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A Fat Bike is an ordinary or electric bicycle with wide tires. Electric models are usually all-wheel drive, inside each wheel there is a powerful motor. Such vehicles are considered a kind of SUV in the world of bicycles. Thick tires provide excellent amortization and are suitable for riding on any terrain, be it stonework, forest paths or uneven surfaces with pits, bumps and hills. Our review includes The Best Classical and Electric Fat Bikes on AliExpress. All models are made of quality materials and show themselves perfectly during the riding.

Best Fat Tire Bikes on Aliexpress

Eason Gunsrose

Eason offers customers a solid Fat Tire Bike with carbon frame and double disc brakes. During the ordering process, you can choose not only the color of the vehicle, but also the diameter of the tires – 24 or 26 inches. Thanks to this bike is suitable for teenagers and adult riders. Feedback notes a good quality of workmanship and a successful design, which is easy to assemble and disassemble in case of need. The pressure is evenly distributed on both wheels and the shock absorption is excellent. There are also disadvantages – the gear shifter does not always work correctly. Also, the disadvantages include the fact that the pedals turn too hard, it will be difficult for children to ride on this fat bike.

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Running Leopard Vancom

Running Leopard is a good fat bike, which is assembled from the box in just an hour. It is qualitatively assembled, all details are carefully welded, and no trace is almost visible. Here are the cast disks, not spokes, which increases the reliability of the vehicle. Of course, before leaving, you need to adjust the Fat Bike to suit you, but this applies to all bikes. AliExpress users praise the seller for his instant feedback: he answers his questions quickly and has full knowledge of the product information. Each parcel has nice gifts – bike accessories. Among the drawbacks buyers mention scratches and dents on the frame. Such damages are rare, but they have affected the evaluation of the goods.

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Wolf's fang G-12

This model has a simplified design, so that it can be assembled in just 40 minutes.Wolf's fang G-12 has a standard tire diameter, like the other 26 inches Fat Bikes . The wheels can easily overcome any obstacle. They move equally smoothly on relief roads, forest paths and paving stones. In their reviews they complain about the quality of the pedals: they can hit the wheels when turning. The accessories are also difficult to call perfect, the universal key is made of too soft metal. Otherwise, a Fat Bike justifies the amount spent. It is lightweight, can withstand one adult and can be easily and quickly assembled. Delivery time is up to 2 weeks, depending on the destination.

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GMINDI M-401 Fat Bike is available in one variant – with 24 inch tire diameter and 21 speed mode. This model is designed more for children, the bike is light and compact. Tall people will have to change the tube, otherwise it will be inconvenient to sit. The rim is made of aluminum alloy, it is not carbon, which is due to the relatively low price. For better depreciation, there is a thickened front fork. Set includes locks, fenders, stickers, bell, flashlight, reflectors, pump, repair keys and bag. Buyers have criticized all the hinged accessories, and it is recommended that they be replaced.Despite this, the GMINDI M-401 remains one of the best options for a budget Fat Bike on AliExpress.

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The bike with thick 26-inch tires and carbon frame from LOVE FREEDOM became a sales hit on AliExpress. Although it is not an electro fat bike, it is extremely comfortable and easy to ride. Even on the most bumpy roads the wheels move smoothly, the relief is practically not felt. It has a wide adjustment range: brakes, shifter, etc. can be adjusted to suit your needs. Some customers even manage to put the engine on a fat bike and make it all-wheel drive. You can get the idea that the bike is large, people below 170 cm will have to change the handlebar mount. They also write in reviews that the seat is rigid and uncomfortable. But this is forgivable, given the cost of the bike.

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Best Electric Fat Bikes on AliExpress


ENGWE EP-2 pleases with a complete package: the parcel has everything you need, in addition, the bike comes in a half-assembled form. Further assembly is not difficult thanks to the available instructions. There are three control options: mechanical pedal rotation, fully automated riding and mixed mode. The speed is not bad, although it is not a four-wheel drive model. The 500 W motor will give you a range of up to 60 km on one charge. In reviews write that the Electric Fat Bike rides smoothly, tire tread is quite suitable for off-road. All important information can be seen on the monochrome computer, located on the steering wheel. The only nuance is that it is difficult to switch from miles to kilometers.

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Keeper&Jim R8

The Electric Fat bike Keeper&Jim R8 can be called the best value for money. It has rugged tires that can easily handle any roughness on the road. Thanks to several control modes, you can travel long distances (up to 90 km) without recharging the battery. Most of the parts are made of aluminum alloy. The seat height can be adjusted between 60-90 cm. Fat Bike weighs a little, it is conveniently folded, suitable for children and adults. The waterproof screen shows the remaining battery charge level, current speed, etc. The disadvantages are the small diameter of the wheels – only 20 inches. Because of this, it is not recommended to choose the Keeper&Jim R8 for mountain travel.

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CSC Fat Tire

The CSC Fat Tire is a powerful battery powered Electric Fat Bike designed for mountain travel. It has 20-inch wheels and a powerful 500W motor. The frame is carbon fiber with horns on the steering wheel to reduce the load on the hands. Battery is charged in 6-7 hours, after that you can travel 50-60 km. When ordering on AliExpress you should choose a set with or without battery. The reviews note the excellent quality of the electric bike manufacturing.The wheels are quite lightweight thanks to the air spokes, the gear shifter from Shimano works perfectly. The springs and thick tires provide good damping. The main disadvantage of the CSC Fat Tire is the poor visibility of numbers on the screen.

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Sheng milo MX01

This Electric Fat Bike model has two whole features. First, the Sheng milo MX01 is equipped with a powerful brushless motor for 1000W. It is able to develop impressive speed and climb obstacles at an angle of up to 35°. Secondly, there are not 7 speed modes, but 21, which distinguishes electric Fat Bike from competitors on AliExpress. The frame is made of aluminum alloy 6061, and there are headlights for night lighting. The wheels are full-size and the diameter of the tires is 26 inches (width of each of them is 4 inches). Hydraulic disc brakes have turned out to be as sensitive and smooth as possible. The most significant disadvantage – there are problems with the pedals. Also in reviews complain about the inflated price.

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Sheng milo MX20

Sheng milo MX20 is one of the most popular Fat Bike all-wheel drive models on AliExpress. All the features are top of the class: high capacity battery with good power reserve, brushless 500W motor and 7 speeds to choose from. The quality of the electric Fat Bike is also very good. It has a strong carbon frame, welding seams are almost invisible, the vehicle looks more expensive than its price. In reviews, they write that the bike is quickly gaining speed and holds the charge for a long time, the load capacity corresponds to the declared. It is necessary to adapt to the switch, but it takes a minimum of time. The main disadvantage of the product – due to poor packaging on the body may appear dents.

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