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Motorcycle helmet – the main means of passive protection of the driver's head while riding a motorcycle, scooter and quad scooter. It is a mandatory attribute of any motorcyclist and scooter owner in most countries of the world. In addition to performing a direct protection function during accidents, the motorcycle helmet protects the “rider” from fragments of stones, dust, insects and other problems.
For some owners, a Motorcycle Helmet forms a certain image and is of great mental importance. In addition, there are many different types of motorcycle helmets, but their use depends entirely on the personal preferences of the owner. However, motorcycle owners often choose a helmet to suit their occupation and type of vehicle.

How To Choose The Safest Motorcycle Helmet 2020 

The safety of helmets is regulated by special acts and world standards. In addition, independent organizations carry out an independent quality assessment, pointing out major shortcomings and independently refining them.
We reviewed The Top 10 Best Motorcycle Helmets on AliExpress, based on rating, quality, and customer feedback.

Soman SM958

This product is dedicated to the fans of the Predator cinema. Let's say frankly – the helmet is not the cheapest. But what a furor you will make when you appear at a meeting of motorcyclists. The field of view had to sacrifice to enhance the protection of the chin and mouth. However, the glass itself is made of super-strong materials with an admixture of silver. On the sides of the helmet come out “whips” or “hair” like those of the Predator in the movies. They are almost of no practical use, their presence is explained only by a decorative necessity.

Finally, above the right ear is a LED flashlight powered by a pair of batteries, which are not included in the kit. The flashlight is held tightly on the head by two brackets bolted to the helmet. As an additional gift, you can get an earpiece. The helmet is almost entirely made of carbon fiber, which has reduced its weight and increased mobility. Can be used as an amateur at meetings, and cross competitions.


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Soman SM512

Almost nothing remarkable helmet. Of course, it is made with knowledge and in accordance with all quality standards. Special shiny rivets can be used as additional decorative elements. There is no folding “picked up”, will have to be purchased separately, and the mask will bethe liner made in a style appropriate to the type of helmet. Finally, you can optionally order a modern and lightweight protection for the mouth and nose, reminiscent of the Darth Vader respirator.

The very thick inner layer perfectly protects your head from damage, but can also cause misting and discomfort. Some customers complain of discomfort when wearing their own size head and while driving off-road. So we recommend choosing a bigger size product.




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BEON Scooter Helmet 110b

Elegant classic for all seasons. From its merits it is necessary to note simplicity and impressive appearance, in which features guess the silhouettes of Italy. The case has a built-in carbon fiber, which greatly facilitates the appearance. He also gives it some acrylic haze. The strap quickly connects to the main fixation tape.

For an open helmet, this product shows good, even excessive noise insulation. In general, the manufacturer managed to maintain a balance between price, protection and quality. The inside of the helmet is finished with high quality materials that will provide you with warmth in winter, ventilation in summer and get rid of misting. The product is not suitable for cross races, but for a leisurely ride is just right.



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GXT 160

Almost constantly this product is sold with 49% discount. So at least you should pay attention to it. Unusual is the front part, made in the form of a double fence. In the first case, it completely covers the face, and in the second – only eyes. The pivoting mechanism of the folding element is reinforced with an additional ring to reinforce the construction, which is extremely useful in motocross racing.

The cheekbones and most of the jaw are protected with additional half rims. For all its advantages and excellent protection, it has turned out to be extremely heavy, the manufacturer indicates a weight of 1.5 kg. The helmet is mainly designed for men, but can also be used by girls. For ventilation, the inner coating is made at the front and back in the form of a mesh to avoid irritation of the neck and chin. In general, there is an excellent protection for off-road driving.



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“Everything for maximum comfort and lightness” – this could be the slogan of the product. ABS plastic, from which the helmet is made, turned out to be quite strong. But this is not the main thing, but an extremely streamlined shape, reducing the friction of wind against your head, no matter how strange it may sound. The multi-layer “buffer” EPS coating offers almost total absorption of the shock and solar energy. The comfortable soft lining consists of a breathable technical fabric with hypoallergenic properties, which absorbs moisture, ventilates your skin and does not embarrass you.

Special Flip lens design, provides protection from ultraviolet radiation. The inlet and outlet channels provide enough ventilation to eliminate unnecessary misting. The weight of the helmet is 1 kilogram, which makes it very attractive to competitors and a good choice for cross country competitions and off-road driving.


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Ls2 FF399

Professional helmet for cross-driving. Its thickness and shape, which completely covers the face and neck, immediately catches the eye. At the top, at the front, there are slots-air ducts, which take the air and cool the inner space, protecting against sweating and overheating. In addition, above the eyebrow arcs, there are microscopic mesh slits, which perform similar functions. It is also interesting that the ventilation is provided even for the chin, but this gap is invisible in general.

In summary: you get a very protective and ventilated helmet with 18 different colors for motocross. Of course, its price is very high, but it is not recommended to save on safety, especially for those who race motorcycles. In case of ordering, we will advise you to choose a helmet that is larger than yours.



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KCO Helmet

For lovers of classics and leisurely walks is dedicated. It is made of ABS plastic, covered with some kind of black or cream leather. In addition to the main product, you can get a gift liner that protects your face from wind, splashes and dust, as well as a face mask on the floor. Together, the set provides good protection for leisurely riding and walking.

The entire inner part of the helmet is covered with an additional protective layer around the neck to protect it from impact. The upper part is mesh-coated to provide minimal ventilation, and there is a lining in the center that reduces the pressure on the head. An optional element of the order is a nameplate on the front, which can be attributed to a certain biker community.



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Virtue Helmet

New protection technologies combined with ease and quality are available with the purchase of Virtue Helmet. The body of the helmet consists of 5 layers, where the base is ABS plastic, and complements it with a thermal layer, waterproof coating, etc. The buffer layer absorbs most of the energy, and the technical fabric is made of hypoallergenic raw materials, it is easy to remove and wash. With the built-in switch, you can adjust the degree of protection to protect yourself from the rays in sunny weather.

Ideal for both motorcyclists and bikers. The fabric bag is also of high quality and fully protects the helmet during transport. As the main problem, buyers note the difficulties in using the visor, which is difficult to regulate and act on the touch.



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LDMET vintage motorcycle helmet

Sometimes it is good to go back to the roots or just need to match your motorcycle. LDMET presented its vision of safety. Motorcyclists from all over the world prefer this product for its smooth shape and the possibility to choose the design according to their own tastes. The buckle clamp helps to remove the helmet in one motion, while maintaining all quality and safety standards. The high density lining will reliably protect your head from damage. It is equipped with a moisture-repellent cloth so that the skin does not sweat.

Only water can be used to clean the helmet, without powders or detergents, to prevent damage processes. A cloth bag is given as a gift to the buyer for transportation. For off-road driving, the helmet is not suitable, it is better to buy it for walking.



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WLT Moto Casco

22 different colors and “bare” motorcycle helmet offers the seller of this model. It is designed in close cooperation with professional athletes, but we do not recommend it for motocross. In addition, you can order a free gift that fits perfectly with your helmet. It can be a mask, a liner and gloves.

Buyers in reviews note the lightness and quality, fully consistent with its price. They are great when riding a quad bike in the woods. They are sent in the transport “zipper”. If you find any defects, you can contact the seller and he will give you back some or all of the money. After unpacking the helmet, you should ventilate it, because the smell of ABS plastic is immediately thrown into your nose. The internal ventilation is estimated to be average. This is because of the security system. The front of the helmet is heavily pulled forward to protect the chin and forehead, and the plastic inserts dilute the structure.


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