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How to choose the best hairdressing Scissors and Shears, what to look for and can you find a professional hair cutting tool on AliExpress? In order for the order to be successful, you need to carefully approach the choice of scissors for cutting hair.

Pay attention to the following quality indicators of scissors:

  • steel grade and its heat treatment – the hardness of the metal is measured using the Rockwell method and is abbreviated as HRC (for professional scissors HRC58–62);
  • the angle of sharpening the edge of the blades – the smaller it is, the greater the sharpness of the blades;
  • smooth movements in work – it is convenient to have scissors with a screw that regulates the position of the blades;
  • comfort in work – the best scissors do not cause discomfort to the hairdresser even after several hours of work.

All these points determine the value of the instrument. The price formation is also influenced by the name of the manufacturer and the design of the products. Do not buy too cheap scissors. In pursuit of brands, it is easy to run into a low-grade fake. Hairdressing scissors KASHO, JOEWELL or JAGUAR cannot cost 2-3 dollars. On Aliexpress, it is better to buy less famous products. They may not boast famous logos, but they do their job perfectly.

The best straight and thinning hairdressing scissors 

Even in the arsenal of a home master, there are usually several scissors. Therefore, on Aliexpress, both straight and thinning scissors are usually presented in one lot. The former provide a straight cut. Their webs can be made with a micro-notch to prevent the strands from slipping. Such models are most often used for men's haircuts. Straight scissors without notch are more versatile, they are needed to perform the sliding cut technique. The length of the cutting blades is different, it is measured in inches (1 inch = 2.54 cm). The most popular on Aliexpress are 6 and 5-5.5 inch scissors, they have also received the greatest use among professionals and amateurs. Sharpening, as a rule, is standard – 45-50 degrees.

Thinning scissors – a tool for thinning hair and creating special haircuts. It cuts half as many hairs in one go, it helps to quickly cope with complex tasks: soft stepped haircuts, volume formation is the main direction of their use. Scissors thin the captured bundles and cut the hairs at different heights, they are single-sided and double-sided – the difference is in the arrangement of the teeth. Double-sided models cut less hair. They are more often bought for home use and beginner masters. Single-sided are characterized by a smoother running of the blades. Both types of hairdressing scissors can have removable rubber or plastic rings.

Hair Cutting Scissors: TITAN HIRLD T3D60

The best solution for professional use will be hairdressing scissors TITAN HIRLD T3D60. They are made of Japanese SUS440C titanium with German fittings. The thinning model is only available in a 6″ length version, there are two tooth options – with a capture of 10-15% or 20-25% of the hair at a time. Straight scissors are available with a choice of 5.5″ or 6″ blades. The kit includes instructions, additional rings, a key, a napkin and a comb.

In the reviews on Aliexpress, they highly appreciated the quality of workmanship and the work of the tool. The blades are very sharp and cut smoothly and quietly. Hairdressing scissors are moderately heavy and lie comfortably in the hand. The packaging of the goods also pleased the buyers – thanks to the branded box and useful accessories, it is not a shame to give it to a person professionally engaged in cutting hair. Opinions were divided about the rubber rings, but many users of the site considered them useless.

Buy TITAN HIRLD T3D60 on AliExpress

Hair Cutting Scissors: AQIABI A1010

AQIABI A1010 is one of the most popular models on Aliexpress. Under this name, straight and thinning scissors of different colors are hidden. You can order them individually or choose a complete set. Even if you buy only one unit, the kit will include a cleaning cloth and a wrench to adjust the free play. The length of the cutting edge of straight scissors is 7.6 cm, thinning – 7.3 cm.

The reviews praise the quality of the scissors: they are moderately heavy (weight – about 70 g), very sharp and comfortable. This model is often ordered to beauty salons, because any custom logo can be printed on each tool. The main disadvantage is narrow rings, it will not be very convenient for owners of massive fingers to use the tool. Another nuance – thinning scissors are slightly worse in quality than straight ones. For a regular haircut AQIABI A1010 fits perfectly, but to make a “fade”, for example, is unlikely to work with it.

Buy AQIABI A1010 on AliExpress

Hair Cutting Scissors: DRGSKL 999

Excellent 6 inch barber scissors with a very stylish design. Buyers of the Aliexpress site are delighted with such a purchase. They want to admire! In the reviews, buyers thank the seller for the excellent appearance of the product and personalized engraving, which can be ordered individually. A very effective tool. What is the bright cut stone that adorns the adjusting screw worth!

The seller offers straight and thinning scissors, they are also sold as a set. They come from China in a case. Suitable tool for amateurs and professionals. The model is equipped with offset rings, which make it possible to work for a long time without discomfort in the hands. There are no complaints about the quality of workmanship. The edges are even, sharpened almost perfectly. The move is soft. Of the minuses – scissors need care, with careless handling, rust may appear.

Buy DRGSKL 999 on AliExpress

Hair Cutting Scissors: Univinlions 5504

These hairdressing scissors look very unusual – they are black. The matte finish is made from Teflon. They are positioned on Aliexpress as Japanese, but the manufacturer is China. Such is the marketing ploy. Everything else in the description is correct. Steel grade 6CR13 is used. The high-tech Teflon coating gives the tool an excellent appearance and makes it anti-allergic. The scissors themselves are light and lie well in the hand.

In straight and thinning hairdressing scissors of this manufacturer, a flat screw group is used, which is best combined with the shape of the cloths. Due to this, ideal softness and smoothness of movement are achieved. The convergence of the blades is perfect, sharpening is one of the best. The inserts in the rings are silicone, they lie tightly, do not pop out during operation. You can order a whole set of such hairdressing tools in a gift box from the seller.

Buy Univinlions 5504 on AliExpress

Hair Cutting Scissors: Brainbow Hair Tools-BHT002

The most popular Chinese brand on Aliexpress. The seller has straight (62HRC) and thinning one-sided stainless steel scissors. They have the same price. Sold as a set or separately. They are great as the first hairdressing scissors. They are often taken for home experiments with haircuts. The popularity of the model is associated with high quality and low price – in this parameter they are one of the best.

This model is designed for a medium-sized female hand. The rings are small, with rubberized inserts, there is a limiter between them. The tips of straight scissors are rounded. The blades are quite sharp, without serrations. Sharpening is good for both straight and thinning scissors, the cut line is even. There is a wheel for adjustment of cloths. In the reviews, these scissors are praised, many call them ideal for their price.

Buy Brainbow Hair Tools-BHT002 on AliExpress

Best Hairdressing Scissors Sets

Haircut trends are constantly changing. To create them, the stylist is no longer enough with scissors alone. In addition to classic models, thinning and flag hairdressing scissors are often needed. The latter combine the advantages of straight and thinning scissors. On AliExpress it is often more profitable to buy these tools in sets. The best options are right in front of you.

Hair Cutting Scissors: BlueZOO Beard Cleaning Tool

BlueZOO offers customers a very unusual set. It includes two pairs of scissors for trimming beards, mustaches and nose hairs, as well as a comb for combing and hard case. There are two color options to choose from. The length of hairdressing scissors is 12.2 cm (small – 9 cm), the dimensions of the wooden comb are 7.3 * 1.8 cm. The set is sold at a ridiculous price, so it will be the best gift for a familiar master or any man who watches his beard.

The reviews note that the quality of the tools is fully consistent with the price, but there are nuances. For example, beard scissors sometimes creak while cutting. They need to be lubricated regularly. There are also complaints about the size of the comb: for a thick and long beard, it is useless. AliExpress users have no complaints about the quality of miniature mustache scissors, they are sharp and comfortable. The tips are rounded so that the risk of injuring the skin is minimized.

Buy BlueZOO Beard Cleaning Tool on AliExpress

Hair Cutting Scissors: Fire Dragon J250

The Fire Dragon J250 does not feature a complete set or custom design. This is just a good set for beginners in the field of hairdressing. It includes straight and thinning scissors, their length can be chosen at the time of ordering. The seller on Aliexpress has tools in red and black with 5.5 and 6 inch blades. They are often ordered separately, although it is more profitable to take a set.

The reviews praise this model, buyers note the excellent sharpness and presentable appearance of the Fire Dragon J250. The scissors are made of HRC62 hard steel, they are quite weighty and fit well in the hand. They are perfect for thinning. The disadvantages of Aliexpress users include too thick tips of the canvases. You will need to get used to them, at first it will not be too convenient. Another disadvantage is that there is no cover in the kit, the seller wraps the tools in ordinary plastic bags and pimply film.

Buy Fire Dragon J250 on AliExpress

Hair Cutting Scissors: Poetry Kerry JS

This inexpensive set includes classic straight and thinning scissors, a comb and hair clips. All of this is in an easy-to-carry case. If desired, each instrument can be purchased separately. Straight scissors have smooth blades without notches. Thinning – one-sided, with 32 teeth. Blade sharpening is standard, it makes the tools versatile. They are suitable for edging hairstyles and creating most haircuts.

The scissor rings are asymmetrical. The tools are convenient to use. The ride is pretty smooth. There is nothing special about the design. This is just a good tool that will come in handy for the home master. Reviews on Aliexpress about the set are positive. Users recommend it for purchase.

Buy Poetry Kerry JS on AliExpress

Hair Cutting Scissors: Meisha A0027A

Meisha A0027A is one of the best budget hair cutting kits on AliExpress. It includes straight and thinning scissors, you can choose a color scheme, order a set with a branded box, comb and other accessories. All tools are also sold separately. The highlight of this model was a bright design. For some, this is a trifle, but the set looks impressive on the hairdresser's table. The 5.5″ cutting edge is made of 6CR13 stainless steel. Thinning scissors capture 20-30% of the hair at a time, they have 26 cloves.

Judging by the reviews on the site, the set justifies the amount spent. Thanks to the ergonomic design, the tool is suitable for cutting at home and in the salon, it is often chosen by beginners. Professionals can even do slicing using hairdressing scissors. The disadvantages include small finger holes and too soft metal that needs to be sharpened regularly.

Buy Meisha A0027A on AliExpress

Hair Cutting Scissors: Mr Tiger Kit Scissors

Mr Tiger's hairdressing kit comes in a variety of configurations. You can limit yourself to buying straight and thinning scissors in a cardboard box or order a complete set in a leather case. It includes several combs, a razor and a cleaning cloth. All blades are made of Japanese 440C stainless steel. Available in 5″, 5.5″ and 6″ versions, the scissors are 15–17.5 cm long. There are many design options to suit every taste.

The reviews praise Mr Tiger for fast delivery and stylish design. Thanks to the branded packaging, the haircut set looks solid, it is not a shame to give it to familiar masters. Buyers from Aliexpress have no complaints about the quality of hairdressing scissors, but other components of the set raised questions. The razor is not very reliable, but it is enough for home use. Another nuance is that the tools are quite heavy, after a long haircut the hand gets tired.

Buy Mr Tiger Kit Scissors on AliExpress

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