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Recently, electric scooters have started to gain huge popularity. And both among children and adults. Especially adults, many of whom not only ride them on weekends or on a walk, but also go to work.
Electric scooters become a new means of transportation in urban traffic jams.
And since this means of transportation is gaining popularity, I decided to review The Best Electric Scooters on Aliexpress. There are ten adult models and five children's ones.

If you don't find a suitable Electric Scooter model in this review, you can always choose something else. The choice of electric scooters on Aliexpress is quite large.

When choosing an electric scooter on Aliexpress, you should pay special attention to the following main characteristics:

  • Size and weight of the scooter;
  • Speed qualities;
  • Carrying capacity – not all models are designed for large-size riders;
  • Seat availability (if necessary);
  • Brake type and location;
  • Availability or absence of depreciation;
  • Wheels – separately it is worth paying attention to the size of the wheels and the material they are made;
  • Battery capacity – it directly depends on how much you can drive on one battery charge.

Best Electric Scooters on AliExpress

Rapidly gaining popularity electric scooters – individual two-wheeled vehicle with several modes of movement: classic (by pushing one foot off the ground) and electric traction. Such scooters allow you to travel long enough distances in a short period of time. Therefore, adults are increasingly buying electric scooters, for example, to go to work without traffic jams.


The electric scooter KUGOO is characterized by a smooth start, adequate response to brake/gas pressure and steering wheel turns. It can reach a maximum speed of 30 km/h. The battery life is 500 recharging cycles. This is enough for 15 thousand km. The engine is in the front wheel, which is the driver here. There is a cruise control function; it is very useful on long trips. Several speed adjustment modes are available. All information is displayed on a small display.

The scooter has two brakes – the traditional rear one and the electric front one, which brakes the engine. The tires are 8-inch. They hold the road well. The front fork and the rear wheel are shock absorbing. The scooter is hard enough that women do not always like. But for large men weighing about 100 kg, such a feature on the hand – the scooter will not bend on the road. The backlighting is well implemented – there are LED lamps on both sides of the scooter. The model with AliExpress is delivered together with a carrying bag.

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Mercane WideWheel PRO

This model differs from the competitors by having two 500 W engines in the front and rear wheels (there is a version with one driving wheel). It accelerates the scooter to 40 kilometers. The battery is designed for 40 – 60 km of stroke on one charge. Connect the scooter at night, and in the morning the most environmentally friendly transport at your service! Everything is made in an adult way. There is a real suspension (front and rear) and 8-inch wheels (tubeless). They do not ride in the same way as on the chamber tires, but among the chamberless models really pretend to be the best.

This scooter knows no equal on a rough road. The handles are rubberized, even at high speed they do not slip. The gas trigger is in the right place. There is a cruise control function, like on Xiaomi. It switches on after holding the gas button for more than 5 seconds. The brakes are disk, work perfectly. If you do not spare rubber, you can make controlled skidding. The disadvantage of the model is that there are no applications for it.

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Kaabo-Wolf Warrior II-60V35AH

It's a real “beast” among adult scooters! And it's not about the name, it has something more interesting – all-wheel drive! Such transport will be the best for the most difficult conditions. It will pass through the sand, and steep slopes will overcome. In the city, the scooter is also good – it accelerates perfectly up to 80 km. per hour, drives quietly. The model is the closest competitor to the legendary Dualtron Ultra, but it is cheaper for Wolf Warrior on AliExpress. It is said that they are even assembled at one factory.

Wolf Warrior is the largest among the models participating in the review. Even when folded, it takes up quite a lot of space. It is also heavy, only a strong man can lift such electric transport. But the clearance is large, the scooter can be easily rolled on the steps. Tires are wide, zoom brakes, double piston. There is ABS antilock system. Steering rack is very well thought out. The light is bright, almost like a spotlight. The signal is loud, just like in a car. This is a serious car, and it looks very beautiful.

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Ninebot Kickscooter ES4/ES2

At AliExpress this electric scooter is presented in two modifications – version ES4 (with additional battery and maximum speed of 30 km/hour) and ES2 (with one battery and speed up to 25 km/hour). Range: 45 and 20 km respectively. Otherwise the characteristics of both models are identical. Except that the deck coating – ES4 has more texture, so it has better grip on the legs. The motor wheel is mounted in the front, the rated power is 300 W, the maximum power is 600 W (ES2) and 800 W (ES4).

Range on one battery charge – 40 … 60 km. Battery is installed in an aluminum pipe. Everything is done firmly and reliably. One important point is that you can buy an additional battery on the ES2 and install it without problems. But to remove the additional battery installed from the factory ES4 is more difficult: there will be holes in the pipe, which will have to somehow hide. And the main thing is that with such good characteristics the price has remained acceptable.

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Xiaomi Mijia

Despite the fact that most customers associate Xiaomi with inexpensive and high-quality smartphones, the company's field of activity has long gone beyond the production of mobile equipment and its accessories. Today, you can find a variety of products from Xiaomi in the stores, including various types of electric transport. Buying such a product at AliExpress is an ideal option for those who want to save money, but do not trust the know-how.

The folding Xiaomi Mijia has a stylish design, a reliable two-level braking system and a battery that can hold up to 30 km of charge. This scooter combines lightness and durability: it is made of aerospace-grade aluminum. The casing weighs only 12.5 kg. Feedback on the product is mainly positive, rare complaints are related to the assembly of the scooter: the screws used to fix the steering wheel is difficult to enter and do not fully screw in, leaving a gap. Also, sometimes the goods have small paint defects such as abrasions and chips.

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