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In the early stages of diving into the world of yoga, many people use regular tourist karemats or gymnastics mats for fitness, and sometimes even public equipment in the hall. This is not right. And as the depth of practice comes to light, there is an understanding that yoga mats should be individual and that its purpose is to help achieve specific objectives. The best yoga mat, which is considered:

  • brings aesthetic pleasure;
  • safe and non-slip;
  • comfortable and pleasant to the touch;
  • is convenient in carrying and storage

The main difference between a Yoga mat and a Gymnastic mat is maximum grip on the floor and your skin. No matter how difficult the asana is, the practitioner's arms and legs should not disperse. The safety of the equipment depends on it. Unfortunately, “sticky” mats are not durable. The softer the latex, the faster it will fail. The most “sticky” is a natural rubber mat. We have chosen for you The Best Yoga Mats on AliExpress, presented in the store. The selection was carried out taking into account such indicators as:

  • The reputation of the shop and the manufacturer;
  • Percentage of positive feedback (at least 95%);
  • the opinion of the practising users.



In this category, we present non-standard yoga-mats. They may differ from classical products by their original design, size or functions. For example, there are soft stands for knees and elbows, massage cushions and suede mats. As a rule, such models are bought as a supplement to the usual mats.



Very interesting yoga mat with a noble design. Buyers will be able to choose models from 14 different designs. All of them are gentle and spectacular, made in watercolor style. From such beauty you get true aesthetic pleasure. The thickness is small – 1mm. For beginners in yoga the rug may seem rigid. At first you can put a soft karemate under it. With the acquisition of experience the substrate will not be needed.

Thanks to the rubber base this mat does not slide even on lacquered parquet and slippery tiles. The top covering is suede. It is pleasant to the touch, however, the suede is not natural, therefore coupling turns out not ideal. But the price of the product is quite modest. Therefore, buyers do not expect too much from him. There is information in reviews and that the mat is electrified. But for the beauty and ease he forgives these shortcomings. Many people believe that such a rug – the ideal option for the road.

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The peculiarity of this model in eco-style – two layers of different materials. The cork top layer gives a pleasant tactile feeling, the bottom layer of TPE perfectly holds the grip on the floor. The rug disposes to meditation lessons. However, the cork base does not crumble even during long active practices, after use it remains clean. But even if there are marks on the yoga mat, they can be easily removed with water and regular detergents.

Yoga mat has excellent hygroscopic properties, it is better than other analogues for people with increased sweating feet and hands. To increase the service life of the product, it is necessary to let the yoga-matt dry after practice, to air it, and then roll it up. It is light in weight. Reviews about the product in the store are positive, buyers recommend it for purchase.

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Miniature heavy-duty yoga mats made of ethylene vinyl acetate. They are usually used to support knees or elbows in different asanas. The cushioning reduces the risk of injury, and any exercise is much easier. Each yoga-matt comes complete with two elastic bands that keep it twisted. It is possible to choose a product of blue, black or violet colour.

In reviews write that mats are thick and very comfortable, they do not glide at all. Some customers lacked elasticity, but this is not critical. The material is soft enough, so that after a few months on the surface of the product may appear scratches and dents. Delivery is fast, the product is packaged well. The main drawback of users is the small size of yoga-mats (60*25*1.5 cm). The manufacturer should think about creating a series of full-size mats of the same quality.

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A set of two miniature round pads to support your elbows and knees during yoga. They are made of thermoplastic elastomer. You can put the mini mats directly on the floor, but it is better to bed a regular sports mat. The diameter of each product is 175 mm, thickness – about 15 mm. There are different colors in the assortment, from black to bright pink.

Customers praise the quality of the GYMTOP E04885: the pads are thick enough, moderately stiff and very strong. The mats do not glide, they will be comfortable to do yoga or sports on any surface. The color matches the photos, there is no unpleasant smell. The advantages of the product users also include fast delivery. If we talk about the shortcomings, sometimes in the reviews complain about the packaging. The seller simply wraps the pads in film, which may cause dents during shipment. But they don't interfere with the exercise.

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VKTECH stands out due to its unusual design: there are embossed massage pads on the whole surface of the mat. They operate on the same principle as acupuncture needles: they stimulate blood circulation in certain areas of the body, help to relieve muscle tension and pain. There are different sizes of yoga mats in the assortment, each set includes a miniature pillow for head massage. Most often VKTECH is purchased to reduce stress, insomnia and headaches. It can increase the effectiveness of the simplest asanas several times.

The reviews note that the plastic pads are in reality a little less than in the picture. This does not affect the quality of the massage, but at first it may be unusual. The mat itself is durable, easy to clean and free of odors.

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Criteria that matter when choosing a yoga mat:

  • Material – the most budgetary is polyvinylchloride (PVC), it is suitable for beginners, more durable mats are made of thermoplastic elastomer (TPE), the most expensive mats – made of natural (rubber, jute and cotton);
  • Thickness – beginners prefer thickness of 6 mm, the standard is a thickness of 4-5 mm, professionals often choose mats not thicker than 1.5-3 mm;
  • Dimensions – standard sizes (183*60 cm) are classics, but for practitioners of dynamic yoga practice it is better to buy an elongated mat (200-220 cm);
  • Stretchability – reinforced mats hardly stretch, which is very good for practice;
  • Moisture absorption – if the mat does not perform well, the body may slip in the asanas.



The thinnest mats are most often chosen by experienced yogis. Usually such models are made of EVA, TPE and PVC. You can also find mats made of cotton and other fabrics, so called yoga towels. If you just put them on the floor, there is a risk of slipping, so it is better to put a regular mat under them. Even the most budget models are suitable for this purpose.



There are a lot of yoga prints on the mats. For example, this model from the Kim Swimwear shop shows mandalas for activating human chakras. The surface of the product is conditionally divided into 7 parts (all colors of the rainbow), each of them is responsible for different parts of the body. There is a root, sacred, heart, throat and crown chakra, as well as a third eye and solar plexus.

If you believe practicing yoga, meditation and asanas on such a mat help to restore energy and get rid of diseases. Even those who are skeptical about such theories will be pleased to work on a bright towel. It is made of polyester, its dimensions are 150*70 cm. The reviews praise the product for a clear print and saturated colors, but the quality of the material leaves much to be desired. The fabric is thin and can glide during yoga classes. If you put under the bottom of the usual dense mat, there should be no problem.

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The HimanJie yoga-mat is painted with the help of the tai-die technique, which hasn't lost its popularity for several years in a row. The surface of the product has bright, colorful patterns, and the colors can be selected during the ordering process. This mat is made of microfiber, its size is 183*63 cm. It absorbs liquid perfectly, dries quickly. It is possible to wash yoga-mat by hand or in the machine, colors will remain the same bright, the pattern does not fade even after many lessons and washing.

Customers are delighted with this HimanJie. They write in reviews that in reality the mat is just as bright and beautiful as in the photo, it is very high quality. The material does not slide, even the most complex asanas are comfortable to use. Occasionally there are specimens with a small defect (holes or dots in the picture), but for such a price it can be forgiven. As a rule, customers order several pieces at once to save on delivery.

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This kind of yoga mats are chosen by professionals. It fully meets the basic requirements of most practices. Its thickness is only 1-2 mm. It is enough for perfect cushioning during the classes. All thanks to the quality material. It is reinforced rubber with maximum grip. Even wet hands do not slide on its surface. All buyers are happy with such choice that confirm responses on a site. The product is delivered in different colors. Thickness can also be chosen.

Mat is suitable for all styles of yoga, it can be practiced in any direction. With it you feel confident. The rug is wearproof, compact, not heavy, easily folded. If you are training away from home, then appreciate these benefits. It is also the best choice for those who are interested in quality grip.

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Hiturbo looks great in photos thanks to its high-quality print and a wide range of different colors. It measures 183*65 cm and is made of microfiber and absorbs sweat perfectly. On the back side are non-slip silicone pads for better yoga mat tenacity. This allows it to be used even without a classic mat. The kit includes a carrying case, and the retailer often sends small gifts to his customers.

Feedback notes include fast delivery, excellent product quality, vibrant colours and a clean design. The fabric is dense enough and pleasant to the touch, the threads do not stick out, all seams are neatly stitched. The mat does not slide on the floor, but in some poses, hands may disperse. To disadvantages of Hiturbo buyers carry also presence of a small smell. But it quickly weathered, it does not even have to wash the product.

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Yoga Mat Cover is offered as a supplement to the main yoga mat. The model is made of ultrafine fibers with silica gel particles. You can choose a color (blue, green, orange, pink or purple), the size of all the standard mats – 183 * 63 cm, weight is 580 g. The kit includes a convenient mesh carrying case, so you don't have to wait for the product to dry after class. The rolled-up yoga mat takes up very little space and is easy to carry in a sports bag.

The description says that Yoga Mat Cover can be washed manually or in a machine, the water temperature should not exceed 40 °. Buyers confirm in their feedback that the product does not moult or stretch after washing. The material is of high quality, does not slide and absorbs sweat well. A small smell is present, but it is quickly weathered. The only nuance is that in some asanas (e.g. “Dog face down”) hands can slide.

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Beginners should choose strong and thick mats made of nitrile rubber or thermoplastic elastomer. Usually these products are characterized by a relief single-sided or double-sided coating for better adhesion to the floor. This reduces the risk of injury, and you can simply relax and perform asanas. A quality yoga mat is also suitable for meditation.



The AMYOGA YM-186-6TD mat is made of TPE and its dimensions are 183*61 cm and its thickness is 6 mm. There is a special anti-slip coating on both sides. There are different colors in the assortment, each mattress has fragments of mandala or cartoon animals drawn on it. The mat does not absorb sweat, but it dries quickly. It is easy enough to take care of, you can simply wipe away dust and dirt with a damp cloth. The kit includes a carrying bag and elastic straps to keep the mat twisted.

The reviews say that the AMYOGA YM-186-6TD is soft and pleasant to the touch, it keeps in good shape. Thanks to its thickness it will be comfortable to work even in a cool room. The color of the product in reality is a little darker than in the photos. There are no unpleasant smells, the surface of yoga-matt does not slide at all. Sometimes in the position “Dog face down” hands can disperse, but such a problem occurs in many mats

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This cheap yoga mat is perfect for beginners. It is bought in cases when you have not yet decided on the practice. It has an increased thickness (100 mm), a soft surface, does not slide in asanas. Such qualities have formed the ideal mat for the first lessons. With increasing thickness, this mat has not lost its elasticity, and its weight has not increased almost – only 900 grams. Such yoga-mat can be comfortably used for training. Moreover, the set includes a bag and a belt for carrying.

Due to the best thermal insulation properties the thing will become a great mat for yoga classes in the open air. There is no foreign smell. As for tenacity – everything is also excellent here. Yes, and the choice on the site is present. It is possible to order a mat in 4 colors. The main disadvantage of the product – the quality of the cover. There are claims to it. In general, the mat for yoga meets expectations and cost.

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At first glance, this rug from Awesome Choices shop does not differ from similar models. It has standard sizes (1830*610*6 mm), there are 6 dim colors in the range. Made of thermoplastic elastomer with relief patterns. On the front side there are abstract patterns, and the seamy one is covered with wavy lines for reliable adhesion to the floor. The set includes a case.

It is this model that received more than 1600 reviews. It was bought almost 9000 times, the average rating is 4.8 stars. Buyers praise the quality of the material and the appearance of the mat. They note that it is relatively rigid, does not slide, there are no odors. Even after a long period of use, the material retains its shape and is not crumpled. This model is ideal for back rolling and other difficult exercises. The only drawback is that sometimes there are products with dents and scuffs.

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This nitrile-butadiene rubber mat strikes the imagination with its size. Its length is standard (185 cm), but the width is 80 cm, so that the largest people can comfortably do yoga. The thickness of the product is 15 mm, it is a great option for beginners. One side of the mat is perfectly smooth, and the other side has relief strips for better grip. There are three colors in the assortment – blue, purple and pink. The material is strong and elastic, it quickly restores its shape after pressing.

The reviews note the excellent quality of Jusenda. Yoga-matt is wide, long and thick, it has almost no specific smell. The product does not slip during the lessons. Another advantage is that the product is packaged securely. First, the seller curls the mat and puts on the top of the rubber bands, then puts it in a case, wraps it in a film and an additional layer of packaging. Thanks to this, the product will not be damaged during shipment.

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As a rule, thick yoga mats are made of monochrome materials, the choice of colors is not too big. But in the assortment of Jusenda there are incredibly beautiful products made of thermoplastic elastomer with thematic designs. You can choose a model with flowers, mandalas or ornate patterns. The dimensions of each mat are 183*61 cm and are 6 mm thick. On the back side there is a ribbed covering for strong coupling with the floor.

There are virtually no negative references to Jusenda Suede TPE yoga mat. Buyers write that the material is dense and does not slide, the picture is clear and fully consistent with the photos. Often this model is bought for fitness, pilates and bodybuilding, although it is best suited for yoga classes. Even people with increased sweating note that their arms and legs do not slide. The only drawbacks are that occasionally the packaging breaks during the transfer process, eventually the mat gets dirty.

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