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Before you choose a Computer Mouse on AliExpress  – a device for coordinating with a personal computer, you need to determine for what purpose it is needed. Computer games, surfing the Internet, work in office applications? Requirements for the choice of mice for these activities will be different. All manipulators for computer control are distinguished by four characteristics:

  1. connection interface with the central unit;
  2. the presence of buttons and other controls;
  3. the motion sensor technology used;
  4. mouse resolution

When starting a search, AliExpress customers most often sort the devices by the way they connect to their computer. The interface of the mouse can be wired and wireless. The latter is divided into optical, laser, radiofrequency, and induction. As for connectors, the modern models presented on the AliExpress website are most often connected to a computer via USB.

Best Optical Gaming Mouse on Aliexpress: Wireless Connection

Optical models with LED sensors may well perform the function of gaming. All you have to do is choose the best mouse with the right characteristics. The main requirement for gaming mice – instantaneous response and no cursor slowdowns during dynamic scenes. It is very desirable – minimum energy consumption during intensive work. When choosing a mouse, you should also look at such characteristics as resolution. The higher it is, the better the mouse responds to commands. The maximum resolution of optical mice sold on AliExpress is 1800 DPI.


A first look at Sunrose may give a false impression that the presented mouse is quite ordinary, and the unusual design is used only as one of the tools to promote another Chinese knickknack. But if you dig deeper, it's easy to see that it's not so clear. Materials involved in the production, though not the most expensive, are collected qualitatively, there are metal inserts on the sides, and the mouse is comfortable in the hand.

From the offered functionality dynamic illumination (6 colors, at desire it is possible to switch off), and that is more interesting, considered model does not demand batteries as works from the built-in accumulator (it is charged on MicroUSB and suffices approximately for 2.5 hours).


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Black matte plastic, reminiscent of metal, ergonomic body lines are the first thing that catches the eye when you look at this model. There is nothing superfluous in the design. Users love the backlighting: it changes its color every 3-4 seconds. You can turn it off if you want. The switch is on the bottom of the device. There's a USB adapter inserted as well.

The main mouse buttons are silent and are softly pressed. The model is easy to move both on a wrinkled fabric and on a glossy surface. On AliExpress it is written that the resolution of this model is 2 000 DPI. In reality, it has an optical sensor with a resolution of 1,600 DPI. The Chinese seem to confuse resolution with adjustable sensitivity. For professional gamers, that resolution may not be enough. But at this price of a mouse, it's hard to demand more.


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Black matte plastic, reminiscent of metal, ergonomic body lines are the first thing that catches the eye when you look at this model. There is nothing superfluous in the design. Users love the backlighting: it changes its color every 3-4 seconds. You can turn it off if you want. The switch is on the bottom of the device. There's a USB adapter inserted as well.

The main mouse buttons are silent and are softly pressed. The model is easy to move both on a wrinkled fabric and on a glossy surface. On AliExpress it is written that the resolution of this model is 2 000 DPI. In reality, it has an optical sensor with a resolution of 1,600 DPI. The Chinese seem to confuse resolution with adjustable sensitivity. For professional gamers, that resolution may not be enough. But at this price of a mouse, it's hard to demand more.


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Best Laser Game Mouse on Aliexpress: Wireless Connection

Laser models are preferable to optical models for games. They have a resolution of up to 5700 DPI. It is possible to adjust this value with a simple push of a button. Thanks to their high sensitivity, laser mice allow you to move more precisely in dynamic scenes or turn the camera lightning fast. Models of this type do not have an LED. It is replaced by a semiconductor laser. That's why the mouse doesn't glow when you're working. But manufacturers often use backlighting in their models to attract attention.



REDRAGON specializes in computer peripherals for gamers. And the products are distinguished not only by aggressive design aesthetics inherent in gaming devices but also by a better functionality. The presented wireless mouse is not an exception. It has 10 customizable buttons, a working radius of up to 15 meters, and a resolution of up to 7,200 DPI. It connects to your computer via USB receiver.

Much positive feedback was received on the materials and build quality. The Sand Rubber Skin, a rubberized coating with fine sand inclusions, was used here for the first time. Therefore, the mouse does not slide in your hand, and its shape is as close to anatomical as possible. The backlight turns on automatically when the device is connected. The sound from pressing the keys is standard. The product comes with AliExpress with software installed. But for exact settings, you will have to download the software from the manufacturer's website.


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The wireless mouse from the renowned AliExpress company Rapoo attracts the similarity to the features of the more expensive Logitech MX Master mouse. It's designed for the right-hand man with a pretty good hand. It's asymmetrical in shape. All the keys are in the right places, no need to look. The access to the scroll wheel is great. Feedback says the mouse can be used as a gaming mouse, so the speed and precision of the gamers' response are fine. But keep in mind that it's not a flagship model, but a cheerful average, so it's not the best mouse for cyber-sports.

There are 2 ways to connect the device: via USB-receiver and via Bluetooth. You can bind your wireless mouse to 3 devices via Bluetooth, including your TV. To switch between them, there is a button that works instantly. The software for this device is available on the Rapoo website, it's easy to install. But the mouse has a minus – the battery power is only enough for a week of work.


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Wireless controller from AliExpress store with the most ergonomic anatomical form. It's a trackball. Which means that the cursor is controlled by the movement of the ball. Moves it with your thumb. The design of the device is directly related to this feature of the mouse. The body is made of quality plastic.

Besides the trackball, the device is equipped with standard mouse elements – right and left buttons, scroller, two buttons on the left panel. If you have more Logitech devices in your house, you can connect them to one radio with Logitech Unifying.


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Best Game Mouse with Wired Connection on Aliexpress

Wireless devices are mobile and practical. However, wired models are faster and require no additional maintenance (battery replacement). Experienced gamers believe that only wired computer mice should be selected for games. They don't lose much of their signal speed. We've included models in the top mouse ratings for gaming that are well-proven among experienced players.


Gaming Mouse: Delux M625 PMW3360

The Delux M625 PMW3360 gaming mouse features a wired connection, 7 customizable buttons, an OMRON switch, DPI 1000 to 12000, frequency from 125 to 250, and RGB backlighting.

  • Type: Shooter Gaming Mouse
  • USB 2.0 connection, cable length 1.8 m
  • 7 customizable buttons
  • Additional double click button next to the left mouse button
  • OMRON switch, 10 million clicks working capacity
  • DPI 1000/2000/4000/8000/12000 DPI (max 24000)
  • Frequency 125/250/500/1000 Hz
  • 12000 FPS
  • Maximum acceleration 50 G
  • 4 RGB lighting modes
  • Braided cable
  • Ergonomic design
  • Non-slip, rubberized sides
  • Compatible with Windows, Linux
  • Weight 109 g

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Gaming Mouse: Ajazz AJ390

The Ajazz AJ390 gaming mouse has a wired connection, 7 customizable buttons, DPI from 200 to 16000, frequency from 125 to 1000 Hz and maximum acceleration of 40 G.

  • 7 customizable buttons
  • USB connection, cable length 170 cm
  • 200 – 16000 DPI
  • Frequency 125 – 1000 Hz
  • Maximum acceleration 40 G
  • Windows compatible
  • Available in black and white
  • ABS material plastic
  • Weight 70 g

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Gaming Mouse: AULA H512

The AULA H512 gaming mouse has a wired connection, 12 programmable buttons, DPI from 400 to 5000, frequency from 125 to 1000 Hz, acceleration 20 G, six RGB lighting modes.

  • 12 buttons
  • USB wired, 1.7m cord length
  • Number of dots 400/800/1600/2400/3200/5000 DPI
  • Frequency 125 Hz – 1000 Hz
  • Maximum acceleration 20 G
  • P3325 Professional Gaming High Frequency Sensor
  • 6 RGB lighting modes
  • Windows compatible
  • Adjustable weight system, gross weight 130 g

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Gaming Mouse: PICTEK PC257

The PICTEK PC257 gaming mouse has a wired connection, 10 programmable buttons, a sniper button and a fire button, DPI from 1200 to 12000, frequency from 125 to 1000 Hz, 5000 FPS, has a block with replaceable weights and RGB backlighting.

  • Type: Shooter Gaming Mouse
  • 10 programmable buttons
  • Wired connection
  • Sniper button and fire button
  • DPI 1200/2400/3500/5500/7200/12000 DPI
  • Frequency 125/250/500/1000 Hz
  • 5000 FPS
  • RGB backlighting with seven modes and 16.7 million colors
  • Suitable for right-handers
  • Contains a block with weights that allow you to set a comfortable weight for the mouse
  • Works with Windows
  • Adjustable weight 193g

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And although positioning a budget mouse as a professional model for gamers will only make a good smile for a good person, iMice X7 has a lot of positive qualities:

  • The mouse is really very fast and will perform well in shooters and other games, where sensitivity and instant response are important (it's clear that this is not a super serious level, but for 95% of gamers its resources are more than enough);
  • there are silent versions that don't make any sounds when you click;
  • backlighting and additional buttons are implemented as comfortable and irritable as possible – the mouse is not hung up on all sides with useless keys and does not blink like a Christmas tree.

All this, together with the already designated low price tag has helped to win the popularity of many thousands of users.


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As it is easy to guess, the main distinctive feature of M618 is the original design of the mouse. Externally it looks more like a joystick-hand and, according to the developers, this is the shape that allows you to minimize the negative effects of using a classic mouse, namely high pressure on your hands, discomfort, and stiffness in the hand.

At the same time, the manufacturer warns, to evaluate all the delights of modern and ergonomic vertical design simple inhabitant may not immediately, it takes some time (about a couple of days) to get used to the palm. But then the user will resemble a mouse so much that he will only wonder how he could do without M618 before. Responses of buyers as a whole confirm the given theory – the mouse practically has no negative estimations, and available more likely a consequence of individual intolerance that in general a case.

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Very high-quality game mouse with lots of chips and advantages, which would not be enough to enumerate a separate article. To sum up, this is a powerful p33660 chipset (with 1000 Hz refresh rate), world-famous Omron scrolls, 24000 DPI (it is clear that this value is not always necessary, so there are 5 modes of setting and switching), special Teflon pads for smooth running and smooth operation of the device, weight adjustment kit (can be adjusted according to personal preferences) and 8 additional buttons, which are available for self-adjustment in the application developed for this series (the backlighting is programmed there as well).

And for all this miracle Redragon guys are asking for relatively little money, you should hurry up and buy now, before the mice have become the mainstream (in the future the price will clearly jump).

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While other manufacturers in the pursuit of the customer equip their mice with displays, vibrating motors, super-tuned software, the Razer company is engaged in improving the already almost perfect products. Before the eulogy for the benefits of the DeathAdder Chroma, the DeathAdder Elite was born, an even faster, more responsive mouse that is as concise and ergonomic. It's nice that after making significant changes to the device, the price tag was not affected.

Manipulator received two stable legs – users have been waiting for this for a long time, which was written not only in their reviews but also in reviews on the pages of sellers of goods with AliExpress. A significant innovation – the most advanced sensor in its class Pixart PMW 3389. Such optics are not afraid of the most serious overloads. The software is branded, the firmware of the “rodent” passes in an automatic mode. There are no comments on the form, but it fits only to right-handed people.

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Best Computer Mouse for Home and Office on Aliexpress

A universal computer mouse with ergonomic design is more suitable for home use and office work. The best are considered devices that are convenient to work with in-office programs, flip through pages of social networks, and play your favorite games. It's good to have a mouse that doesn't require constant recharging and can work over long distances. Such models are included in our rating.



The most common and noteworthy wireless mouse, which attracts attention except for its extremely low price tag. With its direct functions, this model can handle without many complaints, and there is no need to demand more for this money. One of the advantages is universal compatibility: without any third-party software and drivers, ZOUGOUGO can easily connect to almost any device (even very old systems like Windows 98 and 2000 are supported).

It's rather difficult to evaluate convenience and ergonomics because everything depends on your expectations here – for some W01 seemed too flat and long, but for others, it seemed to lie well in the hand and didn't cause any discomfort at all. But almost everyone agrees that the idea to equip the backlighting mouse with such a thin plastic was an unsuccessful decision of the manufacturer.

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Stylish computer mouse in a black matte case with the yellow decor in Chinese style. Looks harmonious and expensive. It's simple and straightforward, with no extra features. In addition to the right and left buttons on the body are a resolution switch (800/1600/2000 DPI) and the manufacturer's logo.

The shape of the mouse is well thought out, the accessory lies well in the palm of your hand. You quickly get used to it and your hand won't get tired while working. The red backlight of the gadget looks beautiful. When inactive, the computer mouse goes into sleep mode. It wakes up quickly as soon as any button is pressed. In the complete set, the seller with AliExpress sends the mouse itself and the USB-adapter. Almost every review of the model is positive. This is the best budget computer mouse for home and office.

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In creating this mouse, the Chinese seem to have been inspired by the design of the legendary Logitech M705 manipulator. Same lines, same key layout, same soft-touch-like plastic inserts. The assembly and quality are pleasing, and the price is as chic as for a wireless rodent. There is no receiver yet, as the mouse connects to the computer via Bluetooth. The convenient thing for both home and office. After all, the receiver does not take up a USB port and does not interfere during work.

The model presented in the review is of medium size. The marking “BM307” confirms it. For a big palm, it is better to choose the modification “BM308”. The price doesn't differ much. Both mice feel comfortable in the hand. There is no need to adjust sensitivity and scanning resolution – everything works well. The mouse moves confidently on any surface, the sensor does not give failures even on hairy terrain. Feedback says that nothing falls off during the work. This is the best inexpensive assistant for a laptop.

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While most companies try to surprise the market with unusual designs and memorable designs, the guys from Rapoo went the other way – taking the classic format as a basis, they decided to experiment with materials. So, instead of our usual plastic coating, a soft and pleasant to the touch layer made of special fabric is used here.

Besides, we should note almost complete silence of the model (which is not surprising), as well as the support of wireless connection via Bluetooth 3 and 4 versions. It makes it possible to synchronize the mouse not only in a standard way through the USB antenna but also directly with the device (which is very convenient if there are no free ports). We warn you in advance, the fabric surface gets dirty pretty quickly, so it's not better to work with dirty hands.

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Few Chinese products are rated without products from Xiaomi. Computer mice are no exception. The company brought to market 2 manipulators – Portable Wireless Mouse and a simplified second version of the device. The first version is more popular on AliExpress. It has 2 types of wireless connection – Bluetooth connection and via USB port receiver. One more feature is the interesting work of the scroll wheel, there are no obvious steps, which is a bit unusual.

The mouse is made completely of plastic. It runs on 2 AAA batteries hidden in the lower compartment. The size of the accessory is maximally reduced, but ergonomics is not affected – the mouse lies in your hand better than other compact models. The buttons are soft and easy to press, but no accidental triggers. You can also connect your mouse to two devices at the same time. So it's the best companion for notebooks, computers, and other equipment from any manufacturer, especially Apple. After all, the design of the manipulator is like an “apple” gadget.

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