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Fishing rods are one of the most important elements of a real fisherman's inventory, set up to get the most out of each fishing. Depending on the preferred type of fishing, fishing rods are conventionally divided into several categories:

  • Fishing Rods for Jigging – in this case, the main attribute of the rod is a high degree of sensitivity, designed to provide the fisherman with full control over the bait;
  • Fishing Rods for Twitching, the characteristic parameter of such spinning is the average or “light” test, because the bait is usually weighted wobblers;
  • Fishing Rods for Trolling – since trolling, as one of the methods of fishing, is designed to bait and survive trophy prey, the characteristic feature of spinning under them will be high strength combined with a heavy test and mediocre sensitivity;
  • Ultralight Fishing Rods – light elastic rods with a good range of throwing, designed for fishing rivers and lakes with small and fast predators.
  • Fishing rods for beginners

Recently the attention of many fishermen has been focused on the assortment of fishing rods, presented on Aliexpress. Having caught the trend and thoroughly researched this market segment, we have reviewed The Best Fishing Rods on Aliexpress, which are in high demand among consumers and have high-performance ratings. The selection of goods and distribution of seats in the rating was made taking into account the reputation of distributors, logistics solutions, as well as the ratio “price-quality”.

Best Cheap Fishing Rods

Budget fishing rods is the best-selling product on AliExpress. The secret of their popularity lies in the price. If you are not a professional fisherman and do not have high demands on the fishing rod, it often makes no sense to overpay for the brand.

As for quality, in this case, the democratic price is not an indicator of its absence. Fishing rod is made of carbon fiber and serves perfectly for a long time. Of course, the quality of plastic can leave much to be desired, but as practice and customer feedback shows, five, or even ten seasons of such rods work without problems.


Chinese manufacturer never ceases to amaze us. In the budget segment got a rod with a self-cutting mechanism. It should be noted that such fishing rods, as a rule, are much more expensive, and judging by the reviews, this model is not inferior to more expensive analogs. The mechanism here is the simplest, without redundancy. The usual spring and release tongue, which is attached to the fishing line.

In fact, the usual fishing rod, on which was installed a gasket in the form of a metal trigger mechanism, hence the quite democratic value. Of course, for Jigging such a rod is not suitable, but it is the best option for catching carp and sazan. Another advantage is the ability to regulate the force of nibbling, which will trigger the system. There are three positions, and it is relevant to use them only if you aim at a particular trophy, or rather its size.


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Any fishing rod, whether it is bought at AliExpress or in a brand store, must meet a number of requirements. One of the most important factors is flexibility, and this model has this indicator at the highest level. We have in front of us prefabricated, two-section and most importantly, budget fishing rod, which is perfect for jigs or sparkling. Its bending angle is more than 90 degrees, and its strength allows it to produce trophies weighing up to 8 kilograms.

The manufacturer has managed to combine strength and flexibility, but judging by the feedback on AliExpress, the rod loses in weight. As buyers write, the model is quite heavy, and the rings leave much to be desired. More precisely, their fastening to the base. However, to demand something supernatural from a rod worth just over 500 rubles is not necessary and for the infrequent trips to fishing is a great option, even if not the best.


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Simple, telescopic fishing rod in a variety of colors. The main advantage of this product is an interesting and attractive design. The fishing rod really looks rich and decorated with hieroglyphs. The model is available in two colors: black and white, each model is equipped with golden inserts.

On AliExpress, this model is available in several versions, differing in the length of the rod and the number of telescopic sections. The shortest version has a length of 2.7 meters, and the longest one is more than 6 meters. The thickness of the main part does not change, i.e. when elongating the structure, thinner sections are simply used, and this should be taken into account when purchasing, because when choosing the longest model, you should be ready for the fact that the final section will be very thin and fragile.


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Rompin RPR0021

The Rompin RPR0021 is a serial model of the fishing rod, which takes not so much quality as the original appearance and initial impression on the customer. The rods, which vary in length from 1.8 to 3 meters, are made in dark gold color with a characteristic abstract pattern, not without a bit of aesthetics.

In no way inferior to the external veneer and operational parameters of fishing rod. At the stage of development in each rod laid the universality, and therefore the Rompin RPR0021 can be equally used for both twisting and sea trolling. Alas, the actual state of the parcel is not always able to support the confident design of the manufacturers. Some malfunctions appear in the loading and transport stages, but the absolute majority “originates” already in the factory assembly stage. All user complaints are mainly related to poor ring fixing, which can be corrected at home. The good thing is that, given the low cost, this shortcoming can be simply ignored.

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No less interesting is the JACKFISH BADAO-BLACK, a universal fishing rod suitable for all traditional fishing methods. Despite the fact that the cost of the model is not high, manufacturers have chosen a proven combination of metal and carbon fiber (carbon) as the materials of manufacture. In terms of design, the main emphasis was placed on a standard black and metal color scheme, diluted with a small number of elements, painted in red (copper) and gold.

The combination of JACKFISH BADAO-BLACK's characteristics allows consumers to fish in a convenient way – the fishing rod responds equally well to both jigging and twisting fishing, allowing occasionally pulling of the trophy fish.The cost of the longest fishing rod in the series (3.6 meters) goes beyond the cheapest, but smaller models (up to 2.7 meters) can be purchased much cheaper.

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Best Mid-Range Budget Fishing Rods

Fishing rods on AliExpress in the mid-range segment can also be attributed to the cheap budget, as they do not reach the professional level, and popular brands rarely put such a price. The quality of such fishing rods may be higher than that of the cheaper brothers, but you should not expect something exclusive. Simply put, this is an excellent segment for amateur fishing.


This time, the Chinese manufacturer introduced to the fishermen's vessel a telescopic ultralight fishing rod, which is suitable for both jigging and shining. The large number of sections and reinforced carbon fiber in the design makes it as flexible and durable as possible. Thin cross-section of the last sections makes it possible to make an accurate throw over a long distance, and the bend, reaching an angle of 90 degrees will allow you to display the largest trophy.

In addition, it is quite a budget option. The price here is given for the maximum rod size, 2.5 meters. The product in one and a half meters will cost less, taking into account the delivery. In fact, this is the best combination of price and quality, which is a lot to write about in reviews on AliExpress. By the way, the manufacturer is quite famous, but its other models do not have so many better characteristics. Apparently, this is the most successful version of the brand.

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SKYFISHING Telescopic Fishing Rod

A series of carbon Telescopic Fishing Rod from the company SKYFISHING just could not pass the rating of the best. This is a wonderful set of custom fishing rods, which are distinguished not only by their outstanding visual qualities, but also by their worthy performance (which is confirmed by feedback from domestic buyers). Komel (the lower part of the spinning) is equipped with EVA-lining, which prevents slipping of the rod in the hands at nibbling. Diluted, in general, a gloomy range of SKYFISHING Telescopic Fishing Rod brass rings and stylized place for mounting the coil.
Despite the fact that the fishing rod was created especially for trolling, domestic fishermen successfully use it for traditional catching with 40-60 grams of weight (bait) or jig. The model was a rare success: no serious complaints are received from consumers, and the company's logistics are only a pleasant experience.

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We have the best telescopic fishing rod for jigging, and this is due to a large number of sections. This makes the rod as flexible and strong as possible, because it uses reinforced carbon fiber, as stated directly by the seller on AliExpress. Also in the description, there is an ultra-lite marking, but judging by the feedback, this parameter can not be applied to the rod. It weighs quite a lot.

But positive comments are given to the rings and their fastening to the base. Chinese models rarely can boast such an advantage. Here, the rings are tightly attached to the rod and reinforced with rubber inserts. True, it will be difficult to change them in case of failure, but let us remind you that this is a budget option, and it is not necessary to demand from him the qualities inherent in much more expensive models. Making a conclusion, we can say that this rod is suitable for professionals, as for jigging requires skill, and here we see a few non-standard characteristics, which will have to get used to, which is especially difficult in the absence of proper experience.

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Allblue ABFP

One of the few series in the middle price range, which includes both fishing rods for spinning and casting. The fundamental differences between the two models can only be seen in the design of the koml and the location of the rings, but the performance is very much affected.

The four-section fishing rod proves itself excellently in various fishing styles (up to imitation of real trolling), has good throw accuracy and good loading capacity. In turn, casting is used by fans of distant and especially accurate throws, who prefer to capture the water area in a point, not chaotically, gradually luring predators out of secluded areas and forcing an attack on the bait.

Practice shows that most domestic fishermen are inclined to buy traditional fishing rods, but it is noteworthy that the cost of both models is completely identical.

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Sougayilang BaoDao

Sougayilang BaoDao is almost a complete copy of the budget fishing rods from JACKFISH, previously included in this ranking, but shows better results in terms of performance and overall reliability. The gloomy color scheme is diluted with the same red-and-gold elements with a noticeable touch of freshness in the form of colorful ceramic rings, securely attached to the entire length of the rod. Coil holder clamps have no backlashes and are well fixed without inertia or multipliers (depending on the “taste” preferences of the buyer) on the set.

Manufacturers from the Sougayilang company recommend using BaoDao line spinners for twisting fishing, but domestic consumers widely use them as a standard tool for backfishing (using wobblers, spinners and vibrotails as bait). Given the not the highest price in the class, these fishing equipment is the best option for long-term purchase.

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Top Segment Fishing Rods

In this price segment, as a rule, several materials are used:

  • Carbon plastic on the rod,
  • Cork or polyurethane in place grip,
  • Metal in places where movable or removable parts are fastened.

These factors not only increase the ergonomics of the rods, but also affect their quality and durability. In cheap models, fasteners made of the same plastic are a frequent problem, which quickly break down and need to be replaced. If you make them out of metal, they will last much longer. Also in this segment are often popular brands, both Chinese and from other countries, although it should be understood that for a brand it is still a budget segment.


The price of a fishing rod directly depends on the materials from which it is made. The budget option is likely to be made of cheap and low quality plastic, and the expensive models use carbon, titanium and other expensive materials. But there are also inexpensive, comparatively, models that use such components and one of them is in front of us.

As the manufacturer assures, the rod handle is made with a titanium rod inside. It is as strong and reliable as possible. The rings are made of a special alloy, and the holder is covered with a natural cork. Undoubtedly, these are the best materials you can imagine, but for such a small amount of money let us doubt it. Reviews also confirm that the seller is a little sly. Yes, excellent Chinese fishing rod for its money. It is really strong and reliable, but there is no titanium or other expensive materials.

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Fishing rod of ultra-light class, combining futuristic design and natural materials. The spool fastening place is very attractive, and the washers are equipped with metal inserts, which makes the rod as strong as possible. The handle and the grip places are covered with a cork, which is pleasant to the touch and light in weight.

The fishing rod is made of high-strength carbon plastic, and together we get the strongest and lightest fishing rod, which is perfect for jigging. Also, thanks to the cork cover, you can fish with this fishing rod in the cold. The coating does not freeze and keeps the fisherman's body temperature, making the grip comfortable. In addition, the Chinese brand Obei is well known to fishermen and has long established itself as a manufacturer of quality products for fishing at a democratic price. And this model, in addition to all its advantages, also received a silicone coating, which is quite rare on budget models on AliExpress.

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High-quality ultra-light fishing rod is rarely a budget. It must be light, strong, have a large bend angle. Quality, which can be achieved only by using the most advanced materials. It is from these materials that this model is made, produced probably the most popular and famous Chinese brand.

Fishing rod is not telescopic and consists of two sections. The total length varies from one meter to two and a half. Otherwise, the seller's model lineup is not different. Fishing rod is perfect for jigging and shining, and with its help, you can easily pull on the shore even the largest trophy weighing up to 7 kilograms inclusive. In general, the rod is definitely worth its money, and numerous references on AliExpress clearly prove it. By the way, they praise not only the rod itself, but also the seller, quickly shipping the order for delivery.


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MAXIMUMCATCH Stalker Telescopic Fishing Rod With Tube

Stalker Series fishing rods from the company MAXIMUMCATCH – a set that can completely overlap the need to purchase fishing rod under other methods of catching. Successfully customized models, which are based on the use of a whole complex of materials (carbon, metal, cork and soft rubber), depending on the size are sharpened for completely different fishing environments.

The smallest (two-meter) fishing rod has six sections and is fully adjusted for light fishing of small fish. The intermediate model (2.1 meters) allows you to use heavier gear and catch both jigs and the notorious shine. The heavier models from the set are suitable for twisting, a kind of trolling, but the barking will not show their best side.

From user feedback, it becomes clear that there are almost no complaints about MAXIMUMCATCH Stalker: many bribed by a pleasant addition in the form of a special case, allowing not to pay attention to minor and rare defects in the form of cuts and abrasions.

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KINGDOM 17001 is one of the most expensive and at the same time the highest quality models of fishing rods and casting rods in the whole range of Aliexpress trading platform. In the production of this set carbon fiber and chromium alloy were used, which provide the rods with excellent configuration of hardness characteristics, flexibility, sensitivity, as well as good susceptibility to high loads.

The main problem with KINGDOM 17001 at this stage (as the rods have only recently appeared on the market and have not yet gained popularity) may be the high level of cost that scares away the average Aliexpress user. By the way, the manufacturer (and distributor) is doing everything possible to leave the most complementary impression about itself. This includes not only an individual approach to each customer, but also an adequate logistics system, and ensuring the safety of the parcel throughout its journey to the destination.

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Best Brand Fishing Rods

There is an opinion that when buying a branded item, there is a significant overpayment for the name of the manufacturer, while the quality of the product may not be the highest. This is only partially true, because the famous brands have become so due to quality. If they had produced low quality products at the beginning, the company would have never gained popularity.

But even after universal recognition, the brand can't afford to reduce the quality, as it will affect the reputation, and soon enough nobody will buy its products. For fishing rods, this is as relevant as for any other branded product.


There is no limit to perfection or the price that manufacturers charge for their “perfect” product. This fishing rod on the popularity of the brand is unable to compete with Shimano or Daiva, but in the pricing he clearly outpaced them, and next to this rod, even the top models of famous brands will seem budget. Yes, there is no price error here. Fishing rod really costs a lot and it is not the limit. You will have to give twice as much for a three meter rod.

It is not clear what the Chinese manufacturer was guided to set this price. It is also difficult to guess from the descriptions. There is nothing extraordinary here. Yes, it is a high-strength multi-layer carbon. Titanium inserts and quality plastic on the handle. But all these aspects are not enough to set this value. Of course, fishing rod is quality and reliable, probably the best of its kind, but there is no way to check it. And you will not find any feedback on AliExpress. Apparently, there is no one willing to buy this product simply yet.

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Okuma GS-S-662ML

The main player in the market of premium fishing products is Japan, but also Chinese manufacturer is not left out. Brand Okuma is well known in the world, primarily as a manufacturer of reels, but there are in its arsenal and telescopic fishing rods. Their main advantage is reliability. Fishing rods are made of high strength silicone coated carbon fiber. They withstand the heavy weight of the catch and can bend at a significant angle.

But with ergonomics, the manufacturer has pumped up a little. Externally, the rod does not look attractive or exclusive. The handle is equipped with a plastic tip, but the main part is metal. Holding such a rod may not be quite comfortable, especially during jigging or shining. In addition, some parts of the rod are not products of this manufacturer. For example, the rings through which the line passes, as well as the fastening part for the reel are made by Fuji, which explains the relatively high final cost.

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The strongest and most durable ultra-light class rod, from the Japanese brand Shimano. Unlike other models of this company, the EXSENCE fishing rod has no unique design, and in general, the question of appearance has been relegated to the background. It looks like an ordinary fishing rod, which does not differ from the budget competitors, but it is if not to go deeper into the design.

In fact, we are looking at a high-quality product, made of a special kind of carbon fiber. It is almost impossible to break it, even with a strong bend. The rod can safely withstand huge loads and can even be used for catching large sea fish, or for jigging. In this case, despite the strength and reliability of the structure, all the details of fishing rod are interchangeable. Any part of the rod can be removed and replaced with a new one, although given the quality characteristics, it is unlikely that this will ever be necessary.

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The Japanese company Fuji specializes in the production of components for fishing accessories. In particular, rings from Fuji are used on Shimano rods, and reels are often put on no less famous brands. In addition, the company itself produces fishing rods of high quality. These are premium-class rods, which cost a lot, but fully justify their price. Here, as well as on the fishing rods of Shimano, a special carbon fiber is used, which does not require additional strengthening with silicone.

We should not forget about ergonomics. Here it is also at a high level. The handle is combined: part is covered with polyurethane, soft to the touch, and part is metal with special recesses that allow the rod not to slip out of hand even when wet. The spool is fixed with one washer made of metal with a rubber backing. In this case, this model does not use cheap silumin, but strong aluminum. Together we get a strong and durable fishing rod. Yes, the price on AliExpress is high, but it is a rod that you buy once and for all your life.

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There is hardly any fisherman in the world who has never heard of the Japanese brand Shimano. The company has long earned a reputation as the best manufacturer of fishing products, in particular telescopic fishing rod. One of the latest models LUNAMIS made in a futuristic style and equipped with everything necessary for comfortable fishing. The handle is equipped with a polyurethane pad, thickening to the end, which allows you to comfortably hold the fishing rod to any fisherman, and part of the rod is simply metal, that is, the rod can be used for jigging and withdrawal of large fish, and for quiet fishing.

A potential buyer may be scared away by the price of the product, but it should be understood that the fishing rod is made of special carbon fiber, developed personally by the company Shimano. This is the most durable material, which is almost impossible to break. The rod is bent up to 180 degrees and can withstand huge loads, that is, having caught a large fish on the hook, you can not be afraid that it will break the rod by its force or somehow damage it.

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