount.


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NATITO Ringlight Makeup Light

NATITO consists of 180 LEDs, the device power – 24 W, the brightness reaches 2000 lumens. The diameter of the ring lamp is 12 inches (about 30 cm). The body is two-color (pink and white), with a matte finish to soften and disperse the light flow. You can choose a tripod kit with a height of 110 or 160 cm. The kit also includes a smartphone mount and power supply with European plug.

The reviews praise NATITO for its bright light, good assembly quality and easy operation. Tripod also satisfied the buyers with AliExpress. It is made of aluminum alloy, high, strong enough and stable. Top-level product packaging: it comes with a branded soft-lined box, so that the light will not break during shipment. The disadvantages are only a short wire (only 1m) and a small ring diameter. Because of this device is not suitable for masters of eyebrows and eyelashes, they will not have enough light.


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Not everyone uses professional equipment. Beginner bloggers and makeup artists often lack a quality smartphone. In this case, it makes no sense to buy an expensive ring lamp, you can limit yourself to a budget overlay with AliExpress. FGCLSY SGD03 is mounted on the camera lens of the phone, it is equipped with a battery capacity of 250 mAh. It can be easily recharged from a laptop or powerbank via the USB cable included. There are 36 LEDs inside the ring, 2W power and 5600K color temperature. There are three lighting modes and brightness adjustment.

FGCLSY SGD03 will not replace the full size ring lamp, but it will become an alternative light source for photography in unusual conditions. Feedback writes that the brightness is small, it is better to expose it to the maximum. But the lamp does not blind your eyes, you can place it close to the face of a person. The disadvantages of the device include a short cord and a weak battery.


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Capsaver 14 inch Ring Lamp

Capsaver is a two-color ring lamp with a diameter of 14 inches (34.5 cm). Inside it there are 384 LEDs, the rated power of the device is 40 W. Maximum brightness reaches 3800 lumens, temperature – from 3200 to 5500 K. Luminous flux can be adjusted by means of dimmers on the back side of the lamp. This model will be an excellent gift. First of all, the seller safely packages it, so there is no damage during shipping. Secondly, the package includes not only the lamp, but also a case, a branded box, several mounts, a tripod with adjustable height (50-180 cm) and a light scattering nozzle. This will be quite enough for beginners, as well as experienced makeup artists or photographers.

Buyers are delighted with the quality of the Capsaver assembly and work. It is easy and smooth to adjust, the fixings are reliable. Half the brightness is enough for photos in the dark. The tripod is stable, but sometimes its legs disperse.


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ASHANKS for iPhone/Samsung Android HTC

ASHANKS is ideal for taking photos from your phone. This compact 15 cm diameter light can be mounted on virtually any surface thanks to its flexible holder (approx. 60 cm long) and 360° swivel joint head. Inside the clip is a soft material to avoid scratching the furniture. The power of the device is 12 W, the ring consists of 24 LEDs. All standard modes and brightness adjustment are available. You can connect the device to a socket or notebook via USB cable. The control panel is located on the wire.

Feedback praises the quality of the lamp and holder. It is very convenient to use the device, it is suitable for even the most difficult shooting. The design is sturdy and stable, and the tripod can withstand large smartphone models. The mountings are reliable, the boom is very movable. The lamp itself is incredibly bright, despite its miniature size. The only drawback of ASHANKS is the lack of a power supply in the kit.


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MountDog for Nikon Canon GoPro Xiaomi Yi

MountDog is a miniature but very bright ring lamp with a diameter of 16 cm. You can choose white or yellow color, as well as temperature (3200-5600 K). The set includes USB cable for network connection, phone mount, Bluetooth remote and mini tripp. The plug for the socket here is European, so no need to buy an adapter. The product is shipped from a warehouse in China or Russia. A nice bonus – the set has instructions, which are rarely found on AliExpress.

Buyers like the unusual design of the body – there are miniature ears on the ring. With their help, you can hang the lamp in the right place. The quality of production is close to perfect. The lamp is bright enough, there is no glare or flickering. Thanks to the compact tripod, MountDog is convenient to take with you to shoot, its installation takes no more than 5 minutes. This model has no significant drawback, although some AliExpress users still lacked brightness.


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