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You don't need to spend a lot of money on professional equipment to record a vlog, start a YouTube channel or any other similar task. A simple lavalier microphone on Aliexpress can handle this without any problems.

We have selected The Best Lavalier Microphones on AliExpress.

Lavalier microphones can easily be hidden under clothing or in your hair. Thanks to the clip, they are securely fixed, the sound will not shake. The device is useful not only for recording, but also for comfortable discussion of important issues over the phone. Omnidirectional lavalier microphones are ideal for photography of blogs, interviews, and moving objects. They cover sound from all directions, but because of this, a lot of extraneous noise is captured. To make your recordings cleaner and better, you need to use a windscreen. There are also cardioid lavalier microphones models. They are most sensitive to sounds that enter the front of the microphone. This allows less noise to be recorded, just the correct placement of the device. This option is great for musicians. On Aliexpress you can find omnidirectional and cardioid lavalier microphones for every taste. The Best Lavalier Microphones models on Aliexpress were included in our review.

Best Wireless Lavalier Microphones on Aliexpress

Fifine K037

The Fifine K037 condenser microphone is equipped with an LCD display that shows the transmitting frequency and battery level. It connects to the camcorder via an XLR cable. The reviews praise the Fifine K037 for its high build quality and impeccable sound purity. Lavalier microphone records only voice, no background noise. Low frequencies are practically not cut, but high frequencies are not enough. The transmitter works over a long distance, picking up sound even through a wall. The disadvantages include weak sensitivity and the presence of white noise, which can be easily removed using noise reduction. Another disadvantage is that the batteries run out very quickly, it is better to use rechargeable batteries.

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It is very easy to connect XIAOKOA N81, especially since the kit includes instructions. Also included is a receiver, double cable, metal clips and adapters. The product comes in a branded box, so it will not be a shame to give it to a loved one. Judging by the reviews, the build quality of the XIAOKOA N81 is close to perfect. The device charges instantly, the battery lasts for a long time. The reception range is excellent, the signal passes without breaks even through reinforced concrete walls. Not all buyers like the fact that the microphone is inside the transmitter. Because of this, it can easily be damaged by people who have not previously encountered such a structure. Disadvantages also include strong background noise. But this can be forgiven given the better detail and sound volume.

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BOYA Saramonic Blink500 B1

BOYA offers Aliexpress customers a complete system for sound recording in any conditions. The set includes a receiver, 2 transmitters, 2 lavalier microphones, various mounts and cables. Depending on the version selected, the device can connect to a PC, camcorder, smartphones and tablets based on Android / iOS. There is even an option with a Type-C port, but it will not work with some cameras. Thanks to the 400 mAh rechargeable battery, you don't have to worry about the microphone running out at the most inopportune moment. The reviews praise the Saramonic Blink500, the buyers have no complaints, except for one – the real communication range is lower than stated. Much depends on the terrain.

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Debra CM-02

Debra CM-02 is a wireless microphone with standard features. AliExpress buyers choose it for its ease of use. The transmitter has an LCD display with the necessary information. You can configure up to 30 channels in the UHF band. Both the receiver and the transmitter are powered by 2 AA batteries, they are not included in the kit. But the seller puts fasteners and other useful accessories in each package. According to reviews, a lavalier microphone is ideal for connecting to a camera, although you can use it with a smartphone. For clarity of sound, it is recommended to keep the device away from your face. The only thing that the buyers found fault with was the mediocre build quality and plastic.

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The BOYA assortment has a lot of different lavalier microphones. This wireless model has appeared relatively recently, but has already established itself among Aliexpress users. There are a variety of options, including a set with fur windscreen, clip and mini tripod. The main disadvantage of BOYA BY-WM4 is almost the highest price among Chinese lavalier microphones. But for the money, buyers get superior sound quality and signal range. The device connects to almost all existing models of camcorders and smartphones, including the iPhone. The setup is quite complicated, but there are many reviews and articles on the Internet with detailed information. The packaging is excellent: even if the box is wrinkled, the contents remain intact.

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Best Lavalier Microphones for Professionals on Aliexpress


The BOYA BY-M1 is one of the most popular budget lavalier microphones. The model is taken for a six-meter wire, simple operation with various devices, noise suppressors and good voice recording with low frequencies and excellent detail.

This versatile omnidirectional microphone can be connected to more than just smartphones. It connects to camcorders, audio recorders, computers and laptops via a 3.5mm gold-plated cable. The microphone is powered by an LR44 battery. The battery is in a separate box and can be turned on and off as needed. The kit also includes a windscreen and a 6.5mm adapter. You can additionally order a fur lining that matches the size of this particular device. Users note that it is desirable to use this device with a good sound card. The volume is excellent, all the nuances are heard on the recording, even if you speak quietly. Low frequencies prevail.

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The MAMEN KM-D1 has a long 8m cable with the control panel. Almost all parts are made of aluminum alloy. The device can be battery operated, which is convenient for outdoor recording. The build quality can be considered the best: no defects on the case, no backlashes, the cable is durable, the clothespin is comfortable. If we talk about sound, not everything is so perfect here. Noises are present, but they can be easily removed by processing. Even on the street, the recording is quite high quality. The reviews complain about a little hiss and a lack of high frequencies (narrow range). The device is hardly suitable for recording music, but it copes perfectly with the voice during interviews or communication.

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This lavalier microphone is suitable for phone calls, speech recording and vocals. It is powered by an LR44 battery. The kit includes two batteries, as well as a windscreen, a metal clip and a 6.5mm adapter. The long cable will ensure comfortable use by several people at the same time. It will allow you to move around the area, recording sounds from different sides. On the downside, some users have mentioned noise and hiss in recordings in their reviews. These sounds are barely audible, but they can spoil the clarity of the sound. To prevent their appearance, it is recommended to use the amplification button located on the device body.

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Ulanzi AriMic

Ulanzi AriMic is designed for simultaneous use by two people. Two microphone heads are connected to one plug at once. The model has an impressive package bundle: 4 spare windscreens (regular and fur), 4 clips, cable, camera adapter, case and branded box. In the reviews, it is advised to mount the microphones as close as possible to the sound source, then there will be practically no extraneous noise on the recording. Also, to achieve better quality, you can lower the sensitivity in the settings. The sound is dense and loud, like professional equipment. Aliexpress users complain that Ulanzi AriMic does not work well with all smartphones. Some models have automatic recording shutdown. Another disadvantage of the product is that the box is often wrinkled during transportation.

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Aputure A.lav

This model offers high quality recordings even under adverse conditions. The omnidirectional condenser suppresses unnecessary noise. Quite a decent frequency range ensures natural sound. The voice is clear, bright and spacious. It is also worth noting the good sensitivity of the device. This lavalier microphone features a multi-indicator. It reports the status of the battery. When working with the device, the green light should be on. When it needs to be charged, the light will turn red. In stand-alone mode, the battery can last up to 200 hours, according to the manufacturers. The only weak point of the Aputure is its rather fragile cable. Some Aliexpress users report in reviews that they had to replace the wire some time after purchase.

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