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The car battery is an important component of any car because without it, starting the engine is simply impossible. At the same time, you should understand that the battery is not able to produce electricity itself, but can only accumulate it and give it back. This means that you can never be sure that the battery will not be discharged at the most inopportune moment. And even if the battery in your car works properly and does not present any surprises, you still need to recharge it at least a couple of times a year for preventive purposes. And in the first and second cases, the car owner will need a special device – the so-called Car Jump Starters. When buying such a device, you should take into account many factors (battery type, its capacity, current supply, etc.). To make it easier for you to navigate among a wide variety of models and manufacturers, we have compiled a rating of the Best Car Jump Starters on AliExpress.

Best Portable Car Jump Starters on AliExpress


PIJIWAN PRC-21 stands out for its lowest price on the site. Of course, you shouldn't expect miracles for such money, but the device is quite capable of charging the battery, and even helps to start the battery in winter. The body size is 12.5*8*4 cm, it is made of fireproof plastic. The transformer is copper, it is energy efficient. It has a display, temperature control and short circuit protection. The rated power is up to 30W. The voltage level is 13.8V and the output current is 2A. ThisĀ  car jump starter model is designed for gel, lead-acid and other batteries, which power is within 4-20 Ah.

The reviews on AliExpress note that PIJIWAN PRC-21 is qualitatively made, all details are safely soldered and plastic almost does not smell. In the work the charging shows itself well, even old and non-working batteries “come to life”. The main disadvantage of the device is a short power cord – its length is only 120 cm.

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The compact and stylish car jump starter LUNDA K21 is available in 4 colors. Its size – 135 * 75 * 15 mm, weighs 240 g. For the manufacture was used durable plastic. The maximum current output is 2 A, voltage – 5 V. There are 3 built-in batteries with a total capacity of 6000 mAh, the conversion rate reaches 85%. It is noteworthy that the jump starter is suitable not only for transport but also for cell phones. The case has LED indicators, but the LCD display is not provided here. On the other hand, there is a built-in flashlight with three modes of lighting.

Unfortunately, because of the modest technical characteristics, it will not be possible to use this model for cars with an engine volume greater than 2 liters. But for other cars, motorcycles and other vehicles the device will be the best solution. The reviews mention another disadvantage of LUNDA K21, namely its modest configuration. The parcel has only charging and clamps.

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OUYORCAR Automatic Car Battery Charger

Car Jump Starter OUYORCAR was ordered on AliExpress more than 2000 times. It is suitable for batteries with 12/24 V voltage and 2-150 Ah power. The device gives out 4-8 Ampere current. Charging process is fully automated, there are several modes: summer and winter for the car, motorcycle and gel and other types of batteries. The device size is 162*100*55 mm, the body is fully plastic. At the top there is an LCD display, where you can see the temperature, voltage level and charging.

The reviews note the high quality of manufacturing and performance OUYORCAR. This Portable Car jump starter model can be considered universal, it is suitable for repairing all types of batteries. It has protection against overheating, short-circuiting, over-voltage or over-low voltage. Inside the device there is a built-in fan, so you can leave the pulse charge on for a long time. The only drawback is the short cables.

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KKMOON Car Battery Charger

Very light car jump starter (weighing only 315 grams) and, at first glance, not expensive device, on closer inspection can boast quite good functionality. Its main feature is the so-called intelligent control system, which is able to independently select the appropriate for the battery power, has several different modes of operation (eg, floating current adjustment) and automatically turns off when fully charged. All important information (current strength, voltage, process) is displayed. Of the detected shortcomings, users note only that the device is too noisy (or rather its cooling fan), but it is by and large already picky. On the other hand, there are many rave reviews of how the jump starter recharges and restores even those batteries, which their owners considered almost dead.

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Universal Jump Starter, compatible with most 12V batteries. Like many other modern devices in its segment, this device focuses on maximum protection and automatic charging system. One of the features the FBC1205D is the so-called ripple mode, during which FOXSUR charges with short low voltage pulses, which often helps to recover almost dead batteries. There is an information board on the case, which allows using the jumps starter as a voltmeter (you need to connect it to the battery, but not to the mains – the screen will display the indicators on the battery terminals) and a fan (to protect against overheating).

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Most Powerful Jump Starters on AliExpress


This Car Jump Starter model on 12/24V from LUNDA seller calls smart. It works with a battery and gel accumulators with a capacity of 20-200 Ah, produces up to 20 Ah. Interestingly, the device independently determines the required current strength and other parameters, depending on the type of battery. All important information is shown on the blue display and you can also see the charging level. The operating frequency of the device reaches 50 Hz, the conversion efficiency is up to 93%. It will take no more than 2 minutes to start the motor in cold season. The weight of the charger is 1.6 kg, the declared parameters are 195*185*115 mm.

Almost all reviews of the product on AliExpress are positive. They praise the quality of production and excellent specifications LUNDA 20A. Buyers also note the seller's work – he answers all questions, safely pack Jump Starter and quickly send it. The only disadvantages are the high price.

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Taotuo Solar Panel Charger

The use of solar energy is still considered to be a rather exotic way of recharging the car battery. The reason for this is that the bulk of such jump starters are unable to produce more than 1-1.5 amps of current – this makes the process of charging the battery very long and ineffective. On the other side, if you just need to maintain the charge level during the trip, the solar panels will be quite appropriate. Even in an emergency situation, they will be able to restore the battery to the minimum that is necessary at startup. In addition, the device should be of interest to those who are actively using the media systems in the car, especially when traveling long distances, away from civilization. The model under consideration as a whole is a typical representative of this class of gear. The power of 20 watts is more than enough for the functions described above, plus the package includes a special controller designed to protect the battery from overcharging and other failures.

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The most significant advantage of Jump Starter LUNDA 908D was the impressive power – 400 W or 30 Amperes. This Car Jump Starter can be used by battery owners for 4-600 Ah. It is connected to the mains, while ordering for AliExpress it is necessary to select the type of plug. Unlike the Budget Jump Starter models, there are 2 displays for full control of pulse charging. There are also LED indicators on the case and a swivel wheel for manual adjustment. The dimensions of the Jump Starter are 180*145*70mm, it weighs 1.2kg. The kit includes only clips and power cord.

The description on the site says that Jump Starter is suitable for cars, motorcycles, trailers, lawn mowers and yachts. The manufacturers have equipped the device with multi protection against overheating, over-voltage or overcurrent, reverse charging, short circuit, etc. The reviews praise the product for its stable operation and robust metal case.

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Car Jump Starter with stylish iron body and well thought out design. Thus, many people note in their reviews qualitatively made “crocodiles” – not sticky, as it usually happens in the Chinese, but reliable and isolated. There are two screens at once, but all text on them is displayed in Chinese (not very convenient, but in general everything is clear intuitively). AJ-618D is suitable primarily for charging so-called “wet cell batteries” (such as WET with liquid electrolyte).

It has several modes of operation, among which we would like to highlight the storage mode (also known as buffer mode). It will be useful for northern regions, where due to frost and low temperature is common practice to use two accumulators (first month drive on one battery, then change to the other and so on the circle). To prevent the unused device from idling and discharging, you can connect it to this Jump Starter and put it in buffer mode. The AJ-618D compensates for battery self-discharge.

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Urbanroad MF-2C

The universal impulse system from Urbanroad, though dressed in an opaque and angular case, but can boast a number of advantages in operation. Firstly, it is compatible with many modern batteries (lead-acid, gel-electrolyte and other formats) and is able to produce 24V voltage, which is necessary to work with equipment equipped with two batteries at once (vans, trucks, etc.). Secondly, it has several modes of operation: automatic, where the JumpStarter is able to independently determine the optimal current strength (depending on the degree of charge) and perform floating charging, and manual, where the user can personally set the desired current strength and control the entire process. Information about the voltage, approximate charge level and current operation parameters is displayed on the built-in display and a bunch of indicator lights.

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