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We have reviewed The Best Road Bike Helmets 2020 on Aliexpress for Passengers, Road Cyclists, Mountain Cyclists and Night Riders. Although many cyclists do not use such a versatile product as a helmet. Moreover, there is a very popular opinion that protection is not necessary for ordinary trips around the city: allegedly it will not save you from serious injuries (for example, in case you are hit by a car), and everything else is not so terrible without a helmet. Unfortunately, the error of such beliefs, as a rule, is realized too late – after the injuries of varying degrees of severity. Yes, the opponents of the old models had quite convincing arguments (high weight, poor ventilation, uncomfortable fixing mechanisms), but today there are no valid arguments against modern bicycle helmets.

Almost every activity on bicycles has its own type of helmet, but the most common classification divides them into three types: racing (minimum weight and maximum aerodynamics), mountain (providing better protection, equipped with a visor) and sports (traditional models, something between the first two types).

The following principles should guide the selection of a bicycle helmet:

  • Weight. The less the weight of the equipment, the more comfortable and therefore more expensive it is. But for the usual cyclists who are not engaged in any professional kind of sports, this parameter does not play a big role.
  • Ventilation. Ideally, the helmet should have a lot of special holes on it and should be wide enough to cool your head down even in high temperatures.
  • Fastening system. The standard is the presence of two straps in the form of a “Y” symbol and an adjustment part on the back of the head.
  • Additional elements. Depending on the type of helmet, manufacturers can equip it with a variety of functions (visor, lamp, action camera slot, mosquito net, etc.).

One of the main factors that often scares people away from buying is a high price tag. As a result, in this article we have collected Top 10 Cheap Bike Helmets on Aliexpress. The models presented here will not hit your budget hard, but will provide you with the necessary protection.



In order not to get confused with all the subtleties of official terminology (which distinguishes a lot of different subtypes of bicycle headgear from cross-country to track), we have included traditional light cycling helmets in this category – these are great for normal cycling, city trips and other similar activities.



Under the Chinese brand MOON is produced a variety of various sports equipment, including helmets for cyclists. If anyone is already familiar with other products of this company (for example, helmets for skiing and horseback riding), then, in principle, he will not learn anything new about MV-29 from the review. This model is made quite qualitatively (the main material is expanded polystyrene) and looks very stylish, but it has no interesting features. As in the case of other product lines from MOON, the main advantage here is just a huge choice of sizes and designs that can satisfy the needs of any customer, regardless of gender and age. Given how difficult it is to find a suitable helmet on the Internet at times, this variety of assortment can not but please.

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This model belongs to the category of so-called “highway” helmets, but you should not be strongly attached to this formulation, because the differences in design in comparison with the equipment of the standard type are minimal. Among them, the lack of sun visor and more elaborate areas of ventilation holes – all this, according to the manufacturer, is done specifically to improve aerodynamics. The latter has a direct impact on the cyclist's speed. Naturally, it is difficult to check such statements in practice, but CAIRBULL has many other advantages, especially users note the comfortable fit, strength of materials and stylish appearance.

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One of the most popular bicycle helmet models in the Victgoal line. The design fits perfectly on the head, is made of quality materials (polystyrene + polycarbonate) and also looks stylish. Since the manufacturer clearly focused on the mass buyer, who buys equipment for driving in the city, the helmet is distinguished by its low weight and a large number of ventilation holes (there are 25 of them). The bonus is a bunch of additional features: removable sun visor, sponge lining with mosquito netting and a rear flashlight with three modes of backlighting. And all this at a very affordable price. However, it is not quite clear how well Victgoal 1105 copes with its main function (head protection), but there were no serious complaints about this in the reviews.

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If for some reason, you like to ride in the dark (for example, you often get out on cycling trips lasting a day or more), then this best bicycle helmet with LED lights will be the ideal solution for you. Judge for yourself: the LED illumination on the sides and back of the helmet, plus a powerful front light (all this is additionally tricked with several modes of operation, different in brightness and flashing frequency). It is quite difficult to remain invisible on the road at such arrangements. Well, if you fall asleep by accident, the strength and shock resistance of the ROCKBROS should be just enough to minimise damage to health (even the chin has a special softening coating).

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This category includes helmets with high protection, which are usually used in various tricks, downhill skiing and other extreme skiing. However, it should be understood that safety is also improved by reducing the number of ventilation holes, so these helmets are much less suitable for normal everyday travel.



If you don't like all these intricate designs that flood the sports bike equipment market and believe that a good helmet should be simple and reliable first of all, we recommend that you take a closer look at West Biking's YP0708052. Externally, it looks like an ordinary army helmet and, apparently, this fact is also far from being an accident (but a well-calibrated marketing move, to give a psychological feeling of security). Feedback from customers confirms the strength of the materials used, but there are questions about everything else (especially ventilation). Yes, and ultralight (and that is how the manufacturer positions the helmet) it is not exactly called.


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A full-face helmet that fully protects the cyclist's head will be useful for downhill enthusiasts. In addition to the helmet itself, the kit also includes special glasses, balaclava and gloves – they cover the open part of the face from dust, stones, etc. Let the word motocross in the name does not mislead you – AHP Helmet, though constructively similar to motorcycle models, yet not so strong to use it in this kind of sport, but for cyclists will be suitable more than.


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The hands of a global Chinese corporation have also reached the bicycle equipment market. Certainly, it is not surprising, should the new owners of clever bicycles and scooters from Xiaomi somehow protect the head to continue to use company products. And though outwardly the SH50 helmet from their sub-brand Smart4u looks like a pot (this form is characterized by increased protection and is intended for more dangerous entertainment than just riding on the streets), the manufacturer assures that this model is designed for the city.

However, it is rather stupid to complain about “excessive safety”, especially since there is no hint of complaints about comfort and ventilation in buyers' opinions. But actively praise the chip of Xiaomi helmet – the presence of a system of rear lighting of seven LEDs. It can work in several modes and is a well-distinguished cyclist on the road (a visible distance of more than 150 m). And also SH50 is a great option for those who like to ride a bike in late autumn (the head will not freeze in it).

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The above helmets, despite their high level of reliability, are not suitable for people with poor eyesight who are forced to ride in normal glasses. The problem is that in any collision there is an additional threat – because broken glasses can cause serious harm to face and eyes. The only way out is to use helmets with a special device (visor) to protect the eye area.



The helmet with a well developed and comfortable design, the visor is comfortably mounted on the helmet, the lenses are not pressed anywhere and are not felt at all. They are thin, but they hold and reliably protect from branches, dust, insects and sun. When ordering, you need to choose up to two lenses of the following shades: yellow, white, dark grey, rainbow (color affects only the light transmission).



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If the previously mentioned CAIRBULL N02 helmet slightly changes its shape to make it smoother and add lens connectors at the front, we will get the model 33. According to the seller, the helmet retained all the advantages of the original sample (improved aerodynamics) and acquired several new ones:

  • The thickened EPS foam absorbs shocks even more;
  • Inside the helmet is covered with a special mosquito net;
  • The lenses themselves are conveniently mounted on magnets (they hold very tightly + can be changed if necessary).

The model is available in seven colors, and in addition to the standard yellow lenses (optimal in medium light), there are also gray and transparent shades.

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If you've read our rating carefully, you could already make a list of the main qualities that a top-quality bicycle helmet should possess. The VA110 from Victgoal accumulates most of them. Judge for yourself: a lightweight, comfortable and sturdy frame, plenty of ventilation holes, an aerodynamic design, removable magnet lenses, a sun visor and LED backlighting on the back of the helmet. In general, a full set of cool and useful features for a reasonable price.



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