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The Fishing Reel has long since ceased to be an optional attribute of equipment, becoming one of the main (along with spinning rod) elements of full-fledged fishing. The process of development of these mechanisms began with the appearance of inertial samples, the main advantage of which was ease of use and unpretentiousness in service. Using such fishing reels, fishermen often faced with tangling of the line during the casting (“beard”), which led to further development of the design of the reels. The next step was to create a new, inertialess model, which was difficult to design and master, but more unpretentious in use. Having corrected the often arising problem with the “beard” and becoming the main attribute of modern spinning rods, the inertialess model settled tightly on the world market of fishing equipment.

However, their positions were not shaken by the appearance of multiplier reels, which were created based on inertial reels. Since the multiplier reel has a greater margin of safety than the standard inertia model, the use of such reels was made for aggressive types of fishing (mainly trolling and serious trophy fish).

Thoroughly analyzing the range of products on AliExpress, we have chosen for you the Top 15 Best Fishing Reels for spinning and float fishing rods, which have earned high ratings from customers.

Best inertialess fishing reels [low cost]

Despite the fact that inertialess reels do not have a large margin of safety and are not able to provide proper resistance to trophy fishing, their use is very often resorted to by novice fishermen who want to master the technique of fishing with inertialess. Their main advantage (besides the price) is ease of use: they prevent the emergence of the “beard”, as well as provide a good accuracy of throw. They are mainly used with float rods, rather than with spinning.

Topline Tackle Costa 200

Despite the fact that the seller serves the goods as an “extra lightweight spinning reel”, using it for spinning rods is not the best idea. But as a very budget option for a floating-rod Topline Tackle will fit perfectly. The device is assembled quite qualitatively, has a light weight and convenient ergonomics (if such concepts are at all applicable for such simple mechanisms). In their reviews, users repeatedly note that this reel should be recommended first of all to beginners, because it comes with an immediately wound line. It is not necessary to believe strongly in the presence of 4 bearings specified in the description, it is rather a psychological number, less than which the Chinese seller simply can not specify (in fact, there is only one bearing, as, however, many other budget models).

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Lida Fish YSCH

Another budget fishing reel model with a standard set of characteristics. It looks quite spectacular, not backlash, the course is smooth – in general, quite a decent workhorse, which should faithfully serve you a couple of seasons. There are 7 models in the store, which differ from each other in bobbin volume, size and used line.

It should be noted that most of the buyers have taken it for the coming season and few managed to really try Lida Fish in action.

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Both in appearance and design, Jackfish stands out from the wide variety of budget fishing reels. Made of durable plastic with built-in metal spools. The total weight and recommended fishing line size depends on the specific model (six options to choose from). In general, it is quite a good option if you are looking for a regular reel without any additional features and other exquisitons.

Small fish up to 3-4 kg Jackfish will pull for a cute soul and will cost much cheaper than store analogues. Note the fact that the seller almost every buyer puts a random interesting gift related to fishing. After the purchase, we recommend you to disassemble the goods and carefully lubricate all the important components.

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Budget fishing reels from LINNHUE – one of the most popular on AliExpress, largely due to the optimal balance of price and quality. This series is designed primarily for small fish, made of metal (the only plastic part is the bracket holder). All the declared functionality (note the presence of a locking flag to lock the reverse rotation) works properly, there are no backlashes, soft movement and friction, and the tip of the handle is made in the form of a wooden knob for a more comfortable rotation (if desired, it can be removed). There is a wide range of models with different sizes of the spool. There are also overlays at the seller, but judging by the reviews, it is not so difficult to return the money for defect.

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Yumoshi AX500-9000

One of the best selling fishing reels on AliExpress, characterized by an optimal balance of price and quality. For relatively little money, the user is offered a carefully assembled device, without any curves, gaps or other defects. Yumoshi will also delight the fishermen with a soft and measured move, no noise and no jerks, with an instant back entrance lock.

A ratchet on the spool allows you to smoothly dose the tightening forces for fine adjustments. However, we immediately warn you not to place too much trust in the official description: no 12-13 bearings even smell here, in reality there are only 3 of them, and everything else works on conventional plastic bushings. This is not critical in principle, and the power and running properties are not very much affected, but it is important to choose the right spinning and rigging for it.

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Best inertialess fishing reels [high class]

The main difference between inertialess reels of high class and low-cost class is not only in purely visual but also in design features. Such models are able to withstand serious loads, and, therefore, the boundaries of their applicability is much wider than the cheap analogs. They are more reliable in terms of duration of operation and are the main “weapon” of professional fishermen.


Positive feedback on goods from the past category was mainly due to the low price of the observed coils (where the leitmotif has always included phrases like “for such money it is difficult to expect more”). Therefore, they had all sorts of drawbacks, even if they were not particularly critical. LIEYUWANG, in turn, is already praised not just for the price, but for many other characteristics. Highlight the following advantages of the device:

  • Not bad assembly quality. The coil is almost entirely made of metal, a little heavy, but it fits perfectly in your hand.
  • Optimal stroke balance. It is quite light and smooth, allows you to make accurate and accentuated throws. The reverse brake is also quite high quality and comfortable.

There are some questions about the handle, a number of buyers noted the presence of small backlash (it is not a marriage, but rather a technological inevitability), but the overall impression of the coil they did not spoil.

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Yumoshi OMW1119

Japanese company Yumoshi did not change for the production of a scarce single product, realizing the idea of creating a full-fledged series of coils OMW1119 to complete the spinnings of different sizes. Seven nominal series has rapidly gained popularity in Russia, and the incentive for this was good reliability and not the highest nominal price.

Despite the fact that all series differ from each other in size and weight, their design remains the same. Moving parts are equipped with 14 anti-friction bearings, which provided the fishing coils with long service life and a long service life until complete failure. Buyers who have had time to try the coils in business complimentarily commented on their work with spinning, but at the same time argue that the 1000 (initial) series is better to buy under the float rod.

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Despite the fact that the products of the well-known Japanese company Shimano can be easily found in retail sales, some of the products have entered the vast Chinese market. One of these is the popular Shimano SIENNA FE inertialess reel, designed to catch medium size fish on rivers and lakes.

One of the main design features of this coil is the presence of only two bearings, which is more than enough for intensive use for at least five seasons. The braking mechanism is designed for four kilograms of force (nine in the older series), which, in fact, determines the limits of applicability of SIENNA FE. In terms of appearance, everything is quite standard: black and gray tones prevail, the most acceptable and universal in terms of selection for spinning. The price level is high even by AliExpress standards, but in retail this splendor will be sold much more expensive.

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The reel itself is made of carbon and has a specially adjusted lightweight spool, which is why it was named Nano. The weight of the device is really not heavy, but there is no need to wait for any special shocks (the weight in the area of 230 grams now will surprise a few people). TSURINOYA almost perfectly weaves a thin cord, has a comfortable handle (fixed with an additional screw and can be moved to either side under the left and right hand) and looks very stylish.

This series is common among domestic fishermen, so it will not be difficult to find any necessary information and tips for use on forums and YouTube. The reel is perfect for both jigging and twisting. At AliExpress, additional spools are sold for different needs, so TSURINOYA can be made quite universal. On the bearings, the manufacturer did not save money, they are honestly installed in all places where they should be.

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Kastking Sharky II

The Kastking Sharky II is the best known and most powerful reel model in the Kastking range. The statistics speaks for itself: in literally half a year the serial samples were distributed in quantity of 4-5 thousand pieces, and about half were purchased by domestic fishermen. According to the manufacturer, this reel was created especially for catching carp family fish, which did not prevent domestic fishermen from making it a complete universal component. The design of the model involves the presence of 11 rolling bearings, so friction and other moving parts perform smooth action.

But the most significant advantage of the reel over others is the maximum weight withstand. For the oldest model in the class, Kastking Sharky II 6000, this parameter is 19 kilograms with a gear ratio of 4.9:1. The other series are designed for slightly less resistance from fish but can be a worthy addition to any size of spinning.

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Best multiplier fishing reels

Multiplier fishing reels are a more powerful alternative to inertialess reels and have some characteristic differences with them. One of these is the braking mechanism. While in complex inertialess reels braking is carried out by friction in the upper part of the body, in multiplier reels this role is performed by magnetic holders. In addition, a characteristic visual difference is a double handle, the convenience of which depends heavily on the length of the shoulder. Such reels are slightly more expensive than standard inertialess reels, but are more modern and can withstand much higher loads. Such reels are slightly more expensive than standard inertialess reels, but are more modern and can withstand much higher loads.

Piscifun Torrent

The Piscifun Torrent premium multiplier reel is the perfect combination of fine design with a great style, complemented by good catch and full control over the current situation. Despite the fact that the main color in the scheme is black, you can not call this reel discreet and uninteresting. Solidity and deliberate brightness give it a spotlighting of some elements (mainly mounts) in blood red, with a small admixture of metallic shine on the coil and axial bolt.

Attention and technical aspects of Piscifun Torrent, leaving out most of the competitive models. The design of the reel contains only six bearings – more was not necessary to ensure optimal performance and life parameters. The multiplier reel is equipped with a ten-stage magnetic brake, whose peak friction force is designed to hold 8.1 kilograms of weight.

To the already magnificent list of advantages is added the price: analogues of such reel in the market retail cost half more, so the choice of this multiplier as one of the best is quite justified.

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LIXADA Baitcasting Reel

The LIXADA customized reel is an example of a stylish and at the same time high-quality fishing equipment for productive fishing. The body of the product is painted in an unspoiled attractive gray-white range, which is diluted with eye-catching elements decorated with gold. The construction itself is made of aluminum alloy, whose mechanical properties are an order of magnitude higher than those of a number of alternative structural metals.

The LIXADA Baitcasting Reel is a perfect choice for river and sea fishing. The maximum holding force of the multiplier is as much as six kilograms. This is an excellent result, especially in the light of not the most outstanding dimensions and total weight, which is only 192 grams. The final design touch, which has a positive effect on performance, is the presence of 13 bearings in the mechanism. Taking into account the fact that the cost of this fishing reel is about 30% lower than the cost of competitive models, each fisherman gets the right to practically “pump” his own inventory.

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Kastking Baitcasting Reel

A multiplier fishing reel from Kastking is a component, the purchase of which completely eliminates the need for a spare “dodger” for a couple of seasons. Both the product and the manufacturing company enjoy great popularity and honor among customers due to the high quality and marketing component, which should be equal to many others.

The multiplier mechanism is built using 12 bearings, so you can not worry about the reliability of moving parts, because the jamming has never (judging by the reviews) have not yet grasped this product. The maximum pulling force maintained by the design of the multiplier, is eight kilograms – for the lush trophy fish of such an area will be small, but with the proper skill can be obtained even such an instance. All described advantages are crowned by not a bad price.

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SeaKnight FALCON

Falcon – one of the best options among the budget multiplier reels, the people have long been known as the “Chinese Shimano” for its stylish appearance and power capabilities. Strengths of the device:

  • Ultra-long throw (not inferior in this component even to special expensive long-haul reels like Daiwa Morethan);
  • Good movement and interaction with jigs and wobblers (optimal weight from 7 to 30 grams);
  • Large handle for easy operation;
  • It is suitable for beginners, as it does not require any serious adjustments (of course, there is always something to improve, but the factory version is also suitable for use);
  • Reliable assembly and quality components.

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Piscifun Phantom

Despite its not the smallest price tag, this reel is very popular among AliExpress users, which, however, is not surprising at all. The device boasts excellent technical characteristics, beautiful and stylish design, neat assembly (unlike many other Chinese Phantom reels, it is quite suitable for use immediately “out of the box” without the need for additional modifications and disassembly.)

Separately, the reviews note combined brakes (centrifugal + magnetic) – they work effectively, easily and simply adjust. The reel movement is easy, soft and smooth. Due to its low weight (162 grams), the Phantom is ideal for ultra-light fishing. In addition to the Phantom itself, the set includes a cool and comfortable neoprene case.

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