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Montessori toys on Aliexpress are always bright, exciting, and smart games. With this material, educational work is always productive, and spending time with the child becomes interesting and entertaining. Every child wants to learn about the world around them. The Montessori system, whose slogan is ” Help me to do it myself!”, is aimed at helping the child in independent knowledge of the world around them.  

By purchasing Montessori toys on Aliexpress, you create the necessary environment for the child's development.

Sorters and Puzzles    

Sorters and puzzles help your child develop logic, attentiveness, fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination. They help the child to navigate well, set goals and try to fulfill them. They teach the child to be attentive, to notice their mistakes and correct them. And if at first he needs a little guidance or help, but then he will be interested in performing tasks on his own. 


Geometric puzzle board


The wooden puzzle game develops recognition of shape and size, hand-eye coordination, The pincer grasp, spatial perception, and observation skills. The skill of comparison is acquired, patience is developed, and the child is introduced to the world of geometric shapes.

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Puzzle in the form of eggs


Puzzle game for children in the form of eggs. Children play this game with great pleasure, take to pieces and put together eggs, selecting the correct half by color and shape. Inside each egg is a colored shape, mostly simple geometric or organic shapes. This game is good for developing motor skills, logic, and memory, recognizing shapes and colors.

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Wooden puzzle with Geometric Shapes


A puzzle game with geometric shapes. The twisting and stringing geometric figures. Some pieces must be twisted into a peg, and others strung on pegs, passing obstacles. This game will introduce the child to both basic colors and geometric shapes. It will help the development of visual-imaginative thinking, fine motor skills, visual-motor coordination, and understanding of the sequence of actions.

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Wooden building blocks set


Wooden DIY building block sets are very bright and beautiful. These are great toys for developing an understanding of shape and size. It develops fine motor skills and logic. You can also create compositions that stimulate creative thinking and imagination.

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Constructor “screw and bolt”


Bright constructor ” screw and bolt” – variety of colors and shapes. The accent is on the torque, so it is a work of the fingers. Twisting and untwisting the child learns the colors, shapes. It develops attention, comparing and contrasting skills.

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Cylinder socket puzzle


This Montessori puzzle helps to develop fine motor skills, the coordination of the index finger and thumb to hold an item , coordination of movements, perception of shapes and sizes. The child develops an idea of the values (height, length, thickness). It helps to acquire the skill of comparing and to learn the principle of sequence.

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Great set for sorting and counting. This game with bright colored bears, develops the ability to differentiate colors, sizes. The child learns the skills of counting and comparing, also grouping objects according to certain characteristics. Sorting stimulates the development of visual-motor coordination, develops fine motor skills and logic. This set will also help to train addition and subtraction skills.

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Colored geometric puzzle


Wooden puzzle of geometric shapes – an interesting and informative toy for the perception of size. With this toy, the child learns colors and shapes. It is a great activity to help understand more about size and to learn new words to describe different sizes. Teaches consistency and concepts of big-small. It stimulates imagination, logic, and sensory development.

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Bead Sequencing Set 


It is a great set of beads that contributes to the development of patience, perseverance. Following a certain order, the child learns to be attentive and concentrate on the task. This activity develops hand-eye coordination, the pincer grasp.

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Wooden piggy bank

The task is to put in a right hole a figure and then take it out of the box. It develops comparison skills, shape perception and hand-eye coordination. The child will play this game with pleasure.

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