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The expression “high-quality Chinese knife” no longer causes a skeptical smile even among the opponents of shopping in the Celestial Empire. In recent years, knives marked “China” have significantly raised their level. This is also confirmed by the market leaders. For example, knives by Rondell, Berghoff and Vinzer have long been born in China. There have also appeared good Chinese brands, which are not inferior to famous brands. Unfortunately, they have not yet succeeded in completely displacing low-grade consumer goods and poor quality fakes from the market. Therefore, the risk to buy on AliExpress a thing far from ideal still remains. To prevent this from happening, we offer a review of The Best Kitchen Knife Sets.

Best sets of stainless steel kitchen knives on AliExpress

There are three main parameters that are considered when choosing the best kitchen knife: geometry, ergonomics and steel quality. The kitchen knife should lie well in your hand, penetrate easily into the foods and have a balanced shape. As for materials, manufacturers are still looking for a balance between hardness and flexibility of alloys. Harder steel holds grinding perfectly, softer steel does not break under load. For household kitchen knives usually choose the hardness in the range of 55-60 HRC by the Rockwell method. You will see such models in our review. These are the most practical and functional knife sets with loyal price tags.

XYj 95

If you want to fill your kitchen with bright colors, do not pass by this set of kitchen knives. They are sold on AliExpress in various configurations, the buyer can choose the right tools for his culinary masterpieces. Handles and blades of knives of different colors. They are bright and unusual and look very impressive. The kitchen knives also cope with their tasks well – the cutting edges are sharp, the metal is quite hard, and does not bend during the work.

The handles are comfortable and are made in the blade color. As a material, the manufacturer uses a combination of ABS + TPR plastic. Such tandem is considered one of the most convenient in operation. The blade is made of 7CR17 steel, which is an improved Chinese equivalent of 440A. The material is the best among budget makers, as it combines good cut and simple blade sharpening with the help of almost any tools. This knife is very good for everyday use.

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The main advantages of this chef's kitchen tool are balanced ergonomics and sharp blade made of quality steel. The hardness of the metal corresponds to the one declared by the seller in the description of the goods on AliExpress, and is 55 HRC. The material of the handle is ABS plastic with TPR inserts, which tactilely resemble soft-touch. In wet hands such handle does not slide at all. It is equally convenient to use both the biggest and the smallest kitchen knife.

All knives have blades with a resistant black coating. Factory sharpening is very decent, bevels are symmetrical. It is a pleasure to cut with such knives. They come in plastic cases, there is no support for storage. The tools are well magnetic, they can be fixed with a magnetic strip. Feedback on the product is mostly positive, but occasionally there is a marriage. The seller meets the buyers and makes replacements in such cases.

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XYJ 031

Here is one of the most interesting samples from Chinese knife company XYj. It perfectly maintains a balance of aesthetics, ergonomics and reliability. The stylistics of the tools corresponds to the Japanese style. The set includes 6 knives, including a chef's knife, knives for bread, fruit and fish. AliExpress has detailed descriptions of each of them. The cutting properties of these kitchen tools are really the best. Blades sharpen for at least a month, the geometry is very well balanced. And this at more than a modest price.

The knives look massive, but they are actually quite light because the handles inside are hollow. No defects in the products of this manufacturer have been noticed. The blade surface is flat, no rust appears during operation. For storage of kitchen knives is suitable magnetic bar, the fixation is reliable. This is the best budget and at the same time high quality product.

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Xiaomi Original Knife Blades suit

Knives from Xiaomi Huohou are sold in a set – one universal in the Santoku style and one Nakiri for cutting vegetables, known as an axe. The manufacturer uses conventional 50Cr15MoV carbon steel with a hardness of 55+-2 HRC. This is a classic for average kitchen knives. The blades are similar to ceramic, but they are completely metallic, perfectly held on a magnetic strip. There are a number of recesses on each side of the universal knife that prevent sliced products from sticking to the blade.

The black coating is a spraying. It has hydrophobic properties – droplets of water just roll off the knife. It turns out a kind of steel protection. And such ceramic enamel looks good. Only the lack of pads on the handle can be considered an unpleasant moment. They are not here at all. Such minimalism and integrity of the kitchen knife have a negative impact on the convenience of use. The onlays could dampen some of the vibrations that occur during the work.

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These knives can be called the most successful Chinese heirs of samurai swords. The model name indicates that they are made of multilayer Damascus steel. In fact, the picture on the blade is not a legendary “layered cake” of different kinds of materials, but a laser engraving, a kind of imitation. But this marketing move does not detract from the best qualities of Xituo kitchen knives. They look great, and are very good in functionality.

In terms of cutting properties, the knives are as good as the expensive ones. They come with AliExpress well sharpened. The test with cutting paper pass without problems. Sharpen well held. Glad to see that the edge can be corrected on the moussat. The set has cutting knives, tools for cleaning vegetables, fish. The handles are comfortable, lie well in the hand. There are questions to the hardness of the metal. Declared figure 52-56 HRC on the scale of Rockwell, in reality it is a little lower. For domestic conditions, it is enough, and for the chef's knives, however, a little.

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Best sets of ceramic kitchen knives on AliExpress

Ceramic knives do not absorb or release odors, they do not destroy vitamins and do not affect the products they come into contact with in any way. They are not made of steel, but of zirconium powder. This substance after firing forms a fine crystal structure with better hardness. The strength of so-called ceramics is comparable to that of diamond. This means that the blade holds the sharpness perfectly – the knives remain sharp for many years. But if you decide that it's time to sharpen them, it's better to do it in a specialized workshop, not at home. However, ceramic knives have one important disadvantage – they are harder than steel, but they are very afraid of bumps and falls, so they require careful handling.


These small kitchen knives are great for cleaning and slicing vegetables. They are as sharp as possible, comfortable, and look great in the kitchen. The knives have better hygienic properties and do not react with food. The handle is plastic (ABS), with matte anti-slip coating. Its shape is ergonomic, it takes into account the anatomical features of users. Therefore, it is a pleasure to work with such tools. Especially when it comes to handling vegetables.

The color of the handles can be chosen from two options – black and green. The blade geometry is one of the best, the knives are sharpened for several years. The set includes models 3/4/5 inches in size. Cucumbers, onions and tomatoes can be cut into the thinnest slices. But meat and fish with bones do not fit their teeth. And do not forget that all ceramics do not react well to the side load – the cutting edges suffer from it.

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Ceramic kitchen knives from the reliable Chinese brand EBUYBEST are sold at AliExpress in sets that include the classic “chef's three”, a knife for vegetables and vegetable peeling. All components are fixed on a convenient stand. The handles are in different colors and the blades are black. They are as light as ceramics should be. Some users are surprised that the blades are thinner than usual. But this does not affect the functionality. Sharpening is the best – the knives are sharp, they cut perfectly.

The handle is made of plastic, reminiscent of the tactile sensations of soft-touch. It lies well in your hand and does not slide. The packaging of the goods inspires confidence in the seller – everything is done very well: a lot of foam inserts, and various air inlays. If you keep the knives from falling, they will last a very long time. You shouldn't open canned food or cut frozen meat with it. Cutting products on a glass board is also contraindicated to them.

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A classic set of kitchen ceramic knives represents COOBNESS. The manufacturer is not as popular on AliExpress as its competitors. However, its products are worth attention – the price of goods is low and the quality is very decent. This set includes three units, the size of which can be selected. The seller has 3/4/5/6-inch models. For the blades manufacturer uses a special hardening zirconium, it is processed on a cold isostatic press (CIP technology), which has a positive effect on the hardness of the cutting edges.

The blade is not thin here, it does not spring or bend during operation. A lot of good feedback on the quality of the handle. Material – ABS plastic + TPR. There is a protective cover, which helps to keep ceramics intact. The knives are beautiful, functional and inexpensive. Buyers who have managed to use them, recommend the goods for purchase.

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Solid dimensions of kitchen knives do not always suit the owners. If you need a set of small, but very comfortable knives, then take a look at this ceramics with bamboo handles. There are 4 3/4/5/6 inch knives in this set. These are the most popular kitchen tools in the home. They come with AliExpress in good-quality plastic covers. Packed by the seller well, during transportation damage is excluded.

Users highly appreciated the sharpening of kitchen knives, and it lasts about a month. The tools are easy to maintain, but it is better to wash them manually than in the dishwasher. This will save the shine of the handle and the integrity of the cloth itself. They cut well, the food does not snap. Blade sharpening can be done with the help of the sharpeners designed for this purpose.

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The set presented in the review consists of a big chef knife, 3 smaller kitchen knives and vegetable peelers. All instruments have classic shape handles, suitable for any grip. They are made of the best plastic, which is pleasant to the touch and has good hygienic characteristics. The AliExpress kitchen knives are sold together with covers.

The cutting edges are perfectly sharpened, they are really very sharp, as buyers often write about in their reviews. However, ceramics is a fragile material, and if handled carelessly, the knife can be easily broken. It is better not to use it for cutting frozen meat and slicing hard products. However, given the low price, the products of this manufacturer can be called the best among the budget people in the Chinese market.

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Best chef knives for professionals on AliExpress

The minimum professional kit is a chef's knife and a small knife for vegetables. They are used more often than others. But for some dishes you will need other cutting tools – knives for fish, bread, cheese, steaks, bones, sirloin knife, chopping, cleaver, santoca, mezzaluna. The main thing is to make it comfortable and perfectly hold the sharpener. Stainless and high-carbon steel with hardness not lower than 56 HRC is more often used from materials. Some people prefer chrome, molybdenum and vanadium alloyed steel. For the handle take materials with high density – resins, plastic, wood. In our review we mainly present classic chef knives from the best manufacturers, but there are also highly specialized models.


XINZUO knives are worthy of competition to the world market leaders. They are universal cutting tools. The set includes 5 knives of the most popular types in sizes from 3.5 to 8 inches. All of them are made of the best molybdenum-vanadium German steel grade 1.4116. Such blades have similar characteristics to forged products. At the same time, they are not too heavy, the hand does not get tired.

The hardness of steel 56 HRC on the Rockwell scale. The upper layer is polished. The handle is covered with wood, which does not lose its luster during operation. It lies well in the hand regardless of the size of the knife. The sharpness of the cutting edge is maintained for a long time, and the factory sharpening pleases its quality. All models have better plasticity, which makes them convenient for most culinary operations. In terms of price/quality ratio, this set is the absolute leader.

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If you need a very sharp knife, then check out the TURWHO store on AliExpress. Here you can find a wide range of kitchen knives of various modifications. This tool deserves some compliments. According to the buyers' assurances, you can even shave with it. The manufacturer uses 60+2 HRC steel on the Rockwell scale for blade. Sharpening is good right out of the box. It is smooth and symmetrical, the edges are reduced to almost zero. Steel is the same as declared.

Dimensions are classic “chef” with ergonomic handle made of Mycart composite material. Due to this, the knife turned out to be heavy. Execution of all elements at height. Buyers are also pleased that it is a full-fledged “damask” on the covers. The pattern on the blade is not a laser engraving disguised as Damascus steel, but a real multilayer “pie”. The sharpening resistance is one of the best. Therefore, the product reviews are excellent.

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Grandsharp HM-1

Excellent Chinese chef knife offers the company Grandsharp.On AliExpress this company has a good rating and the title of a reliable brand. This “Cai Tao”, or “Chinese cleaver”, is made of forged high carbon wire rod, has the mark of the manufacturer. The tool is hand-forged, the blade is additionally covered with protective grease. The knife is very sharp straight “out of the box”, no additional editing is required. Cutting is easy and smooth, does not go to the side.

The handle is also praised in reviews. It is comfortable, sits tightly in the hand. The shank protrusion outside the lining is minimal. Copper rivets, with polishing and better fit – there is not even the slightest backlash. There is also no gap between the wooden linings and the shank. Included with the kit is a case. Here it is far from being ideal. But it is rarely used by anyone. Comes a kitchen knife from China without burrs and defects. Sending and delivery are usually fast.

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SUNNECKO 00201702103

Beautiful engraving, elegant logo – the first thing that catches the eye when you look at these kitchen knives. The manufacturer claims that they are made of Japanese steel VG-10, hardness 59-60 HRC. This is one of the best materials for knife production using traditional technology. The steel is considered the most corrosion-resistant, but it is relatively fragile.

The metal is well processed, the sharpening is even. The blade and the handle make almost one whole. Overlays on the handle are made of wood. During operation, there is no backlash at the connection points. Knives are strong, do not require frequent sharpening. The price of such a set is higher than the average price tag on AliExpress, but the quality corresponds. Knives are positioned as chefs, and for confirmation the seller sends all necessary certificates. If you appreciate the aesthetics and quality, then you will love this set.

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Shuang Ma Li HP-440C Knife Set

Shuang Ma Li store on AliExpress you can buy kitchen knives for advanced users. They are sold in sets and separately. Each buyer chooses the set himself. The price is for one smallest 3.5 inch knife. The assortment line includes 6 different modifications. All knives are of excellent quality, which seems surprising at such a low price. Steel is used three-layer, grade 440C. For a long time, it was considered the best for knives, until it was replaced by more innovative options. But this “old lady” is still considered a worthy option. The hardness is claimed to be 58 HRC.

Size of proposed kitchen knives: 3.5 /5 /7 /8 /10 inches. The blades are well sharpened and have no burrs or chips. They do not dull for a long time, they cut well. Users like the pattern very much – it makes the tools beautiful and recognizable. The handle is comfortable, with non-slip overlays. But keep in mind that these knives are better to always wipe dry – they can rust if exposed to water or salt for a long time.

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