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In the phrase “game headphones”, many people represent a massive, backlit headset, characterized by an aggressive appearance of the model. However, the game headphones can be without additional features, as it does not affect the quality of work, but the price increases. The full headset can help not only in competitive disciplines (League of Legends, Dota 2, Fortnite, Counter-Strike), but also in single games. Launching the film, instead of rattling and “flat” sounds, you get a surround sound picture with full immersion.

Among the presented models of gaming headphones in our review, it is difficult to focus on one thing, as the market is saturated with a variety of products. However, it is possible to take some simple but useful tips as a basis:

  • If the main criterion is size, then the best choice is full-size headphones. They do not miss any unnecessary sounds and sit more comfortably. With poor-quality materials of performance can greatly sweat ears. Overhead headphones do not sit as tightly, but they also miss external sounds.
  • The frequency range is just as important. You should not take a model with a frequency range above 20000. The human ear above this threshold does not perceive sound as well as frequencies below 20 Hz.
  • The presence of a microphone. For team games it is an indispensable element, but if you play solo or just like offline projects, the microphone will only disturb you. If it's the opposite, then look at the models with a frequency not lower than 14 kHz. In this case the sound will be clear and understandable. Everything below produces crackles and interferences.
  • Wired or wireless game headphones? Definitely wired. They are cheaper and transmit sound more clearly and without delay. Bluetooth versions do not have optimal bandwidth and are only good for listening to music.

In our review, we have chosen for you The Top Best Gaming Headsets on AliExpress(for 2021) in terms of quality, sales, rating and customer feedback.

Best Cheap Gaming Headphones

Here we have placed the gaming headsets in the cheap price range. For such a price it is difficult to take something really good, but when the budget is limited, the buyer focuses on the necessary minimum for work and communication.

Teamyo EKUPUZ N2

RedDragon brand is quite popular among gamers. Many consider its products the best combination of price and quality. The brand is Chinese, and even at home it is often imitated, as in this case. Here are the headphones, which are an exact copy of the famous model from this brand. Everything is repeated except the logo, which also remained in red, but from the dragon turned into the head of a fox.

The hint of the model's ancestor is immediately clear, but on the technical side there are obvious discrepancies. There are 32 ohms of resistance, and the frequency range is from 20 to 20 thousand hertz. The sensitivity of the microphone is 38 decibels with the possibility of magnification up to 104. As the manufacturer indicates on AliExpress, there is a system of active noise suppression, but it is made in the form of a double layer of fabric on the ear cushions. Of course, this cannot be called real noise suppression. But the best price in comparison with the original. And judging by the reviews, the game in such a headset is not complicated. The diodes do not hit the monitor and are not reflected.

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If you are not an avid gamer and sit down for the game only from time to time, it makes no sense for you to buy a sophisticated, expensive headset. It's enough to have a model that lacks stars from the sky, neither in terms of design, nor in terms of technical characteristics. The headphones look laconic on the outside, and at the same time attractive. Not the best design by the standards of many users, but not overloaded with dozens of bulbs and other tricks.

In terms of technical points, too, they can not be called the best. 32 ohms resistance, 40 watts of power, frequency range from 20 to 20 thousand hertz, 45 decibels microphone sensitivity. No volume control or mute button on the body. Not very convenient, and can cause certain difficulties during the game. But the best price listed here, taking into account delivery with AliExpress. However, you can't name the cheapest model.

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In most cases gaming headphones differ from music headphones only by a certain design code. As in this case. Backlighting is everywhere and it's not just a monotonous glow, but a design shining with all colors. Unfortunately, it does not react in any way to the signal received by the device, that is, the glow is always uniform. On the other hand, it looks stylish and attractive.

In terms of performance – ordinary headphones: 32 ohms resistance, frequency range from 20 hertz to 20 kilohertz and sensitivity of 100 decibels. Nothing outstanding, however, from such a price category and expect nothing more. But there are two types of connection: Mini Jack with USB. In general, the best feature here is the design. Color spills look stylish, and most importantly, do not interfere with the game even in the dark, as is often the case with manufacturers on AliExpress, overdoing the diodes.

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EastVita PC780

Gaming headphones are used for long hours, which is why ergonomics is one of the most important factors. Here is a model that will not put pressure on your head and will perfectly take shape. The headband is made of durable, yet soft material. It can be adjusted in height, fixed in the selected position and even bent 360 degrees. Such headphones can be played even while wearing a cap or other headgear.

You should also mention the design of the design. There are always a lot of diodes and other jewelry in such models. Here shines all that judging by the reviews, for many it is a disadvantage. The game is complicated by the directed bright light from the front lights. Unfortunately, it is impossible to decrease the brightness or adjust the intensity with the software. There is no sensitivity adjustment of the microphone. You can adjust the volume, but the microphone is not.

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The manufacturer positions the headset as a gaming headset, but in the presence of better quality gadgets, the players of this option will appreciate little. But an ordinary user, who does not chase the sound and prefers a quiet rest, will appreciate them highly. Buyers in their reviews note a good sound picture, the average microphone (folding) and protection from external influences, in particular, from water.

Among the drawbacks, we note the uncomfortable shape of the ear pads, which can cause them to rub when used for a long time. In general, we would recommend taking them if you need to discuss the news with your Skype friends or watch a movie or cartoon. For competitive gaming disciplines, the model is not suitable.

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Best Budget Gaming Headphones

Budget game headphones, there are both conventional, stereo models, and options with 7.1 technology. However, in the second case you need to be very careful, because inexpensive models often use a virtual system, and you will not see any real 7 speakers. But the quality characteristics of the more expensive models are higher than those of the cheapest ones, which means that they will last longer.


Computer game requires maximum immersion in the process. Foreign noise should not be distracting, and headphones, or rather their ear cushions, can provide it. In this model it is the best feature. Here the ear cushions are really big, fully fit the ear and provide a tight contact. The ear cushions are made of thick leatherette, just like the one used on the headband lining. It will not press and create discomfort, which is very important for such models.

The gaming headsets can also be called universal headphones. They have a detachable microphone and come with an adapter from mini Jack to standard. That is, the model can be used to listen to music, if the characteristics are enough for you. The 32 ohms of resistance, the frequency range from 20 hertz to 20 kilohertz and the sensitivity of 104 units are not the highest performance for music, but optimal for playing.

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Some sellers on AliExpress, in an effort to win the attention of the buyer, make very colorful descriptions, attributing to the products all possible advantages. For example, in this case the headphones are called: game, music, monitor and even a headset for conferences. Certainly, any models can be used for all listed purposes, but the presence of a microphone allows us to consider them as gaming, as well as large ear cushions, perfectly coping with suppression of external noises.

Also here is the best design in terms of conciseness and severity. Often the gaming models overdo with the design that looks too pretentious and primitive. There are no flashing lights, shimmering contours. Everything is strict, minimalistic and at the same time stylish. Even the microphone is detachable, which makes it possible to use the model for listening to music outside. The additional spring cable supplied also contributes to this.

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According to customers' feedback, the best evaluation of this option was the sound. Pure sound is noticed even at high volumes. Not bad noise insulation muffles most external sounds, and bright backlighting pleasantly complements the aggressive appearance of the device.

The microphone here is standard and does not abound with technical innovations. From customization you can choose only the color – red, green or blue. In general, a nice gadget at a good price. We recommend these gaming headphones for entry-level gamers. For a pro it will seem simple.

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Salar C13

The best option for those who are just looking at different types of gaming headsets and are not ready to immediately give a lot of money. Salar C13 will delight customers with decent sound quality with good bass, but maybe not everyone will enjoy its volume. Otherwise, the model turned out to be just as successful. It is worth noting here:

  • versatility (unlike many other gaming headphones, they are good for listening to music and watching movies);
  • comfort (artificial leather ear cushions fit your ears nicely and do not cause any inconvenience even after long hours of use);
  • ergonomics (the headset is controlled directly from the device itself – in the left ear, there are buttons to adjust the volume, on/off the backlight and microphone.

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Sades A6

Not so new, but actual model from Sades (released on the market in the far 2015) is still in great demand among gamers from around the world. The reason is simple – this is one of the best headsets in terms of price and built-in technical innovations of the time. They are able to create different effects of presence in the game – they are expressed in a more accurate positioning of weather effects, shots, noise of the grass, etc. A similar effect can be achieved by installing a soundcard, but it is clearly more expensive. For other parameters, everything is also on the level, but without any extravagances.

Many buyers complain about poor noise absorption – if there is a lot of extraneous sounds in the room, you can forget about a comfortable pastime. They are suitable for those who appreciate sound, but for some reason do not want to spend a lot of money.

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Best Premium Gaming Headphones

Among the top models of gaming headphones, presented on AliExpress, there are both famous brands and little-known manufacturers. The models with real 7.1 technology and active noise cancellation are more often found here. The quality of performance is also at the highest level. Such models will last longer, and in some cases they can even be repaired in the service center. As for the price range, there is no such range.The most expensive headphones may cost more, and this is not only for popular game brands.


Not only guys like computer games. In the modern world it is a common hobby, and the manufacturers, represented on AliExpress, have taken care of the beautiful half of humanity. In front of us the gaming headphones have a unique design. Cute cat ears and delicate colors will immediately repel guys, but most girls will like them.

The microphone is built-in here, and the connection to the computer is purely Bluetooth. The full charge is enough for about 5 hours of work, and you can control the device directly from the body. Specifications are not the highest: 32 ohms of resistance, frequency range 20-20000 Hz and sensitivity of 100 decibels. Enough for games, and for use as music equipment for listening to the phone. Pairing is possible with any device that has a Bluetooth connection.

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Somic G805

Computer game requires immersion and maximum understanding of what is happening on the screen. It is game headphones use sophisticated 7.1 technology that allows you to clearly calculate which side of the sound comes from. Often this technology is made virtual, as in this case, but judging by the description and customer feedback from AliExpress, there is nothing wrong with it. Positioning is at the highest level, and the quality of playback is really better compared to similar models.

However, the headphones are relatively expensive, which is not surprising, and many people will probably have complaints about the design. There are no hundreds of lights, as often happens on gaming headsets. There are no futuristic broken lines. Everything is laconic and strict, and only the logo of the company reminds about the gaming accessories. But you can control all functions, including the microphone directly from the device without climbing into the computer settings.

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Beats by dre Solo3

Beats brand can be called the most popular among music lovers, and it also produces gaming headphones with microphone. This model refers to the collection dre Solo3, but there are no visual features, except for the corresponding inscription on the headboard. Quite familiar headphones with the ability to connect a flexible microphone. There is a mini jack for it. The standard headboard is not the most comfortable form and the most laconic design.

The peculiarity of the brand is its laconicity and severity of forms. No broken lines, complex curves, but always screaming bright colors. The headphones are designed for the widest range of buyers. They can be both gamers and music lovers. The technical characteristics are something average, so you can't call them the best in any way.

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Finally, HyperX has found a worthy competition in the form of ZOP N43. The high quality component base creates a full 360 degree sound space with a 7.1 sound channel. They also stand out by their weight and can hardly be felt on your head. The ear cushions feature a cold winter heater and adaptive artificial leather to adapt to the shape of the head. The headset itself is closed, so all sounds outside your computer will not distract the player from the process.

The microphone is 180 degree adjustable, analyzes sounds and cuts out unnecessary noise. By the way, it is made of metal and serves long enough according to customer feedback. Adjustments are available for such programs as Skype, Discord or Teamspeak. The cable length is 2.2 meters, which gives some freedom to move around your computer without breaking away from watching a movie or listening to music.

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HyperX Cloud Alpha

HyperX is often called the best manufacturer of gaming devices, including headphones with a microphone. The company has long established itself in the market, and can boast a lot of positive reviews. Prices for brand products are always high, which is not surprising given the quality and technical characteristics. For example, this model has no active noise reduction and 7.1 technology, but costs more than 7 thousand rubles.

In technical terms, there is nothing special here. 32 ohms of resistance, standard frequency range from 20 to 20 thousand hertz, sensitivity of the order of 104 decibels. There are also certain design issues. The transition from headband to ear cushions looks stylish, but somehow unreliable. Maybe it's just a visual effect, and in fact the headphones are very durable, it's hard to say. Also on the model there is no volume control directly on the headphones, and the microphone mute button. Everything will have to be done through a computer, which is not quite convenient.

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