(Last Updated On: 16.01.2022)

The Arduino shields are modular circuit boards that piggyback onto your Arduino to give it extra functionality.

Ethernet Shield

This shield is needed to control the Arduino over the Internet (smart home, smart garden, robots, etc.) through Windows applications or web applications (it is possible to control it from a smartphone over the Internet)

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Wi-Fi Shield

This shield is for the same as the Ethernet Shield, but communicates with the Internet over Wi-Fi. Suitable for the same smart home, but especially for robots, the range of which will not be limited by the wires and the power of the signal source

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GSM Shield

Makes it possible to exchange data via mobile GSM and GPRS network, i.e. to control WHEREOF and WHEREOF, to send SMS messages with statistics or sensor information. We insert a SIM-card, connect a couple of wires and it is ready!

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LCD Shield

Turns your Arduino UNO into a device with buttons and a two-line display, everything else depends on your imagination.

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Motor Drive Shield

As the name implies, it is used to control engines. Yes, this requires a separate shield, as an arduino itself will not be able to produce the power required for the engine.

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Servo Driver Shield

You can connect 16 servos to this thing at the same time to create a creepy robot – a spider and other gizmos.

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