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Many problems associated with holidays in an outdoor, solve the right camping tent. It will make the “wild” holidays civilized, hiking – safe, and fishing – more comfortable.

First of all, you need to understand in what conditions the tent will be used. These are factors such as climatic zone, type of travel, season and style of vacation. 

When choosing best camping tents, pay attention to:

  • Tent poles strength – aluminum is not deformed, easily repaired, but expensive, and fiberglass and plastic can not be repaired, but are cheaper;
  • Tent pole mounting types – external or internal;
  • Types of Tents – The Ridge, The Dome, Geodesic/ Semi-geodesic Tent, Tunnel, Cabin, Pyramid

  • Size, weight, capacity and height of the dome – the data is indicated on the package;

  • Number of layers – waterproof single-layer models collect condensate on the walls, double-layer versions (with tarpaulin) better protect against rain;
  • Water resistance – it can be from 600 to 10,000 mm of water column, the figure means the water pressure per 1 m² of the fabric, at which the first drop seeps through the material;
  • The strength of the material – they use nylon, lavsan, polyester with a weave “Tafeta”, “Oxford” and “Rip-stop”;
  • The quality of the seams – they should be glued;
  • Number of entrances and presence of mosquito nets – locks and sliders of entrance doors should walk without jams.

The choice of tents is so great that it is difficult for beginners to decide on the model. Primarily, it is necessary to understand in what conditions the product will be exploited. These are such factors as climate zone, type of travel, time of year and style of rest. The review presents tents for different activities. The main criteria for getting into the rating are quality and reliability. The following indicators were taken into account:

  • The opinions of experienced tourists;
  • Customer feedback and ratings
  • Сonformity of the product to the characteristics specified by the seller;
  • The manufacturer's reputation.


The camping tent is set up for a long rest in the outdoors. It is convenient in tent camps, campsites, picnics, base camps for participants of radial exits and ascents. These are comfortable dwellings with several entrances, mosquito nets, hallways and several rooms. They are the highest, usually they can fit a person in full height. However, the weight of such tents is quite significant, and the installation can be difficult. They warm up slowly due to the large volume of air. So they are not suitable for hiking trips. This is the best option for a comfortable family vacation with a car.



The Phoenix Wings TY-Z2044 looks more like a tunnel from an amusement park than a camping tent. It is designed for 5-8 people, the length of the product reaches 480 cm, the height – 210 cm. The tent is made of waterproof fabric Oxford 210D, tent poles – of fiberglass. There is a large vestibule for evening gatherings or storage of things. The interior space is conditionally divided into two rooms, but there is no partition between them. Outside there are windows with nets, providing ventilation.

In reviews the quality of tent manufacturing is praised. The fabric is strong, there are no odors, seams are smooth and neat. Phoenix Wings TY-Z2044 is assembled and disassembled quickly, even beginners will cope with it. The only weakness of the product is the bottom part – it is better to put a tarpaulin there when it rains.


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If you are going on vacation with your children, pay attention to this tent. It consists of two rooms united by a common hallway. Despite its large capacity, the construction of this model is quite stable. Rain protection is also at a high level – the tent does not get wet in the rain. This is due to the material of the upper tent with a moisture-resistant impregnation. All seams are glued, which is also important.

The material of the inner tent is characterized by good breathability, and this is a guarantee of better protection of beds from condensation. Tambour is very spacious, there will easily fit backpacks, products, and still a place for a table will remain. The product deservedly receives positive feedback from customers. This tent is a perfect shelter for the whole family.


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The advantage of this tent is the availability of a two-layer tent and high quality of production. Everything here is on a high level – quality of seams, materials, accessories and metal pipes – racks. This tent is not very suitable for overnight staying directly on the floor, unless it is installed inside a folding bed. It is more like a gazebo. The top tent is removed. Walls are made of a grid which will protect from mosquitoes and other unpleasant insects, thus will not hide a landscape. On the nature it is that it is necessary.

The bottom of this model does not have, the bottom mat to buy separately. Such a pavilion is often used in camping sites for the organization of kitchen-dining rooms. Its height allows you to calmly stay inside even tall people. But you can't take such a thing on foot, because its weight is quite impressive.

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The design of this tent allows for quick and easy installation. Even a person who is far from tourism will cope with this task. So it is the best solution for camping, car or motorcycle rides, when you're planning an overnight stay outdoors. It is enough to simply remove the tent from the cover, fix the bottom with pegs and spread the tent. Such a thing will be useful when you are going through multi-day hiking trails, especially if the rain falls on the road.

The skeleton at the tent is strong and stable, it withstands the gusts of wind perfectly. However, heavy rain is more difficult for her. As the tent does not have an additional tent, it can get wet without shelter. Reviews confirm this. Otherwise, buyers on the seller's page praise this product and recommend it for purchase.

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Excellent 3-person camping tent with large storage space and waterproof tent. This two-layer model is suitable for summer family holidays. The first layer of the tent is made of breathable fabric, which does not allow to accumulate inside the condensate, the second one is made of dense waterproof material “Oxford”, withstanding a load of 5000 mm. There are 3 windows and mesh in the ventilation openings.

Similar models are available in popular brands Tramp or Pinguin, but the price of less famous Chinese analogue is much more pleasant. In addition, users assure that the quality of the model is not inferior to that of its counterparts. The tent can be used as a tourist tent for organizing base camps. Suitable for more car tourists. In a backpack such a thing can be worn (its weight is about 5 kg), but for long hikes it is heavy. Its advantage is a large compartment for things, which accommodates even tourist furniture.

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What size tent is best for bicycle touring?
Of course, you need light weight and compact dimensions. Sewing such products from thin and not too heavy fabrics, often equipped with an external tent. The frame is usually external. The waterproofness of tents varies from minimum to highest, vestibule and windows are extremely rare. It heats up quickly in the sun. Time for cooling down depends on the internal volume of the dwelling.



Shanghai 4Season Camping is one of the most popular travel equipment stores. There are karemats, sleeping bags, camping and beach tents. For example, S-T05 is often booked by hikers and music festival lovers. This model is automatic, it can be easily laid out in just a few seconds. Before you go home, you can put it in a backpack (size – 56 * 7 cm). The arcs are made of steel, the main material is polyester waterproof taffeta (1000-1500 mm). The tent is single-layered and light, and there is a mosquito net on the door.

Delivery is carried out from a Chinese warehouse. There are two variants of camouflage coloring in the assortment. The reviews say that S-T05 is spacious, inside it can sleep 4 people close to each other. To the disadvantages of the model customers refer to the thin material. One more nuance – to assemble a tent in a backpack not always turns out at the first time.

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Cho Oyu 101 is a comfortable and light tourist tent for a company of 3 adults. It is made of polyester 170T with a waterproofing index of 2500-3000 mm. Product dimensions – 205*180*140 cm, weight is 2.8 kg. For protection from rain there is a tent canopy, under it there is a window with a dense mosquito net. The seller's assortment also includes an automatic mat from this series.

In reviews praise the goods for a strong assembly, complete set and fast delivery. Buyers have claims only to the quality of the material. The fabric is very thin, because of this it is unlikely to withstand heavy rain. But it is thanks to the light weight of Cho Oyu 101 that it will become an ideal beach tent, it is convenient to carry with you in the mountains or in the woods. Users also include the absence of a loop for the lamp and small pegs. They are not very convenient to attach, the construction will not hold in the wind.

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The single-layer tent is characterised by its quick installation and small size when folded. Such a thing is convenient to take with you, going fishing without a car, with it you can also safely conquer the tops. Tents of this type are often taken on hikes associated with climbing. Its weight with accessories is about a kilo. Just note that the alpenstocks do not come in the set, they must be bought separately. Complete protection from the cold does not have to wait for it, these are the features of the design. It has no bottom. It is rather an option for the extremists who prefer to spend the night directly on the ground.

However, with the correct installation of the tent is not blown by the winds. The material of the tent is rather dense, but allows you to remove excess moisture, preventing the accumulation of condensate. But on the ice it will be difficult to install it – there are no special stretch marks in the set. Therefore, frequent movement of the construction is also complicated. But the tent finds its customers, and they are satisfied with the purchase, which is evident from the reviews.

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This tent belongs to the segment of budget equipment for tourism – a true “Chinese” with quite good characteristics. The review presents a small two-layer tent of the form of a dome with two arches. It feels good in its niche and is in demand among customers. It is designed for the spring-summer period. Its money it earns 100%. The best choice for those who go camping once or twice a year.

The two-layer construction prevents it from getting wet in the rain. The upper layer is impregnated and the seams are even. The bottom layer is made of light breathable fabric. Doors double-layered – a grid and a fabric. Entrance door with zippers and velcro. The interior of the handkerchiefs is thought out – there are pockets for change and a hook for fixing the lantern. In general – a very worthy tourist option.

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For cycling tours they always choose the lightest tourist tent possible. The presented variant is one of the best sleeping houses for mountain climbing and bicycle trips. Its advantages will be appreciated by single tourists. Minimal weight (about a kilogram), simple design and fast assembly are the things that are present in this product. The product can also be ordered in a two-seater version. On the seller's website there is a video that will help to quickly understand the principle of tent assembly.

The racks are made of light aluminum, which has a positive effect on the overall weight. The tent is thin, but quite durable. In reviews write that the rain test tent passes without problems. The quality of the fittings is pleasantly surprised: the stretch marks are made of light-repellent cord, zippers do not slip, all fastenings are in place. On quality of sewing and gluing of seams buyers have no claims. The model is designed for hiking in the warm season. It is suitable for people up to 195 cm.

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The tent will be useful on the beach, where there are no trees, canopies, and umbrellas. The tent will protect you not only from the sun, but also from the annoying wind that blows away the sand. Beach tent heats up slowly in the sun, gives a coolness, but for protection from rain it cannot be used.



SGODDE Beach Tent is a children's automatic tent that can be folded out with a single movement of the hand. It is very small (142*72*60 cm), after use it is assembled into a round backpack with a handle. The arcs are made of titanium alloy, the fabric is stretched in one layer, and the watertightness level does not exceed 1000 mm. The door does not close completely here, so it is impossible to hide from the rain in the tent. But it is ideal for beach holidays.

The assortment includes products of orange and blue color. Buyers with praise the seller for fast delivery, neat packaging and good quality of products. Fabric is thin, but dense, stitches are sewn tightly. The only nuance is that it is much harder and longer to fold a tent than to lay it out, because this process is not automatic. The disadvantages of SGODDE Beach Tent include small dimensions, but the seller warns about it in the description.

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A real castle, not just a children's tent – that's how customers say about Virhuck Toy Tents. This is the most popular tent for children. Not quite a beach option, but the model is compact, so it is often taken to the beach, where it serves as a game room. The tent is designed for both kids and younger schoolchildren. Can be used in the yard or at home. It is difficult to understand the size of the tent by photo, actually the tent is quite large. Children are delighted with this gift. Design can be chosen – there are pink and blue locks for girls and boys.

The total height of the roof – about 140 cm, the diameter of the tent – about a meter. When folded, the tent is a circle 47 cm in diameter. There are two windows, closed by a grid, Care is easy: the tent can be washed. The best option for lovers of castles and their parents.

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Nice tent for picnic, fishing and rest on the beach. It is shaped like an open hemisphere. The inner space can accommodate two people in peace. It comes with a carrying bag and pegs. The full weight is about 1 kg. The quality of the goods is at a high level, which is confirmed by feedback. Buyers write that it is more often used as a beach tent, but it is also suitable for other summer holidays.

Arches are made of glass fiber, the material of the tent is “Oxford” based on polyester with water-repellent properties. The tent has the best wear resistance and good thermal stability. With careful treatment, it will last for more than one year.

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Shanghai 4Season Camping S-T808 is a typical beach tent in soft blue. It is made of 170 T fabric with UV50 UV protection level. Inside it fits no more than two people, so this model can be considered a child's play. It weighs only 1.25 kg, the set includes 4 pegs and a carrying bag. The material is single-layer, instead of the door here is a mesh, also it is placed on all perimeter of the bottom part of the tent. Thanks to this, the air will get inside and it will not be hot. Of course, this model is not suitable for winter fishing, but it is not required. It will be able to protect kids and adults from the sun, will provide a comfortable rest on the beach or in the woods.

In reviews write that S-T808 easily folds up, it is convenient to carry with itself. The instruction is not included in the kit, so it is better to look for video of the assembly on the Internet. The drawbacks of the product include a weak smell, but it quickly weathered. Another disadvantage – pegs are thin and light, they do not hold in the sand.

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This popular beach tent conquered the hearts of customers with its elaborate shape, lightness and comfortable carrying case. It is designed on the principle of an awning. It is installed quickly, takes up little space, looks small, but very spacious. Space is enough for 2 adults and a child. Pretty high, it can be seated comfortably. Reviews about the product are the best.

Happy customers and quality sewing – there is nothing to pick on. Quality of a fabric too at height. The tent is light, breathable, and the bottom is more dense. The back wall is partially made of a mesh. In the complete set there are pegs. With their help it is possible to fix an awning even on a sandy beach. Installation is practical and automatic, the model is also fast, but you need to carefully study the instructions. Suitable thing and as a children's tent for playing in the yard or at home.

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Our review is cheap equipment. But some customers are willing to pay more for the camping tent. In this category, you can find the best examples from Chinese manufacturers, which are worth the money spent. Not always the price corresponds to the quality, so before buying it is necessary to carefully study the characteristics and reviews of users of the trading platform.

The list of the most expensive models often includes tents for winter fishing. They are made of durable and quality materials. Often, these options differ in a condensed design and a wide range of temperatures. Automatic tents and rugs are also popular: even a child can easily arrange them, it is very convenient. Unfortunately, the mechanism of Chinese products is often not strong enough.



This wonderful camping tent will make you feel at home in the outdoor world. It consists of two bedrooms and a living-dining room. Despite the complexity of the design, it is possible to assemble the tent even alone. The set has everything you need for this: stands, pegs and instructions. The weight of the whole set is about 20 kg, you can't carry it in your hands.

There is really a lot of space in the tent. It is designed for 5 people. Bedrooms of the average sizes, but the general room is simply huge. There are convenient windows, covered with mosquito nets. The quality of the fabric is good. To racks and tubes too there are no claims. Zippers work without stoppages, all fastenings are made reliably. This tent costs its money.

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The SKYSURF Fly Fish tent has little resemblance to a classic camping tent, but rather a large hanging hammock with a tent. It needs to be tied to trees. Inside, one adult or two small children can be easily placed. The hammock weighs about 3 kilograms, its size is 3.2*2.6*3.2 m, the inner height is 70 cm. The range includes products of green, grey, white and blue color.

The reviews praise SKYSURF Fly Fish tent for its low price, well stitched seams and strong straps. The hammock will be a great solution for cool weather when you don't want to lie on the ground. It will protect against most insects and provide comfortable rest. The disadvantages of the product include a complex assembly and small size. The seller claims that it is possible to set up a tent in 10 minutes, but for the first time it can take up to two hours due to lack of instructions. Another nuance – the maximum allowable load is 220 kg.

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Eusebio S-T733 is the best tent for a large company or family of 8-12 people. It is a huge tent (600*360*215 cm), made of polyester fabric with a watertightness of 2000-3000 mm. There are two rooms with windows, in warm weather you can roll up the walls and relax under a canopy. Thanks to the air cavity between the tent and the mesh roof, the tent will not be hot, it is protected from insects.

Eusebio S-T733 is not often ordered because of its high cost and size. Not every company needs such a huge tent, it is difficult to carry it without a car. But the people who bought this model do not hide their emotions in reviews. It is made of durable materials, the bottom is dense and does not leak. It is possible to collect equipment in 10-20 minutes, depending on the experience and dexterity of tourists' hands. Except for the price and high weight (almost 19 kg), no drawbacks were found in the tent.

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This large tent is suitable for 3-4 people. It is characterized by high quality and capacity. It is the best for winter fishing. The tent is made of insulated material, it is almost impenetrable, it keeps warmth well. Fiberglass arcs and light stands are excellent for withstanding temperature changes and will last a long time. The watertightness index is 3,000 mm of the water column. This is more than enough for a winter tent.

The design is well thought-out and the wind will not blow away. And it is easy to move around the reservoir, which is why fishermen loved it. The airing system is also at a height, you can use heating devices in the tent. This is the case when everything is thought out for details.

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Inside SamCamel S-T212 there are two rooms that can accommodate 8-10 people. This camping tent is really big, its size is 430*305*200 cm. Unfortunately, and it weighs a lot, more than 16 kg. The manufacturing material is polyester 210 T, its water resistance level is 4500 mm (6000 mm at the bottom), protection from the sun – UV50. The construction here is strong enough: steel pipes, fiberglass pole and front door stand. All around the tent there are windows with mosquito nets. In good weather you can clean the walls and relax in the tent under a canopy.

The quality of SamCamel S-T212 materials and workmanship is praised in the reviews. Despite its high weight, the tent does not take much space in the assembled form (68*26*26 cm). The complete set is complete, the seller reliably packages the product, so that damage in the process of shipment are excluded. The only drawback of the model is the lack of instructions.

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